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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Matthew Lovett & Ian Watson - Untitled

Delays, delays, don't we all hate them?
Well, I have to say that I don't when I'm the cause but I do apologise for the length it takes me every now and then to get something new together. This one has been intended for at least a week now and I really hope you'll agree that it was well worth the wait.

You may remember one of the earlier posts containing the 3" CD of Ian Watson & Mark Jolliffe's 'Leaf Skeleton', well, since then Ian has kindly been in touch - don't believe the post and the email were related, so slightly coincidental timing - and has kindly sent me some of his new material.
You can find some new tracks over on his Myspace page, but in my opinion this is the piece really worth listening to. No title to the CD or track as far as I'm aware, but I may correct that with time...

Just one, 16 minute long piece, definitely worth the download.
It's rather mechanical and noisey, not something completely wild. Maybe scratch some of your noise/drone CDs and you'll be on your way to this.
The start sounds like twisting metal out in the countryside, or a lo-fi recording of metallic instruments tuning up where the musicians are slowly working on how to bow their crazy contraptions. Then there's a synth sweep and the engine gets going, the instruments wake up and everything begins to rise.
Around the six minute mark the piece begins to gather momentum but things really start to kick in around nine minutes in with strong, sharp tones and the widest expanses following.

Give it a try. If you're finding the start slow and get tempted to move on, don't. Leave it running. Just let it do the rounds. Obviously I'm not going to force you, but as a complete piece this is excellent.

Download / Myspace

There will probably be another update on Friday/Saturday and I'll have a dig around for new releases to include with that.

Do go and check out Lex's new Olbas Noise site for some new Guanaco and Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan. The 3 new BYPMJ tracks are some beautiful folk that I'd especially recommend.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Kawabata Makoto - Kiss Me Goodbye / Subjection of Drone

A little bit of exciting news that has officially emerged this week; Peasant Magik has confirmed the eight 3" CD box set for the end of August. Groups/musicians involved include Big Blood, Gregg Kowalsky, Natural Snow Buildings, The North Sea, Valerio Cosi, Fabio Orsi, Super Minerals, Throuroof, Andrew Paine and Pillars of Heaven. You've got to assume Cosi and Orsi will be doing one of the joint discs, not sure about the other.
It had been on the Peasant Magik myspace page for quite a while (as PM50) but with a line up like that I honestly wasn't expecting it to happen, it's too good.
When I find out more info on it I'll put it up.

Two Kawabata releases here from 2008. Haven't seen either of these appear online yet and his new disc on House Pig (slightly disappointing) inspired me.

'Kiss Me Goodbye' was released in October last year on Apollolaan Recordings in the UK in an edition of 80.

"Beauiful new CDR of bubbling, trickling drones from the Acid Mothers man. This is even gentler than the "Inui" releases, but no less psychedelic for it. Really lovely and strange."(alt vinyl)

1. Slobbery Kiss Good Morning
2. Sensual Kiss Goodnight


'Subjection of Drone' was released just a month later on Reverb Worship - another UK based label - in an edition of 100 copies.

"'Subjection Of Drone' is a solo improvised 'live' recording from a performance at Music Japonica in Osaka,Japan on 4th October 2008.The cd features one long track which flows in different segments starting off with ethereal jazz styled technique then into bowed string playing,then multitracked drone,followed by glissando styled effects finishing off with ever increasing guitar noise.The piece comes to an abrupt end followed by polite applause." (label description)

1. Subjection of Drone


New Releases:

Reverb Worship: Gnod - Wuste Zeremonie

Plus Tapes have a huge batch of eight or nine tapes announced.

Noticed this week Norman Records listed the new Bobby Beausoleil 4LP box set as available, so if you have the money it's time to start searching the usual distros.

Blackest Rainbow: Spill - Where You Aren't
MV & EE - Road Trips (box set), very near shipping

Black Eagle Child: Black Eagle Child - Two Days
W.A. Munson - Controlled Wave

Near Passerine Devotionals (email): Ajilvsga - The Muddy Banks of the Arkansas (LP)

Insound: Richard Hell - Destiny Street Repaired (LP)

Milieu Music: Milieu - Swaying Palms
Coppice Halifax - Submarine Green
Coppice Halifax & Foamek - Lush Q Trax III
Coppice Halifax & Foamek - Lush Q Trax 3.1
Brian Grainger - Tortoiseshell & Other Improvisations

Ikuisuus: Silk Urns / Sand Rattle - Split
Strongly Imploded - Why Use A Proxy

Dust Wind Tales has a bit of a sale going on (free release with every order).

What's with the ridiculously high prices of NSB releases on discogs? Just checked the other day and people are asking for insane amounts - could probably get some things for under half the price on ebay, and that's really saying something.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Autolux & Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood

No, there wasn't a record made between the two groups. These are just two releases that have been requested recently and thought I may as well put them up for more to hear.

Autolux - Live at KEXP (promo 7")

This was given away by Insound.com in 2004 with pre-orders of 'Future Perfect'. Maybe some were also sent out to other shops but I can't ever remember seeing anywhere else mentioning it. Just a two track record featuring songs from the aforementioned album.

A. Plant Life
B. Asleep At The Trigger


Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood - EJE

This was released in October of last year in an edition of 66 copies. I've just noticed this afternoon that there are still copies available to purchase as well for just $7 (including postage) so please, consider supporting the label (link below).
BOTOS have done some blinders in the past on the usual labels - Students of Decay, Root Strata, Time Lag, Digitalis - but also put out a load of material on their own label MYMWLY (Music your mind will love you) out in Australia. They're a brother and sister duo, Michael & Kristina Donnelly, and you may be familiar with Michael's music as part of 6magik6 and Terracid.

Buy / Download

Goaty Tapes: Cro Magnon / Circuit des Yeux / Bird - split
Bone Patrol U.S. / Varlet Tarsod - split (members of Dead Luke, Peaking Lights, Jerkwave tapes)
Caethua / Ancestral Diet - split (members of Uke of Spaces, Flak Mask, Impractical Cockpit)
Blobs - Hey Hello (Orphan Fairytale and Dolphins into the Future collaboration)
Edgar Wappenhalter - Spuiglavementen

Vanishing Hour Revival: Xiphiidae - Waning in Archaic Color Sequence
Antigua Ibis - Bisected by Ravines
Zebulon - Webolo

Big sale going on over at Release the Bats.

Reverb Worship: Mizuumi - Motion
Sproatly Smith - The Yew & The Hare
The Spirit Dies - Death Notes

Apparently this has been out for almost a couple of months already, new Makoto Kawabata ('Tales of the Dream Planet') on House Pig Records.

And lastly, Captured Tracks have a few copies of the Acoustic Family Creeps (Woods) bootleg 12". Only four tracks and one sided - for $22 to the UK that's too steep for me, but they're sure to go quick.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Jackson C. Frank - Jimmy Clay / Frankie & Johnnie

Sometimes you're sent things that are just too special to keep under wraps. These two pieces of audio have been hidden for 40 years. If like me you thought the 'Blues Run the Game' two disc compilation released in 2003 contained everything that was left to hear from Jackson, you were also wrong.

Last year Jim Abbott announced a book that was going to be published and with it he said that the first 1000 pre-orders will receive a CD full of unheard/rare Jackson tracks. Well the book didn't appear - see Naturalismo for more insight into that story - and as a result neither did the CD. If you spot websites asking for money to pre-order the Jackson C Frank book, it's not recommended you do so. Keep an eye on either here or Naturalismo and you will most likely hear if the book appears.

Copyright issues no doubt would have plagued the CD anyway so chances are the tracks were going to stay hidden a while longer even if the book had appeared. Two have surfaced though!

Huge thanks, from me and other Jackson C Frank fans, to all the people along the line involved in unearthing these two songs.

Jackson C. Frank - Jimmy Clay

'Jimmy Clay' was originally written by Patrick Sky and released on his 'Reality is Bad Enough' LP. There have been re-issues of Sky's eponymous album and 'Songs that made America famous' but everything else appears to be long out of print. Recently passed ebay prices suggest that you shouldn't have to pay much for original copies though and Youtube offers a few treats from him - I can't find him performing 'Jimmy Clay' unfortunately.

Lyrics for the original version of 'Jimmy Clay' can be found here.

This Jackson C Frank cover is apparently a BBC recording, maybe intended as a Peel Session? A couple of years ago, I'm told, Gideon Coe was scheduling a Jackson C Frank session for his Radio 6 show but eventually couldn't find the recordings. So what has happened to the rest of the set is anyone's guess.


Jackson C. Frank - Frankie & Johnnie

This was apparently recorded all the way back in 1962 when Jackson was still in college. 'Frankie & Johnny' - the songs correct title (same thing that happened to 'Anji') - was a song originally written by Hughie Cannon (famous for penning the song Bill Bailey took his name from) and become a staple of the American musicians' catalogue. Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Leadbelly, Johnny Cash, Van Morrison, everyone seems to have done a cover of it (even Lindsay Lohan).
Loads more information on the song can be found on Wikipedia.
One of my favourites is the instrumental version by JoAnn Castle:

In 1962 Jackson was soon about to exit his teens and also the USA. His eponymous album was still three years away.
Apparently there were another eight or nine tracks alongside this on a tape, but again, unfortunately I have no idea where they are. One day we will hopefully be able to hear both sets in full.


New Releases:

Low Point: Fabio Orsi & Seaworthy - Near And Faraway

Krayon Recordings: C. Spencer Yeh / Ryan Jewell / Jon Lorenz trio (7")

Earjerk: Second Family Band - Logos Destroyer
Circulation of Light - Circulation of Light
Dream Colour - Solar Gaze
Pan to Scratch - With Happiness
Lens - Surveyor
Neon Shit - More Neon Shit

Not Not Fun: Sun Araw - Heavy Deeds
Malibu Falcon
Rangers - Low cut fades
Pocahaunted - Live from the New Age

Cut Hands: Chapels - It’s Just a Pause
Social Junk - Four Chambers of the Heart
Kohoutek - Der Schnellen Geist

Release the Bats: V/A - Utmarken 10"

RuralFaune: Lunar Miasma - Monophonic Ritual
Rob Funkhouser - This is why robots are taking over

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Gareth Hardwick / David Tagg - Split (2 x 3")

First things first, sorry about the length of time between posts. If you arrived here during the period between now and that Clothilde / Delphine post expecting to find the recent Oneohtrix Point Never cassette (split with Caboladies), apologies for that. It will appear again in the future but as there is another edition in the works it was taken down. The first edition is still available from Volcanic Tongue if you're desperate for it asap but keep an eye on NNA Tapes for the second batch.

Secondly, I've had a little spruce up of the blog links, apologies to those removed but it didn't seem worth keeping links to completely removed blogs. There will be a few more added in the next few days having found a couple more linking here - which is really appreciated, thanks a lot.

Lastly, Motljud have listed 30 new copies of the Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting album for sale. Apparently that name means 'Sweden's municipalities and county councils'... My suggestion is that name alludes to a gathering of musicians from a bunch of Swedish groups but I'm not 100% sure who was involved. There were only 6 copies of the original LP made, somehow, so this extra edition comes as somewhat of a relief.

Gareth Hardwick / David Tagg - Split

This gorgeously packaged release only came out a month ago and you're already too late (sorry). David Tagg has come up with a bizarre contraption to house the 3" CDs, but like the Expanding Electronic Diversity (now Install) CD cases it is a complete success. He probably went mad making the 54 copies.
The Gareth Hardwick track is lovely with slow melodies that gently soak into the ambience and David Tagg has created a piece that just grows over the 12 minutes, almost rolling in a way that a giant egg would (that may make more sense when you listen to it). I don't know if either track will leave you in awe, they are both rather subtle tracks, but they are certainly calming, peaceful and well composed.


New releases:

Singing Knives: Alberorovesciato - Tigers on acid in the hell of the brushwood

Under the Spire: Tom White - A well-known phrase

Blackest Rainbow: Best Coast - Where The Boys Are
Master Slave - Death Prayer
(cassette & cdr sale)

Teosinte Records: Sparkling Wide Pressure - Reborn in action

Music Mundane (email): Early Hominids - Metatarsal
Foldhead - Drugs, paint, alcohol

Deception Island: Chris Benedetto Madak - Bees Removed
Fragments - Kinetic Sphere
Bee Mask - Shimmering Braid
Skin Graft - Brick in the Mouth of a Corpse

Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips has got a side project 12" single out under the name Moon Duo. Check out the myspace blog for stores - Europeans may be better off checking Norman Records.

Root Strata new releases are expected at some point over the next week. The Christina Carter LP (double) looks so good and there is also going to be an Oneohtrix Point Never DVD.