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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rambling Boys - Ain't Got No Home

That was not meant to be another two month break. It's been a vicious couple of months, hasn't it? All my best wishes go out to anyone caught up in any of the chaos.

This is one I've been meaning to post since the end of last year. I've also uploaded the original Woody Guthrie tracks for anyone unfamiliar with the songs.

Rambling Boys - Ain't Got No Home

Keijo Virtanen, Jukka Nousiainen, Lauri Puttonen and Sami Virtanen join together to put a spin on the dust bowl ballads of Woody Guthrie. After two incredible lathe cuts, they finally throw down a full album of what were once simple road songs, now pulled apart at their roots and tossed into the basement to be jammed into something completely new and unstoppable. Heady rolling guitar licks, fuzzy harmonica wails and snapping drums drift in and out of each other, locking in perfectly only to split back into the mumbling open.

Released on Cabin Floor Esoterica (tumblr) in September last year in an edition of 75 cassettes. The very first track is an original composition but the jams of the other songs are all re-workings of Guthrie songs - 'Ain't got no Home' is actually titled 'I Ain't got no Home in this World Anymore' and is (in my interpretation) about the unfairness of the world.

A1. Something In My Blood
A2. Pastures Of Plenty
A3. Jesus Christ
B1. Aint Got No Home
B2. Rambling Around

Rambling Boys ripped from cassette at 320kbps. Woody Guthrie songs ripped from CD (the fantastic 'This Machine Kills Fascists' compilation) at 320kbps.

Rambling Boys - Ain't Got No Home
Woody Guthrie (four songs)

Monday, 24 January 2011

Second Family Band - Dirty River

Two posts in a month! Wahoo?

Got a few label updates included in this one as well as the requested Sloow release - sorry guest (cbox) this is the only one I have uploaded.

Second Family Band - Dirty River

September 2008 release on the fantastic Sloow Tapes in an edition of 70 red cassettes.

Crunching, raw and abstract psychedelic blues improvisations by this collective featuring Clay Ruby of Davenport and Burial Hex fame. Tasty keys, moody rhythms and two long, relaxing and dirty tunes.



Blackest Rainbow: Natural Snow Buildings - Waves of the Random Sea

Galtta Media: Ron Thomas - Archival Remnants & Other Fragments
David Lackner & John Swana - Struttin' Around
Mike Boone - Rewind
Symbiosis Syndicate - Symbiosis Syndicate

Under the Spire: Boduf Songs - This Alone Above All Else In Spite Of Everything (CD release - different sound to past Boduf albums)

Wah Wah Records: Glibert Artman's Lard Free - s/t
Glibert Artman's Lard Free - I'm around about midnight
Lard Free - III
Lard Free - Unnamed
Anima Sound - Musik fur Alle
Kuhn Brothers & the Mad Rockers - s/t
Delired Cameleon Family - Visa de Censure No.X

Senufo Editions: Gregg Kowalsky - Battery Townsley
Eselsohr - Pause peuls

Time-Lag Records: Death Chants - s/t

Corbel Stone Press: *AR (Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton) - Wolf Notes
also a re-issue of 'Marking Time' on Preservation in April

Burger Records: Television Personalities - I was a mod before you was a mod

Soft Abuse: Horrid Red - Pink Flowers (7")

Aguirre Records: Secret Colors - Lunar
Sean McCann - The Capital
Red Electric Rainbow - Dark Days

And talking of Aguirre; SPV have released a book (and 5 CDs) of Popol Vuh albums taken Werner Herzog soundtracks. Quite an expensive release (£40-50) but it certainly looks nice. Check distros for that.

Housecraft: Jeffry Astin - Grasses Only Green
Basked Unit - Talc Plates
Calypso Borealis - Auale Dino Elmi

Nothing Out There: Przewalski's Horses - Soupe de Sorcière
Przewalski's Horses - Detroit

Existential Cloth: Endless Caverns - Sensei Deprivation

NNA Tapes: Three Legged Race - Raining Order
Dylan Ettinger - Botany Bay
Head Boggle - Unsounds and Domo Live

Conspiracy Records: Ignatz - I hate this city

Not Not Fun: Daughters of the Sun - Ghost with chains
LA Vampires feat. Matrix Metals - So Unreal
The Deeep - Life Light
Angel Eyes - Dire Dish

Ydlmier: Sam Gas Can - Dedicated To Lauryn Hill
Donna Parker - Arachnid Paralysis
Dianetics - Figure in the Mist
Zerfallt - The Candles That Bled

Cabin Floor Esoterica: Copper Still Duo
The Winter-Long Mud Puddle
The Hawkline Orchestra

Journal of the Belgae Folk Club: Team Brick – Hardon for hadron
DTV – Volkhaus
Astral Social Club – Smashed tractor
Skjolbat – s/t
Dave Phillips – Waterfall

Sound Holes: Duncan Harrison - 80 Ghosts
Wand. & The Princess - Funeral Flowers
Hairmaiden of the Totem Robe - Draws of the Bygone

905 Tapes: V/A - Brains on Backwash III: Backwash to the Future
Josh Way & Wyatt Howland - Split
Black Onyx - Sext

Sacred Phases: Slag Heap - Hushing
Christopher Merrit - The Constant Farewell
Sound Out Light - Ornamental Skies
Red Electric Rainbow - Come & Melt Your Face Off

Utmarken have a sale for the rest of Jan - five tapes for €16.

No Kings: Rambutan - Outside
Malibu Wands - CHDW

Jozik Records: Kutomo / Bedroom Bear - split

Mirror Tapes: Maurizio Bianchi - Technology-X
The New Blockaders - Live at Morden Tower (pre-order)
Conrad Schnitzler / Wolfgang Seidel - CONSEQUENZ010B (pre-order)

Siren Wire: Beed and Fascia - The Pruning Remedy
Les Heures Creuses - Awakening

A Beard of Snails: Satanism Around Hollywood - Uncontrolled Winds
Solquest - The Blind Town
Anders Thode - Apartment Rocking With Anders Thode

Apollolaan Recordings: Richard Youngs - Atlas of Hearts (sadly looks to be sold out direct)

Singing Knives: Dylan Nyoukis - Carrion Hut

I noticed the other day that Mimaroglu MS listed a vinyl by Group Ongaku. Wow!

Many Breaths have another subscription series for 2011.

Social Music Records have an amazing subscription series. It includes releases from Sir Richard Bishop, Liz Harris & Ilyas Ahmed, Abner Jay, Evan Miller, Ty Segall and a load more. Joining costs from $49-$175 depending on format and if you live in the USA or not.

Monday, 3 January 2011

2011 - Compilation, Big Blood, Korean Black Eyes

Every time I think of the New Year I get Death Cab For Cutie stuck in my head - "So this is the new year and I don't feel any different." Like Gibbard, I have no resolution but I will try and rejuvenate this blog. It didn't go too well at the end of 2010 so I'd suggest keeping realistic expectations for the time being.

A couple of free releases to try and win you back.

V/A - Ishilan n​-​Tenere

Fantastic African compilation on Sahel Sounds getting a vinyl edition (ltd to 2000) released this week on Mississippi Records. You can listen for free on the above page, donate or buy the LP.

Big Blood - Dark Country Magik

I'm sure a large proportion of people that visited this blog have discovered the existence of this album already. One of the best albums of 2010 and one that appears to be gaining them louder plaudits - nearly 5000 people have watched this review and the rateyourmusic page gained a quick, positive reaction to the release.

Korean Black Eyes

This was put together by Plus Tapes in 2009. It was given 'best cassette' at the end of 2009 by Michael Pursley (a Foxy Digitalis writer) - "Charm, red hot soul, and Elvis, Moody Blues, and Jesus Christ Superstar covers from an all-girl 1970’s Korean rock band. It doesn’t get any better." - and hasn't really shown its face anywhere since. I suspect it befell a similar fate the Francis Bebey tape suffered - a real shame when 7"s cost $50 second hand.

Hope you all have a great 2011.