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Sunday, 4 October 2009

My Cat Is An Alien (pt. 1): Alien Minds

Ok, so this is the last Sloow Tapes post for a while... possibly.

I apologise if there is any digital distortion on this rip. There shouldn't be, but the couple of loud parts were looking close.
Both sides in 320kbps mp3.

My Cat Is An Alien - Alien Minds
My Cat Is An Alien - Alien Minds

Keijo was Sloow Tapes #1, MCIAA was Sloow Tapes #2 - released July 2005 in an edition of 80 copies housed in spray painted envelopes with photos (remember them?) stuck to the front and back.

I have to be honest, I find MCIAA a little hit or miss. It probably depends more on my mood than what they've recorded but this one always tends to go down well - especially played at high volumes through headphones.

Both sides are live performances, the first from La Batie Festival in 2004 when they supported Sonic Youth and the second from a gig in Cambridge (UK) in 2005. They aren't hugely dissimilar in sound - mostly electric drones with interjections from percussion or toys and bits of "singing". Good for a proper listen or as something to phase in and out of.

Side 1: 26 mins
Side 2: 30 mins

"Beautiful cosmic dronescapes from the Opalio brothers using mostly guitars, sparing percussion and children's toys processed through 'cosmic rays effects'." (Boa Melody Bar)

Stealing the recommendation on the insert: Play it very loud!

Download: Side A / Side B

Haven't had many updates recently but I've heard Mimaroglu has the new Barn Owl LP in stock.

8mm have put the Virginia Genta / Chris Corsano LP up for sale. Got to be good, right?

Blackest Rainbow have a couple more releases: 'Cranberry Horn' by Pine Smoke Lodge and 'Eternal' by Mark Bradley.

Sound & Fury have got two discs, one from Morning Stalker and the other from Underlapper.

CaveLife: Slaughtering Dolphins - The Tropics
Infinite Body / Terrors - split/collaboration
Secret Abuse - Sink Like a Stone/Simple Test, Vol. 1
Human Hands - Silver Syrex Hyb

Glastonbury tickets went on sale today. Sold out in 15 hours. Didn't have a clue. Wahoo.


Anonymous said...


Please understand that this is a PREORDER and I am only doing it
because so many people asked for it. I am only waiting for the cds to
be duplicated, which will take a few weeks. After that these things
need to be assembled and taken to the post office, which I do on my
bicycle. So please allow 4-6 WEEKS for delivery (though this is
subject to change). You can check back to to the page I set up for
updates, so please don't email me asking where your order is. No
holds, first come first serve. No limit on how many you purchase. This
set does NOT count towards any of the specials listed on the Shop
page. I apologize for the prices but these boxes were not cheap and a
lot of artists are involved (plus internation postage is expensive).
Prices: $35/$38/$42 (US/Canada/World)


8 hand stamped 3" cdrs all housed their own jewel case. Each cd has
its own cover which was designed by an artist from Philadelphia. All
cds come in a custom cut, full color printed box along with a full
color zine with additional art and info. Edition of 200. Here are the
artists involved:

Big Blood
Valerio Cosi / Gregg Kowalsky / Fabio Orsi collab
Super Minerals
Natural Snow Buildings
The North Sea
Fabio Orsi /Throuroof split
Andrew Paine
Pillars of Heaven

Kris Chau
Mike Bukowski
Melissa Farley
Josh Robison
Chris Lawrence
Zoe Soslow
James Ulmer
Kathryn Moran
Sienna Freeman



disconcerted said...

Totally! Been waiting and saving for that one, pre-ordered a copy as soon as I saw the email.