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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Peter Broderick - Three Film Score Intakes

It has now been over a month since the last upload on this blog. I didn't start it with the intention of uploading much but a month feels like a long break. It's not like there aren't a million other blogs supplying music though so I don't exactly feel bad about neglecting uploads for a while.
Anyway, getting back to normal, here's something that wasn't available for very long but is very recent.

Peter Broderick - Three Film Score Intakes

This was released two weeks ago on Schedios Records (a newish label founded and run by Clem Leek). Released on a 3" CD in an edition of 200, some of which appear to be available from Experimedia (link below). The music is taken from a short film by Matt Clark titled 'Passenger'.

"the three tracks on display here combine piano, strings and field recordings. A signature of the Broderick classical sound is his ability to take a minimalist approach to composing and through his blending of pre-recorded sounds or looping his own instruments he adds significant complexity to his music. So, for example, “Part 1” in essence a fairly simplistic, but nonetheless beautiful piano composition is supported by undertones of violin and given a distinctly gritty edge through the recorded sound of a train passing by. “Part 2” which seamlessly integrates from the first track, gives the strings a more prominent role and the resulting sound is an emotionally charged, melancholic one. “Part 3,” reverting to a greater piano focus again, is the most melodic of the three tracks yet Broderick again through his ambient intuition, ensures there is not an overriding burden of romance to the composition." (Fluid Radio)

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New Releases:

Honest Jon's: V/A - To Scratch Your Heart: Early Recordings From Istanbul (4LP / 2CD)

Sloow Tapes: Verde - Tapes
Plankton Wat - Shadows
Marianne Nowottny - Divine Cantos

Under the Spire: Wreaths - Like Sparks From Throats Falling

The Great Pop Supplement: Spectrum & Tim 'Love' Lee / Spectrum & Captain Memphis (picture disc)

Alter: Tomutonttu / Oneohtrix Point Never - Split

Plus Tapes: Alvarius B – Blood Operatives of the Barium Sunset

Electric Temple: MV & EE - Sweetheart of the Nascar

Woodsist: V/A - Welcome Home / Diggin' the Universe

Weird Forest: Mark McGuire - Tidings / Amethyst Waves

Type Records: Rene Hall - Porcelain Opera

Reverb Worship: Lapizjack - s/t


Olde English Spelling Bee: Stellar Om Source - Trilogy Select
James Ferraro - Feed Me
James Ferraro - On Air
James Ferraro - Pixarni

Plus Tapes: Distractions - s/t

Subliminal Sounds: V/A - Thai Beat A Go-Go (Vol. 3)
Parson Sound (3LP box set)

Full of Nothing: Keijo - First Time
Kheta Hotem - Live at Yläkaupungin Yö, Jyväskylä, Finland 2009
Kheta Hotem - Live at Yläkaupungin Yö, Jyväskylä, Finland 2007

Arbor: Sun Circle - Lessness
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Morc Tapes: Circle Bros - Haven

Sound Holes: Lust For Youth / Street Drinkers - Split
Pascal Nichols - One Stone Taken From Every Monument To Form A Wall of Silence
Rale / 3 Headed Monster - Split

More will probably be added over the next couple of days. If only there was a Twitter service that allowed for more characters, that would be perfect.

Monday, 17 May 2010


I have loads to add to this list over the next couple of days. It hasn't felt like four weeks since the last post. Time is flying. I'm not going to promise consistency over the summer - losing the World Cup will be a huge distraction - but I will do my best to avoid big gaps in posting again.
More will hopefully be added in the next 24 hours to this list. Nothing uploaded at the moment but will dig something out for the next post.

Dead Pilot Records: Expo 70 - Death Voyage

Second Language Music: Ghostwriter - The Continuing Adventures Of The Strange Sound Association

Sir Richard Bishop has released a compilation of live tracks from his 'Freak of Araby' US Tour - there's also a nice, new t-shirt.

Speaking of t-shirts, Blackest Rainbow have got a couple of new ones. They're also re-pressing the Silvester Anfang II LP.

Reverb Worship: Pete Fosco - Live

Digitalis have new LPs from Heather Woods Broderick (now only available from distros - Boomkat, Forced Exposure) and Ossining.
On the Digi Ltd side of the operation they had a large batch of cassettes from Michael James Tapscott, Planets Around the Sun, White Leopards, Red Electric Rainbow, Mohave Triangles, Knit Prism / W.A. Munson, Mass Ornament and Ricardo Donoso. Five of them seemed to sell out in around 24 hours, if ones you want are gone, be sure to check the usual distros over the next few days.

Mississippi Records have released quite a batch over the past month. They've re-released the best of the Fihavanana 3LP set - definitely worth checking out - on a single LP, done a vinyl issue of 'Moa Anbessa' by Getatchew Mekuria, The Ex and Guests and have just released a new compilation of Abner Jay material. Not seen the Abner Jay in shops yet, but if you're in the UK check out Honest Jon's and maybe Aquarius Records if you're in the States (there may be cheaper distros in the US for their records but I don't know of it - if you do, please leave a comment with info).

Apollolaan Recordings: Black Tempest - Proxima

Essence Music: Nadja - Autopergamene
Drakh - Bethlehem
(both of these releases also have amazing looking box set editions)

Aguirre Records: Caboladies - Live Anywhere
Josh Burke - Prana

Boomkat have a few copies of the Richard Youngs and Valet split 7" (on Root Strata) on sale for £2.95 at the moment (here). It obviously costs more when you take into consideration the p&p costs but if you're ordering something with them anyway then it might be a good, cheap purchase.

Schedios: Peter Broderick - Three film score intakes
(thanks Kev)

Install: Greg Davis - Regarding Wave

NNA Tapes: Nonhorse - Subtle Revenge
Driphouse - 50/50
Pulse Emitter - Longing Thresholds

It seems to be a worthwhile move checking out Norman Records lately if you really want to save the pennies. I noticed you could save 30p on 'For Jose Maria' by Rameses III, a little bit on 'Modlitewnik' by Isengrind and £3 on '...and they have escaped the weight of darkness' by Olafur Arnalds (all including postage). It isn't much but I imagine if you had an order large enough to get free postage (UK only) you could almost get a "free" CD.

Chunklet have a new t-shirt - well, for Record Store Day - available with the words, 'I collect records because pussy hates me' written across it. Crude? Chunklet? Never...
Bring on another magazine Henry!!

Earjerk: Rain Drinkers - The Healing Begins NOW
Prince Rama - Live

A Dear Girl Called Wendy: Testicle Hazard - Het Potatis
Sewer Election - Kvävd

Caff / Flick: No Monster Club - Tropical Decibels (vol. 1 & 2)
Heavy Hawaii / Girls Names - Split
Boundary JIM - Vienna Boys Choir

Plus Tapes: Leaves - s/t
More releases very soon: Distractions, Alvarus B, Other Minds and Exile (x2)

Susan Matthews has collaborated with Mark Ingram, putting her music to his experimental films. Titled 'Autumnal Abduction', the CD & DVD package (£8ppd worldwide) is available here and you can preview the videos here.

The Motljud distro has started a newsletter of their stock. First update contained new releases from Vinter, Sveriges Kommune & Landsting, Oresund Space Collective, Anders and Arv & Miljo.

Dull Knife Records have had some records back from their distibutor, so if you wanted but missed the Andre Ethier or Circuit des Yeux 7"s they're back available direct for $5 and $3 respectively.

Low Point: Christopher Hipgrave - Slow, With Pages Of Fluttering Interference

Dust Wind Tales: Flaspar - Voice Rockets on the Satellites (half way down the page)

Smeraldina Rima have a new website and blog. Their next release is going to be from Ryan Garbes and somewhere along the line they have a re-release of 'Twilight Peaks' by Robbie Basho on CD and vinyl.


Stunned Records: Chrome Wings - Time Patterns
Queen Victoria — There Will Come Soft Rains
Xiphiidae — Iiustus / Transresonance Formation
Duck Dive / Edibles — split
Archers by the Sea — Sometimes We Should Dance

DNT Records: Sean McCann - Chances Are Staying
Birthdaze Haze (vhs)
Carl Calm / Flower Man - The Sag / The Breslin Wayside Rotary
Deep Magic - Soul Vibration

Important Records: Master Musicians of Bukkake - The Visible Sign Of The Invisible Order
Master Musicians of Bukkake - Totem 2
Grails - Black Tar Prophecies 4
Grails - Black Tar Prophecies 1,2,3
Aun - VII

Mort Aux Vaches: Ignatz - Mort Aux Vaches

Honest Jon's: Actress - Splazsh

Type Records: The Alps - Le Voyage
Thomas Köner - Nunatak

The Tapeworm: John Butcher - Trace
Pita - Mesmer

Bum Tapes: Men Daimler - Live

Krayon Recordings: Moon Unit - New Sky Dragon

Synth Noise: Pulse Emitter - Meditative Music 4

Cubic Pyramid: Lace Bows - Glitter Pulse
Melted Glass - Fluorescent Swamp
Moonflare - All the World is Bright With Joy and Magical Delight

For Noise's Sake: Au - Medianoche en Aspen
Wretched Worst - Frozen in Vomit
Expensive Shit - ATX Ghosts and Flowers
Slut Mouth - Double Penetration
interstates (etc.) - Goodbye Blue Monday
Andrew Coltrane - Vice & Virtue
Indigents - Factory Disease
Rusted Wreck - Concret Now
V/A - no es fest
Lattume Muto - Sokeré

Basses Frequencies: Nicholas Szczepanik - Dear Dad

Rotifer Cassettes: Hobo Cubes - Spheric dawn
Jugu - Pangaeal
Archers by the Sea / Carter Mullin - Split
Bjerga / Iversen - Recovering tiny clumps of truth from the junkyard of lies
Seziki Tetrasheaf - Furnishings of former lives

Sacred Phrases: Ophibre / Dry Valleys - Split

Fabrica Records: Luciernaga - Life Passes Away Like Idle Chatter

Private Collection: Sequin Kit

Invada Records: White Hills / Gnod - split

Offices of Moore & Moore: () - Non Serviam
Knit Prism

Release the Bats: Ättestupa - Begraven Mot Norr

Anything else will be added on the next update.