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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Clothilde / Delphine - Split 7" & Max Ochs - Imaginational Anthem 7"

Two 7"s, four songs, two French, two instrumental.
First things first though, spotted this morning that there's a new Bobby Beausoleil 4LP coming out next month on The Anja Offensive. $50 but one well worth looking out for. Will try and upload 'Mantra' in a few weeks time.

Clothilde / Delphine - Fallait pas écraser la queue du chat / La fermeture éclair

These songs come from a couple of rare 7"s from 1970s French chanteuses - both on separate records. Rare, out of print, expensive, great songs, each a valid reason for why the songs received the bootleg re-issue treatment a couple of months ago. Even these bootleg copies (edition of 300 on Feral Child - no website) were going for up to £15 on ebay so that should give some impression of how sought after these songs are.
The Delphine track is especially good. Just realised how bassy these rips are coming out, I'll try and sort that out for future rips. Still, don't let that put you off (maybe lower the bass in your media player's equaliser).


Max Ochs - Imaginational Anthem

Cousin of Phil Ochs, 60s/70s concert promoter and friend of John Fahey. That might give some basic background to what this 7" sounds like. It certainly has leanings towards both names but also with what you'd suspect he was surrounding himself with when finding bands/musicians to play shows.
Two good songs on this 7" but nothing spectacular or ground breaking.

BUY / Download

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Peter Broderick - Five Film Score Outtakes (link) / Falling Behind (update)

For anyone else that missed out on the recent Peter Broderick 3" ('Five film score outtakes') Akteon have kindly uploaded it. Sounds like good stuff again from Peter.

So easily distracted at the moment and the sun has slowed the world down, thought I'd just leave a little update on new releases and recommendations. Should have the next post up this weekend.

Troglosound: New one-sided LP between Virginia Genta and Andrew Barker.

Digitalis Ltd: Another huge haul containing - Meditations, Space Dive, Young Boys / FM.Face, Black Eagle Child & Goodwillies, Pink Priest, Charlatan, Ester Poland.

Dial Square Tapes: Three new cassettes by Sovetskaya Gone (ltd 24), Dick Test (ltd 11) and Youth Studies (ltd 16).

NNA Tapes: Caboladies / Oneohtrix Point Never, Toby Aronson, Jefre Sei Getsu Ledesma

905 Tapes: James Fella, Pillars of Heaven & Joe Breitenbach, Mossy Throats & Wether, Wasteland Jazz Unit, Century Plants, Social Junk, Forbes Graham, Endless Time.

Reverb Worship: New releases from Pistil Cosmos and The Hare & The Moon.

Housecraft Recordings: Xiphiidae / Pan To Scratch (LP)

As mentioned in the last, lengthy post, Blackest Rainbow announced a pre-order for the MV & EE 12 cassette set due for the end of July/start of August.

Got a couple of beauties through the post this morning, first was the beautiful new 'Suite for Titouan' by Richard Moult on Dala Horse. I don't think many labels or musicians put as much effort into the packaging as Lidia and also manage such a lovely result. However, David Tagg is one person that excels virtually everybody. If you ever bought one of the Expanding Electronic Diversity CDs you would probably have no problem in agreeing with that. He's outdone himself with the recent split between himself and Gareth Hardwick on Install. Great little contraption. As that has sold out already I'll try and get that uploaded in the next week.

If you're a folk fan I'd highly recommend keeping an eye on the Bracken Records page in a couple of days time for the debut Haruko LP/CD - check out 'the dragon's tears', really beautiful.

A re-release of Richard Skelton's 'Marking Time' on vinyl is due in the next week or two on Type Records - check the link to stream the album.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

MV & EE - 12 Cassette Set (info)

Blackest Rainbow have announced details of the follow up to MV & EE's 2006 12 CDR bootleg set. Considering the amount it costs to get some of their LPs in Europe and the fact there are 12 albums in this package this one may go quicker than you'd expect, despite the price. The format may put a few people off though, so who can guess how long they'll really last?

TITLE: tbc
PRICE: £45.00 + shipping
AVAILABILITY: Limited to 250 copies, under 175 available for sale between myself and Alt Vinyl, some of which will be distributed to stores and mailorders.
PACKAGE: Custom made 12 way plastic case (like the Natural Snow Building set we did earlier in the year), pro dubbed cassettes, printed shells, artwork and insert of liners.

The MV & EE Medicine Show - Citybillies (Brooklyn, NY 5/23/02) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

my love for you has turned to life
york street blues
meditations on frankie
rank stranger
buck creek girls
ganga gurls

MV & EE With The Bummer Road - The Suncatcher Blossoms A Novatone (Tonic, NYC 7/18/2005) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

1. suncatcher >
other kinds rama >
mountains of yaffa >
death don't have no mercy
2. meditations on payday
3. tea devil
4. environments > solestrial
5. cold rain

MV & EE With The Bummer Road - Abstarct Blues and Egyptian Mud (Campfire Sounds, Acra, NY 7/15/06) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

1. parchman farm >
2. suspended in the sky
3. poor boy variations
4. death is my friend >
5. who do you abort?

MV & EE with The Bummer Road - Pastis King (Paris, November 11th, 2006) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

cold rain > tea devil
boo woe
death don't have no mercy

MV & EE with The Golden Road - Barn Joint (Red Barn, Amherst, MA, 10/16/07) (feat. J Mascis and Tom Carter) (PREVIOUSLY OUT AS AN UNOFFICIAL BOOTLEG)

THE BURDEN (15:59)
2. SUMMER MAGIC (6:07)
4. EASY LIVIN' (6:29)

MV & EE with The Golden Road - Lobstora Vs Tone Crabs (Floristree Auditorium Baltimore, MD, 6/14/08) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

1. EASY LIVIN' (07:48)
3. LAZY LIGHT (06:09)

MV & EE with The Wolfpack - Yurt Aspects/Rural Centrifuge (Wickermania Festival, The Yurt, Goshen, MA 8/2/08 / Tinderbox, Brattleboro, VT, 8/3/08) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

1. you matter (23:17)
Drone trailer
Tea devil
Cold rain

MV & EE with Jeremy Earl - He's On Tonight, Saddleback / Multiple Gravitrons (Cakeshop, NYC, 1/20/09) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

The hungry stones (06:27)
Huna cosm > anyway (16:58)
Valves rap (01:25)
Tea devil > weatherhead hollow (21:11)
Gravitron rap (03:34)
Drone trailer (11:49)

MV & EE with The Wolfpack - Mamma Zooed (The Triple, Richmond, VA, 1/23/09) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

hungry stones
huna cosm
tea devil > cold rain

MV & EE - Smoked Bossier (Art Space, Shreveport, LA, 1/29/09) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

Hungry stones
Huna cosm
Huna rap
Martyn rap
Freight train
Erie cotten rap
Cold rain
Weatherhead > drone trailer

MV & EE with The Golden Road - Sequential Circuits and Fiber (Vintage By The Pound, Toronto, ON, Canada, 2/7/09) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

1. the hungry stones
2. huna cosm
3. profile rap
4. anyway
5. the burden
6. easy livin'

MV & EE - Pete's Pix Vol. 2 (2004-2006) (tracks from Cambridge UK, Colour Out of Space, Thurston's ATP, Oxford, London, and more. Features Nemo, Chris Corsano, Samara, Willie, Jiggs, Sparrow, Simoes) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

01. cocola moves thru the bizarre
CB2 basement, cambridge UK 5/31/2005

02. really poor boy
shaw library, london school of economics
london, UK 11/14/06

03. codeine
the port mahon, oxford, UK 12/6/04

04. solestrial (w/samara & nemo)
albany bar, london, UK 12/20/04

05. special rider blues
maximum arousal farm, guilford, VT 4/01/05
(erika (space echo/live dub), mo' jiggs (harp))

06. color out of the canned (w/samara & chris corsano)
colour out of space festival
the ocean rooms, brighton, UK 11/12/06

07. canned approximations
ATP, minehead, somerset, UK 12/09/06
(w/the bummer road - willie, samara, nemo, sparrow, jiggs, simoes, corsano)
thx to j mascis and david keenan for loaning me their guitars

08. death don't have no mercy
the red rose, london, UK 11/13/06

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Lily - Onion (Japan, 1971)

Don't know much about this one but it has taken quite some time tracking down a copy at a good price. From what I've managed to find on the internet about it the first pressing was in 1971 and quickly followed up with another pressing on May 5th 1972.
Some of the musicians involved: Kimio Mizutani (Out Cast, Love Live Life), Hiro Tsunoda (Jacks, Strawberry Path, Flied Egg), Takasuke Kida (Jacks).

Great disc by at that time 20 years old female vocalist Lily. It was her first disc and right from the start the tone is set as Lily sings away in her husky styled voice that is reminiscent to a post-Carmen Maki folk and blues era style. The overall tone is folk-like with some psychedelic undertones, which get infused by some of her excellent backing musicians such as Foodbrain / Out Cast / Path Through Haze / People guitarist Kimio Mizutani and Jacks / Asakawa Maki drummer Tsunoda Hiro. Some tracks are embedded in a bluesy atmosphere, where her voice gets some effects that resemble singing through a telephone. Stunningly beautiful. Great acid folk-like bluesy and psychedelic album of 1972.

The whole album is a folk/pop/psychedelic rock fusion sung in Japanese with enough variety to sound like they're mixing it up, but not too much to sound like a real mish-mash of an album. There is one blues track sung in English, 'woke up blues', which is probably one of the weaker songs.
Considering this cost $2 I think its a gem - and a bargain having looked at the popsike.com prices - with only a couple of faltering tracks, but it would be interesting to see other opinions.

A1. Alone Am I
2. I Had A Dream
3. Train Window (Reminds Me Of Your Smile)
4. Woke Up Blues
5. Twelve Midnight
6. As I Can't Sleep

B1. How Have You Been
2. My Movie
3. Calender With Just August
4. Life Is Repeating
5. Close Your Eyes
6. So Far Away

*Sorry for the skipping in the last 30 seconds (B-side), my computer decided it wanted to hibernate*


Keyboard: Jun Fukamachi
Drums & Percussion: Hiro Tsunoda
Side Guitar: Masatsugu Matsumoto
Acoustic Guitar: Takahiko Ishikawa
Electric Guitar: Kimio Mizutani
Bass: Jun Suzuki
Harmonica: Hiromi Yasuda (A-4)
Acoustic Guitar: Nobuyoshi Hagiwara (A-4)

New Expo 70 3" limited to 100.

Personal favourites Sloow Tapes are back with two more cassettes from Im Jahrtal and DRMWPN.

Gift Tapes: Brother Raven - A sound like wailing winter winds is heard
Jeremiah Walker - Early to rise
Million Mists - Spaceship

Release The Bats have released the new Ducktails ('Backyard').

Blackest Rainbow have the new Starving Weirdos, Darryl Norsen, Robert Horton & Sindre Bjerga releases available.

Rampart Tapes have a new Orphan Fairytale, a release from Coptic Nausea and a new compilation.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Tranko - Neko 77 / Mujam

Quick one again tonight. Decided to rip a couple of records today and will hopefully do a couple more tomorrow - took so long to set the damned thing up (old stereo) so I'm going to make the most of it. A few international records have been converted so far. One of the next two posts will be a Japanese psych/rock/pop/folk (+ a blues track) LP that took a while to track down a copy of and hasn't disappointed - for $2 as well! - and the other will be a recent bootleg re-issue of two 70s French tracks. Both in the next week.

Tranko - Neko 77 / Mujam

Released at the start of last year (2008) on The Great Pop Supplement this one didn't really do much for me when it first arrived so I'd recommend giving it time to grow on you.

Killer debut 45 from japanese psych band- whacked out moog / sitar collision like some holy Acid Mothers / Popol Vuh jam with Ananda Shankar at the controls

Don't think that totally describes it but definitely leaves a vague idea, you'll have to take a listen if you've not heard it already.


They have put out two releases on Reverb Worship, first one has all gone but second is still available. Boa Melody Bar looks to have copies left of the first.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

MV & EE - Space

Pretty sure you can still get copies of these bootlegs from Matt - he sold a bunch on ebay the other night - so this is the only other one I'm going to do for the time being. Black Ark/White Egg is also floating around the blogosphere.

With Space, the duo find themselves alone for an intimate set recorded in Portland, Maine. Half of the performance is live versions of tracks from Drone Trailer. If you enjoy the duo's more spaced-out moments, you're in for quite a treat with Huna Cosm. EE does an amazing job singing on Tea Devil, my personal favorite track here. Out of the innumerable live CD-Rs available out there, Space might not sound exceptional and stick out among the rest, but there are plenty fine moments in here to please even the most hardened fans. (myrecordcollection)

1. The Hungry Stones (7:32)
2. Huna Cosm (10:27)
3. Tea Devil (11:18)
4. Weatherhead Hollow (10:33)
5. Drone Trailer (12:45)


A.M. Shiner / Xiphiidae / Heat Conference / Anvil Dome - split
Vanilla Host - Folded At The Face
Jeffry Astin / Josh Burke - split

Under the Spire:
Jasper TX - Lungs (pre-order)

Klorofyll Kassetter:
Hanna Hirsch - Tala svart/Versioner
Million Brazilians - New ideas in psychic music
Altar of Flies - Eremiten

Reverb Worship:
Light Of Shipwreck - As I Hold the Ashes
Sproatly Smith - The Yew & the Hare

Woodland Recordings:
Diamond Family Archive - The Wanderer (+ 'Aeroplane' for limited time)

Black Eagle Child:
Seasons (pre-din) / Black Eagle Child - Split

Sonic Meditations
Expo 70 - Center of the Earth

Also worth keeping your eye out for: Norman Records are getting in a Peter Broderick 3" CD tomorrow (probably that film score disc), a couple of new Dial Square Tapes releases are expected soon. It sounds as though Matt is preparing the new L'Animaux Tryst LPs from Cursillistas & Tempera (see C-Box).

Oh, and Ronaldo is for sale, but you've probably missed the boat on that one.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Accident Child - Into the Gorge

Why do I always decide to do these well after midnight?!
One day this month there will be a mid-day post... hopefully.

Tomentosa still have this available ($8) so if you enjoy it please consider supporting a great label through a fantastic distro.

Accident Child - Into the Gorge

Had to buy those two new Big Blood CDs, just had to, and at the same time they (dontrustheruin) also released this disc and a new Inspector 22 album. Didn't spot the I22 at the time - it was a rush email to make sure the Big Blood CDs were snapped up - but did notice this one. No description, just some interesting artwork and a curious name.

"Matt Norris is Accident Child. If you had to describe it, loner folk would be as good a term as any. Reminds us a bit of Tuli from The Fugs or King Darves."

To my ears some of the melodies between guitar and voice on this album resemble those on Chriss Sutherland's 'Me in a field' and there's a similar feel on some songs to those early John Frusciante drug-infused solo albums.

Download / Buy

Dala Horse have just announced their second release. A new one from Richard Moult. Looks and sounds like a definite winner - again, like the Kutomo release, limited to 36.

DNT: Plankton Wat - Dawn of the Golden Eternity

Students of Decay: Little Skull
Everyday Loneliness - The Bond
John Davis - There's Always Tomorrow

Dust Wind Tales: Beggin Your Pardon Miss Joan / Siddhi - The Tree Told Me

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Francis Bebey - New Track

Another Plus Tapes release here. If you enjoyed the Mako Sica tape posted a few weeks back, this is different. You don't get much genre consistency with Plus Tapes but you do get a batch of great music.
Just as a warning though, they weren't happy with this cassette re-release and ended up pulling it from sale - Aquarius Records kindly chucked in a free copy with a bulk PT order - but you won't find much wrong with it, hopefully.

Francis Bebey - New Track

Francis moved around a lot, born in Cameroon, educated in both France and the USA, temporarily lived in Ghana before heading back and settling in France. This album shows the styles of music he came across through his travels, it's not a simple guitar album or jazz record, the songs happily go on for up to 11 minutes and there is a well worked mix of vocal and instrumental work across the whole release.

A1. Haiti (6:20)
A2. The Song I Keep Humming (11:10)
B1. New Track (8:25)
B2. Super Jungle (9:25)

Francis Bebey biography

Removed by request

Centre of Wood have kicked off their Cave series with three very dark sounding releases.

Root Strata opened up orders to their a capella single series, entitled 'Tsuki No Seika'. It will consist of four separate 7"s split between two groups - so 8 bands (Grouper, Christina Carter, Richard Youngs, Islaja, Xela, Zelienople, Hisato Higuchi, Valet) - and cost you $40-50 depending on where you are.
They've also put out a CD edition of Grouper's 'Cover the windows and walls' album.

Dull Knife release a new 7" by Circuit des Yeux.

I'm trying to find out about that Twinsistermoon CD on Ultra Hard Gel, if I hear anything I'll leave a note somewhere.
UPDATE: Heard this second hand but it doesn't sound as though this CD is close. Would be interesting to find out more but in the meantime if you want to hear it you may probably be better off trying to download it (if you don't own the LP).
If anyone hears about it please say. I'll try and keep tabs on the UHG website in case something appears.

Will try and get a new post sorted for the weekend.

If anyone has an opinion on the rip quality of either this or the Part Wild Horses Mane tape in comparison to some of the earlier cassette rips (Keijo, Ben Nash, Mako Sica, Barrabarracuda) I'd love to hear. Recently discovered an old cassette player I had in the early 90s that I think has a better sound quality than my walkman but my computer speakers aren't good enough to get much of an opinion from with regards to rip quality.