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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - Poisson

Ok, now I don't know if you lot have seen that sun out there this weekend but that is the reason behind a less fruitful post than intended. Expect that cancelled Francis Bebey release ('New Track') on Plus Tapes to appear in the next day or two though as that along with a couple of others have been ripped, just not yet uploaded.

Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - Poisson

This was only released three or four months ago by Rayon in an edition of 50, but this flute and drums duo have really been picking up momentum after last years release on Singing Knives. This, in my opinion, is a step up from that EP. The A-side is a bit messy, more in tune with what you might expect from their other releases, but the B-side is my preference. There are definite hints of Popol Vuh and that is rarely a bad thing.
Blackest Rainbow look to still have at least one copy of this in their distro, other releases are still just about available through Boa Melody Bar and Volcanic Tongue - unless they haven't updated - and maybe a few other of the usual suspects. Most seem to be on the verge of being out of print so if you're looking for copies it might be worth not leaving it too long.


Haven't noticed many new releases lately. The new James Blackshaw and Sir Richard Bishop releases have shown face and a huge haul of Digi Ltd tapes are out but I think my blinkers have been on lately trying to save cash. Twinsistermoon CD on UltraHardGel is thought to be out tomorrow (haven't heard any definites yet) with extended versions of a couple of the LP tracks and a new song. The NSB 3LP package on Blackest Rainbow is also going to come loaded with CDs and a zine for around £35 + postage and there will be a separate 2CD edition packaged in the zine also available for people without record players/wanting a cheaper option - 500 copies expected of each, price could change as it is still a couple of months off.

Golden Jooklo Age tape just this moment made available on Utmarken (limited to 100 copies), and they also have new Aaron Dilloway/Nate Young and Zaimph releases.

Not Not Fun have a couple of new records and cassettes (Heavy Winged / Inca Ore, Vibes, Matrix Metals, Dreamcolour).

The Great Pop Supplement have put out a Spacemen 3 LP.

Stunned released a new batch of beauties.

Three Lobed has a new LP by Eternal Tapestry.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

5 Minute Association

This label has been on the radar since October/November 2007 and has had four releases in the works ever since and now, finally, we have two released!

Boduf Songs - On the brink of all we hate

Richard Youngs - Sleep Deprivation

Each 7" single has custom made packaging and is limited to 100 lathe cut copies. So be warned, they're not cheap (roughly £15 each) and they may be reasonably hard to find. Here are the stockists (don't believe there will be any available direct)...

UK: Norman Records, Volcanic Tongue, Boa Melody Bar, Alt Vinyl, Second Layer, Rough Trade

US: Other Music, Time-Lag, Eclipse, Fusetron, Ecstatic Yod, Beta-Lactam Ring Records

AUS: Missing Link

For more information check out 5MA's website


Housecraft Recordings have released two new cassettes by Tuluum Shimmering (Longhouse Spirits Gather for Fragrant Island River Dreams) and Kane Pour (Wand in the Beak of the Yellow Bird).

Digitalis still has copies left of the new Metal Rouge and Caboladies LPs.

And Under the Spire will be raising the price of the new Chihei Hatakeyama album (August) by £1 after Friday as the album is nearly ready to ship.


Hope everyone has been enjoying that Isengrind tape (below). Next planned are a Gorman CD, Poisson by Part Wild Horses Mane (Blackest Rainbow has some distro copies of that tape) and finally that Larkin Grimm tape on Sloow Tapes.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Isengrind - Journey of the Seven Stars (cassette)

Really quick one (1am, tired...).

Look right and into the Cbox and you will see that turiluri has kindly uploaded the new Isengrind cassette.

Anyway, in case the links disappear off that chat box, here are the links.

Isengrind - Journey of the Seven Stars (audio)
Isengrind - Journey of the Seven Stars (artwork)

I'd highly recommend taking the time to download the artwork folder because it is absolutely beautiful and some excellent pictures from all angles.

Excellent blog, The Real Nitty Gritty has the album on mediafire if anyone has problems with sendspace links (although a refresh may do the trick).

Huge thanks again to turiluri.

Digitalis have also released new Caboladies and Metal Rouge LPs tonight limited to 100 copies each.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Cam Deas / Second Family Band

Never seem to pick the best times for adding in a new blog entry, rushing around, lacking the laptop (the computer that can help rip cassettes) and waiting for updates.

Whilst searching around for others going to that Fennesz/Grouper/NSB show I ran across Mapsadaisical's blog and his Cam Deas/Ben Nash/Nautilus post.
Here are the two earliest Cam Deas albums on Blackest Rainbow.

Cam Deas - Five Bells
The initial 2 seconds of the opener on this 6 track blazer from Cam are screeching electronics which vanish instantly into a seance of a doomed village, with the leader strumming out some bleak herbal drug folk ritual/haze. Track two, 'Where We've Been' blurs into an intense dronescape, smearing into a lighter, more psychedelic, drone piece 'Where We're Going'. 'The Days Are Over' has a floating drone back, layered on top with guitar ala Jack Rose, Blackshaw etc. Title track 'Five Bells' follows burning the guitar into a flaming rage, with a few remaining strum yelps struggling through the flames. The disc closes with a sweet guitar piece entitled 'Two More Days', again similar to Blackshaw and Rose. Cam just moved up for the smoke to the steel city and a bunch of us just discovered his musical vibes. He has a bunch of things dropping soon, and had a split release with Sindre Bjerga not so long ago. The dude has the skills.

Cam Deas - Five Bells

Cam Deas - For the Silver Waters, Sing!
Second CDR from Cam on BR... this time around Cam focuses on 12 string guitar compositions (kinda like a tribute to Robbie Basho) rather than the more far out folk drone of 'Five Bells' (also reissued this month!). The kid has got some sweet finger picking going on... and at times almost has this kinda weird post folk aggro grunge twang to it, which I guess makes no sense, but check it out and you'll get me (maybe?). Closing track 'Raag Of The Sillver Waters' builds from the previous two 12 stringers, but Cam brings his own far out qualities to it with vocal drones, reverse looping, and bizarre bubbling bleeps. A definite for any fans of James Blackshaw, Robbie Basho...

Cam Deas - For the Silver Waters, Sing!

Second Family Band - The Heathens Return (cassette)

Taken from the Jerkwave subscription series.
Big thanks to Mike for uploading this.

Blackest Rainbow (pre-orders)
Robert Horton and Sindre Bjerga - 'Can't Go Fast Enough to Get There Early
Starving Weirdos - B/P/M Series 1

Flipped Out Records
Burnt Hills - Microburst
Burnt Hills - Over the Rainbow

Peasant Magik
Expo 70 - Psychosis
Tunnels - In between Dreams

Under the Spire (pre-order)
Chihei Hatakeyama - August

Don't have the time at the moment but expect short descriptions of the Cam Deas discs a bit later. You can also buy some of his releases direct so check out his myspace page for more info.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Taiga Remains / Xochipilli

Again it has been a bit of a rush. Planned were two cassettes but due to a million and one distractions a couple of 3" CDs have been grabbed during the day. However, these are both fantastic and if for some reason you don't end up enjoying them at least they're reasonably small to download and short to endure. Hopefully you'll be pressing the play button again once they've run their course.

First up is the bonus 3" that came with Alex Cobb's latest Digitalis release, 'Wax Canopy'.
Taiga Remains - Fairing's Chapel

It's one, long (17 minutes) blissful metallic drone from the Students of Decay boss.

Taiga Remains - Fairing's Chapel

Second upload comes from a label that vanished - First Person (anyone know what happened to it?) - and a man you may be familiar with under the guises of The Cosmic Mandoliners, Ghost Brames or Capricorn Wings.
Xochipilli - Aircqocces of the Arc Tones

Florian Tositti is joined by Antoine Clemot for this recording that mixes field recordings with electronic noises, guitar strums, organs and French vocals.

Xochipilli - Aircquocces of the Arc Tones

Hope you enjoy both of those.

Tomentosa Records updated today with the two new Big Blood CDs. You can take a listen to both on the WFMU site and they will probably appear on here at some point for download.
Does anyone have any information about Accident Child?

Whilst we're still on about freebies I must point you to the Myspace page of Matthew A. Tavares & His Arkestra because his song 'Heave-Ho' (free download here) is an absolute blinder. He better hurry with some more tracks now this minute because I want to hear that on an LP sharpish. Very highly recommended.

Nothing Out There released a new compilation yesterday called 'Inner ends of the coils' featuring people like Expo 70, Ashtray Navigations, Guanaco and Savage Sons Of Wallonie (Tom Carter & Paul Labrecque).

Dream Root Recordings (brandorkrules [at] gmail [dot] com)
Interstates (etc) - When street lights go out

The Old Rig - Entrances (3" CD - contact frankbaugh (at) inbox.com - $4ppd)

Sloow Tapes
Von Himmel - Space Communion
Cybele Collins (book)

Our favourites over at Troglosound have released a press of 280 LPs of Golden Jooklo Age 'Ritual' this morning. Apparently there is another 1-sided record due in around a months time.

Will catch up with all the comments in the next couple of days, really appreciate getting them so thanks a bunch. Fingers crossed for a little competition in the coming weeks. And I'll keep searching for news of that Isengrind tape - the TSM CD on Ultra Hard Gel looks an early June release, although it may go to distros rather than direct from the label (will try to find out). Oh, and NSB are due to play here in London on November 3rd!

TICKETS - Fennesz, Grouper & Natural Snow Buildings (London, Nov. 3rd - £13.50)

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Isengrind - Isengrind (cassette)

Apparently last night Time-Lag Records had an update listing a new Isengrind cassette. Didn't manage to get one myself and if you weren't online at the time I doubt you managed to either.
Here is the description:

ISENGRIND ~ S/T ~ cassette (self released, france)
quite stunning new private press from solange of natural snow buildings. no need to hype the music here, all you reading this now the deal... lovely fluttering occult drone folk psych beauty... but the packaging here alone is enough to make this one essential : hand constructed full color hard board box cover containing a beautiful hard cover tiny art booklet, a unique hand painted, numbered, thick art card, and a colored cassette hand titled in raised ink... all wrapped up in ribbon with a tiny bell... edition of only 24 copies. yowzer, gonna be another elusive one!

Bit gutted I have to say, but you win some, you lose some. With just 24 copies it was far more likely the latter would be the case. Oh well. Just thought everyone else would like to know what they're missing out on too. Apparently they cost $26 so maybe it's not such a bad thing.
I will endeavour to find someone with a copy that would be kind enough to upload and share. If anyone reading this gets one, do feel free to brag.

Matt, Oliver & Cricket (cbox comment) - Little Brown Jug
Thanks a lot for leaving your link dharma bum, I've just downloaded it and will give it a listen later on. Love singing bowls so hoping for good things - everywhere I've seen them used people have always struck them but apparently you're supposed to roll the stick part around the inside of it; not entirely sure if that's true so it'll be interesting hearing what you've done.

'guest': Sorry, I don't own any of those four Second Family Band cassettes to upload. I have 'our way is the right way', the Sloow Tapes cassette and a digital copy of this but that is all.

Thor's Rubber Hammer
I Heart Lung / DWMTG - Ecstatic Jazz Duos
Bright Duplex - Strawberry Trust
The Pistil Cosmos - A Long Figure in a Dreamlike Place

Not Not Fun
Ducktails (CD/LP)
Dolphins Into The Future - ...On A Seafaring Isolation
High Wolf - Animal Totem
NASA - Diamonds & Woods
Teeth Mountain - Live On

Digitalis Ltd
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Taking Away
Diamondhead - Corrective Action
Altar Eagle - Judo Songs

Siren Wire
Susan Matthews & Alistair Crosbie - Summer's Joy Rekindled

Budweiser Sprite - Dandruff Massage
Dream Safari - Sweat Lodge Vision Quest
Persimmons Pomegranate - Godless

Also look out for a new Jooklo cassette on Utmarken in about 10 days time.

I'll try and get something new uploaded by the weekend but in the meantime there's the new Big Blood discs to check out on the Free Music Archive and Raven Sings the Blues has a free compilation up.

Monday, 4 May 2009

New Releases (start of May)

Just discovered a new label that I'm certain others here will be interested in.

Under the Spire Recordings: Based in Wales, set up by Christopher Edwards and at the end of last month released a 3" CD from Boduf Songs and a double 3" CD set from Zelienople. Cannot wait for these. Check out the samples on the Myspace page (linked above) because you won't be disappointed.
Future releases to come from Chihei Hatekeyama, Richard Skelton and Forestflies.

Earjerk Records
Anvil Dome - Within Huron
E.C. Brown and I'Diamond - Gothick Reforme
Varlet Tarsod - s/t
Crystal Dragon - The Crystal Demos
SFB - East to West
SFB - Weird Sword / Seers Word
SFB - Whose Wave We Ride
SFB - The Eternal Lag Pt.2

Root Strata released those Ilyas Ahmed and Zach Wallace CDs a couple of days late and have also put on a good sale (strangely cutting the international postage costs on the old CDs as well). They have also revealed a future 7" a capella subscription series, and although they didn't provide the artists involved don't be too surprised if you see Zelienople, Christina Carter, Islaja, Xela, Richard Youngs, Grouper and Hisato Higuchi amongst the set.

Pizza Night
Fragments - Retching Sunshine
Bee Mask - No Mutant Enemy

Cabin Floor Esoterica
Zashiki Warashi - Salamander
Joseph McNulty - For Warm Fire & Earth
Second Family Band - Winged Stomp House

Great Pop Supplement
David A Jaycock - A New Love Song
The Smiles & Frowns - Mechanical Songs

James over at 5 Minute Association has also got up a website - HERE - and although the first two beautiful releases (Boduf Songs and Richard Youngs) are pictured, he may just be teasing us. He has also officially announced plans to release another Isengrind/NSB/TSM set, Six Organs of Admittance (UK tour 7"), Wooden Shjips, Voice of the Seven Woods, amongst many others.

Reverb Worship
Michael Vallera - Shallow Water Blackout
Alan Scheurman - Old Patterns

Friday, 1 May 2009

Ilyas & Bixby

Just as a reminder that the new Ilyas Ahmed CD ('Goner') goes on sale at Root Strata today. Haven't heard any details about pressing numbers for it - or the Zach Wallace disc - but I would hope there to be at least 300 as that seems a regular pressing for RS's pro-printed CDs. If you've steered clear of the leaks so far take a listen to the samples, it is a bit different from some previous releases but I don't think enough to put off fans of his older releases.

Guerssen Records have finally re-released Dave Bixby's 'Ode to Quetzalcoatl' on LP! It's a hugely sort after classic Christian (well, a related cult in the late 1960s) psych-folk release. Lyrical content is a bit much for me but the music is gorgeous. Just a shame about the strength of the Euro at the moment.