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Monday, 31 August 2009

Mitchell Akiyama - Mort Aux Vaches

Discovered this one a bit by chance a couple of years back. Was searching around for some info on the disappointing Colleen edition of the series (Mort Aux Vaches on Discogs) and saw this slightly crumpled copper cover close by. Tried ordering a copy from Staalplaat only to be told it was out of stock, same situation over at Rough Trade. Can't remember where I eventually found it but it turned out to be well worth the painful hunting - opening up the jiffy bag and getting spiked topped it all off.

The recent Yellow Swans edition put this one back into my mind. So I dug it out and after a couple of listens I came to the conclusion that it was well worth sharing.

Mitchell Akiyama - Mort Aux Vaches

"A 40min+ untitled composition focussed around a glitch to harmonius drone transition with guitar notes, ratting micro percussion, heavy bass passages, white noise all melted into a wonderous semi classical framework." (Boomkat)

It really does have a great selection of sounds, you could probably cut it up and make a ten track album out of it but as one piece it works perfectly. Lots of details to keep it interesting.

Download (320kbps mp3)


Not Not Fun: Eternal Tapestry - The Invisible Landscape
Wet Hair - Glass Fountain
Little Claw - Human Taste

Utmarken: Werewolf Jerusalem - The Last to Know
White - Tears of Piss
Sandor Rado - Kiruna Khyal
GBG Rovente - Storfrasarna
Viking Jews - Wheel Bite

Ingen Våg: Street Drinkers - Chemical Imbalance

Dull Knife: Andre Ethier (7")

I-Absentee have re-released Milieu's excellent 'New drugs for nuclear families of the seventies' with a bunch of bonus tracks.

Erased Tapes have put Olafur Arnalds 'Founds Songs' onto disc (CD & wax) but it's an expensive 10" (£13!) and you can still download it for free here.

Apollolaan Recordings: Book of Shadows - Metrognomes

Stunned Records have reached Stunned 50 with releases from Dreamcolour, Sagas, Magnetic North Duo and Torture Corpse.

Reverb Worship have put Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Jones' 'Avon' onto 3" CD - check Olbas Noise for download. They have also released CDs from Tranko III, Jenisej and Book of Shadows.

There's also that Beatles box set out at the end of the week. If you can afford to spend £135-£200 on it (prices: amazon) then you probably have too much money. Actually, the cheaper box set it probably a bit of a steal for that price as it's hard to find their albums for much less than £10 and there are 17 discs in that set. £200 for 13 discs is a royal fuck-over though. Does that not count as price fixing? Come on EU, sue them.

After that Nick Cave reading ('The death of Bunny Munro' is out this week) video a few posts ago I decided I didn't really want to post any more Youtube videos on here. The new widescreen format covers too much space for my liking and I can't find a way to resize it to standard format even if the video inside the player is not widescreen - sort it out Youtube!. Anybody able to offer technical advice?
But anyway, this made me laugh a little.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sacred Basil - Days of Six Billion

Sacred Basil, a collaboration between members of Cursillistas, Gorman, Planets Around the Sun and Tempera, do jams. They've only released one so far but another is soon to follow on Digitalis Ltd. This excellent debut tape comes from Cabin Floor Esoterica and was limited to 50 copies.

Grooving organ, trumpet wails, building drum circle pounds, singing bowls, etc. A treasure chest of instruments dumped on the floor and a rotating cast picking them all up to work out the tones.


Copies may still be available over at L'Animaux Tryst Time Lag.

Blackest Rainbow now has a blog and has posted a sneak peak of the zine artwork. Looks so good!

Existential Cloth Recordings: Rambutan/Derek Rogers - Street Secrets
Dream Safari - Energy Lift
Bjerga/Iversen - Monochromatic
medHammer - Shedding Life

Feral Child (the label that bootlegged the Clothide / Delphine split) has released their second 7", a split between Joy Division ('No love lost' demo) and The Buzzcocks ('Whatever happened to?' demo) limited to just 150 copies. Costs £6.99 ppd in the UK but expect to see it for much more on ebay. Contact GPS for details.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Lee Fields / Otis Lee

Finally catching up with problems. The computer issue is now solved and I'll try and fit in a few posts this week to make up for lost time. As it has literally just been sorted though I'm starting off with a couple of singles with the option of 320kbps mp3s or wavs.
The first seems most appropriate right now, "problems all the time". Both of these are fantastic soul singles.

Lee Fields - Problems

Unfortunately the LP (also titled 'Problems') containing this track is out of print but if this single is anything to go by it would be an amazing record. Slightly curious is the case that the LP was released in 2002 and the single only this year, but Truth and Soul, who released the single, also released his latest album 'My World'.
Only the a-side - probably should have had the same track on both sides because this 7" is quickly getting worn out.

Lee Fields - Problems MP3 or Wav

Otis Lee - Hard Row to Hoe

These have both been purchases from Honest Jons - currently my favourite shop anywhere - and even though their prices are absolutely amazing, this single sided 7" costs a fair bit (there are still other places selling it for more) but getting your hands on an original will cost you well over $1000 on the 'bay! To be fair, the song is a classic.
Pretty sure these new records are bootlegs and I have no idea when the original was released, mid-70s would be my guess.

Otis Lee - Hard Row to Hoe MP3 or Wav

New Releases

Troglosound: Orfanado - Sete (one sided LP) The sample of this sounds sooo good, personally can't afford it right now but listen to the sample!

L'Animaux Tryst and Time-Lag Records are now shipping the Cursillistas and Tempera records - not sure if TLR have the Tempera but Matt has both plus some other cool small edition stuff (Cursillistas cassette and White Light & American Drone Band) so send him a mail before it's too late.

Tomentosa has returned with a huge new list of stock. Literally hundreds of odd items, well worth a look.

Tape Drift: Fossils from the Sun / Rambutan - Split
Derek Rogers - Petit Chapeau
Chapels - Shadows
The Old Rig - Space Crawl

Blackest Rainbow have started posting the Sophie Cooper & Ben Nash CD, also check them and Boa Melody Bar for copies of the ridiculously delayed (seriously ordered that 2nd Jan) MV & EE 7".

Monday, 10 August 2009

Update / Death of Bunny Munro / Computer troubles

Last week my main/good computer picked up some nasty fecker of a virus that I can't get rid of. It has blocked Norton, skirts around Ad Aware, undetected with Kaspersky's online scanner, SuperAntiSpyware can't find it and Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware can't dig it out either. By running all those scans I did find 60 other files that neither Norton or Ad Aware have been able to pick out over the years though. Really recommend the Malwarebytes software, that's done the best job so far.
But anyway, lots of computer troubles so I don't want to send stuff across to you lot in uploads from that computer, hence the reason more dishy noises aren't being sent.
Hope everyone has been enjoying that Caboladies LP, it's a blinder if you haven't listened to it yet.
I will try and have something up mid-week from this computer but apologies if it takes a while longer.

'The Death of Bunny Munro' is Nick Cave's second novel and today I found there were a few excerpts on Youtube. This is a dirty chapter so be warned if others are nearby.

Bloody widescreen videos. ARGH!


Root Strata: Tarentel & Paul Clipson - Over Water (DVD)
Christina Carter - Lace Heart (2LP)
Unfortunately no Oneohtrix Point Never DVDs available direct - Aquarius have/had copies and Volcanic Tongue are apparently due some.

Blackest Rainbow: Natural Snow Buildings - Shadow Kingdom (3LP + 2CD / 2CD - both with zine) This will be mental. Artwork is looking very colourful and the music is meant to be another mind blower.
Ben Nash & Sophie Cooper - Alchemy
Forest Creature - Frustrated Analogue
All are pre-orders at the moment

Nothing Out There: Howlin' Ghost Proletarians - The Last Farewell
Daymoon - Goupil Le Fol
Hands Of Sand - Clay Dreams

Low Point: Celer - Brittle
Sadly Danielle passed away last month but expect quite a few more recordings to posthumously appear.

Arbor: Oneohtrix Point Never - Zones without people (LP)
James Ferraro - Citrac (2LP)
Rale - Whispering Gallery (12")

Stunned Records: Analog Concept - Listen Already Today to the Music of Past!
Fabric / Sparkling Wide Pressure - Late Clothes / Blue Doorways
Pummeler / Derek Rogers - Juggernaut / Simmer
Mortuus Auris & the Black Hand / Emuul - Omicida Della Regina / Songs For Solo Piano
Historians - Proof (bonus if you buy all of the other four)

Digitalis Ltd: M. Geddes Gengras
Sovetskaya Gone
A Wake
The Shitty Listener
Body Morph
Tonal Wasteland
Enfer Boreal
All cassettes

5 Minute Association: Loren Connors - The Light of the Crescent Moon (10" lathe) Only available from distros (see earlier 5MA post for the list); expensive records but beautifully put together - this one comes housed in a wooden box.

Rampart Tapes: V/A - Resonant Hole Vol. 1

Amethyst Sunset: Ajilvsga - Red Crow (LP)

The Boomkat sale is clearing a lot of Type Records releases at the moment, some good bargains.

The Bobby Beausoleil 4LP set on Ajna Offensive has been disappearing from everywhere - was amazed how quick they sold out from distros over here. Hopefully more will appear on these shores. Check out Dennis Dread's blog 'Gross Anatomy' sections for the working of the box set's art.

New Epic45 is due later this week on Make Mine Music. Haven't heard any of it but I really hope they have pulled out another 'Slides' or 'Drakelow'.

Beniffer Editions: Schimpfluch-Gruppe - Paris Aktionen
Wasted Nymph - Inmost Diarrhea of the Astral Crone Part II
Metalux - 1-0-0-3
Ignatz - Some of Them Are Funny Songs
Andrew Zukerman - Book and Cassette

Kning Disk: Erik Enocksson - Man tänker sitt
The Bats - The Guilty Office
Nils Frahm - The Bells
Rickard Javerling - Valleys

Digitalis: Cursillistas - Joint Chiefs (+ pre-order bonus)
Pulse Emitter - Oppressive Nature
Green Blossoms - Whiskey Leaves

Type Records: Peter Broderick - 4 Track Songs (available at Boomkat as of today so keep a look out at other stores)

Please feel free to point stuff out that I've missed or promote your label/band, always good to find out about new music.
I'll try and get something up this week. There will probably be a couple of cassettes, some amazing rare soul tunes and possibly some zine zip folders (have to say, not the new NSB until it's OOP).

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Caboladies - Atomic Weekender

Not planning on staying up much longer tonight so this is going to be quick and will probably be edited in some way tomorrow.

Caboladies - Atomic Weekender

Only released in May this year on Digitalis and limited to just 100 copies so disappeared pretty fast. I believe this is the first slab of wax for Caboladies but I hope there is more to follow because it sounds fantastic.

Although the album is named after the main track of the b-side, 'tartar hologram' is the stand out piece for me.

The first second or two of SLP1 is missing so it jumps into it a little, you don't miss much with this rip though.

A1. tartar hologram
A2. space ladder spiritual I
B1. space ladder spiritual II
B2. atomic weekender
B3. space ladder spiritual III

Download (320kbps mp3)

Past Post: Caboladies - Earth Canal

Apparently Peasant Magik will have a Caboladies lathe record (ltd 50) out in the next few months.