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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Wicked It

Had alternate distractions these past couple of weeks but have a few things lined up for February so things should get back on track to more frequent posting soon.

This is one I've had for three or four years now, bought off ebay for about £5 from someone distributing a large amount of Sunburned Hand of the Man-related CDs. On rateyourmusic this is titled 'Cerne Abbas Giant Giant D.N.A. Sample'. I would suggest from the packaging (no inserts or writing on it other than band name, label catalogue number and edition number) it was a self-titled or untitled release but more on that in a moment.

The Wicked It

From the Sunburned discography page on myspace this CD is catalogued as #30, it simply states that this album was a 'solo & sunburned remix project' by Chad Cooper. However, the only information on the sleeve is clearly 'Manhand #34' and numbered out of 300.
The next destination for information has to be finding a site for Chad Cooper, and this leads you to The Wicked It myspace page where this information is available:

These tracks [The Wicked It] are a compilation of my recordings from 1992-2005. Some of them were available in very limited quantity cd-r's through John Moloney’s Sunburned Hand of the Man label, "Manhand." The first, M.H. # 7, "Agoraphobic Christcycle," contains early Sunburned tracks on it as well as our first band practice. The second, M.H.# 18, “Manhunt in ‘D’,” is solo music with vocals later over-dubbed by J. Moloney. The 3rd M.H. #34 "The Wicked It: Cerne Abbas Giant, Giant D.N.A. Samples,” is completely solo but using a sampler with clips from Sunburned recordings on some of the album. The remainder of my work since 1992 is now being released here on MP3 format. (here)

So this is part 3 of that series - and that has confirmed the long title and catalogue number, at least from Chad. Oh shit. Just put this into iTunes and it has come up with the track names as well. Result!

I've not got too many Sunburned releases to be able to say, across the board, that this is unlike anything else they've been related to but it is certainly unusual in my knowledge of the group.



On the Peasant Magik box set, to all those wondering: Sal (owner, organiser and general ruler of PM) has been out of commission for the past few weeks recovering from an injury but is now back in service and apparently posting orders out. Sounds as though there are dozens of trips to the post office needed to get everything out. They should start arriving soon but possibly still a few weeks off for us international folk.

The Golden Lab single series, part 2 will be from Ex-Cocaine and should be out in March. £30 for one single so far... Bit of a shame because the line-up is excellent: Beach Fuzz, PWHMOBS, C Spencer Yeh, Heather Leigh Murray (in addition to MV & EE and Ex-Cocaine).

Tchantinler: Voice of the Seven Thunders - Voice of the Seven Thunders (CD edition)

Milieu Music / Plastic Log: Teenager - Smiling Faces (8" lathe)

Blackest Rainbow: MV & EE - Live Road (now only available from distros and on tour)

Important Records: Merzbow - Bird Series Vol 13: Chabo

Catholic Tapes (email): Sean McCann - Continent
Head Boggle - Alto Coloratura In Synthesize
Dino & Nic - Plays Theme From Dino & Nic
Flower Man - Another Ozone Hex

I Had An Accident Records: Walter Gross and Julia LaDense – So Fucken Ghetto / Sin

L'Animaux Tryst will be re-awakening this year and the line-up looks fantastic. New Lightning Strike Lightning is on the cards!

Stumparumper Records have gone on to Kick Starter - the place that helped make Julianna Barwick's vinyl edition of her gorgeous 'Florine' EP - to try and help cover some costs of old stock.

Flipped Out Records: Burnt Hills - Herb Saint

Woodsist: Eat Skull - Jerusalem Mall
The Fresh & Onlys - Second One to Know

Digitalis (vinyl): Higuma - Den of Spirits
Roll the Dice - Roll the Dice
See distros for these records, Boomkat, Forced Exposure, Mimaroglu, Eclipse, etc.

Beniffer Editions: Brian Ruryk - Cycle of Fords
Thee Gnostics - Archival
Cubic Susuration / Jakob Olausson - Split
Andrew Zukerman - Don't Dress the Petal Near the Void
Matthew "Doc" Dunn - Peace Be Your Rider
Wasted Nymph - Urlapse
Max Eisenballz (DJ Dog Dick) - From Place to Place

Psykick Dancehall: V/A (Jazzfinger, Hobo Sonn, Serfs, Single Helix, Hunter Gracchus, Bad Orb, Wounded Knee, Patrick Farmer) - Psykick Dancehall 2

Beartown Records: Steffen Basho-Junghans - O Som Naha

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Neokarma Jooklo Trio - Evo Magico

Two days, in my opinion, is close enough in the grand scale of things to not worry about being early or late on birthdays or anniversaries. I'm not saying I'll show up two days late for a funeral or birthday party, but if it is more better for everyone involved to use a nearby weekend or to use a day when everyone can be available, then why not do that? It may seem unsentimental to some but we do now live in the age of convenience, no? After all, you may have received an email about this update sent to your mobile phone providing you with a quick link and seen below the 'on your doorstep' access to a record you may not have had the opportunity to hear until now.
Anyway, my point being: according to blog records, two days on from this point last year the first post was written. It didn't say much other than I was planning to be a stingy bastard - really, there was no purpose behind starting the blog and carrying on was the result of an unintended addiction - and maybe I have been, but uploading is dull. Dull. Dull. Dull. How, or indeed why, people upload five, six, ten albums a day is beyond me. But that's what makes the world go round, right?

I really hated that theme music as a kid. Dana Plato was a little messed up, wasn't she?

What I wanted to say in that block of writing was that this blog has now (almost) been around a year and looking back at the first post containing the amazing GJA album I decided to rip their latest - fortunately already sold out - to celebrate the quasi-first birthday.

Neokarma Jooklo Trio - Evo Magico

This was hidden amongst a slew of other Jooklo releases at the end of last year. Four arrived on Qbico, one on Holidays and this was the last to arrive on their own Troglosound - officially on Christmas day. Oh, and of course a couple of months earlier there was Virginia's freakout with Chris Corsano on 8mm.
This was one of Troglo's one-sided limited jobs. Only 112 copies and all sold out by the start of the new year. However, there are a few still floating about, Flipped Out Records have had a few copies (try emailing Eclipse for copies), as do a few slightly more expensive distros on Discogs.

"Finally the long awaited latest work by the trio, now on their fifth album. Recorded on february 2009, this one-sided lp features a totally acoustic set of esoteric music played by Virginia Genta on soprano saxophone, wood flutes, bells, David Vanzan on bow-harp, kuena, bells, and Maurizio Abate on hurdy-gurdy. Try to feel the sounds that only angels, satyrs and other charming creatures could evoke. Middle-Age's improvisations brought around the world from restless pilgrims who escape the impressions of matter. Timeless mysterious music where the dimensions become infinite and parallels into labyrinths of hypnotic hurdy-gurdy drones, soprano's raising scales and astounding magic vibes coming from a self-made harp played with a bow."

Interesting record this one. The first track took me four or five listens to appreciate, definitely wasn't an instant stunner for me but a good track over time. The second piece is short and leads into an excellent final piece. The result is another enjoyable Jooklo release but in a couple of months time you'll likely be harking for some 'Meditative' or 'Solar Vision'. Then again, you may not. Make up your own mind.

A big step up in the packaging - screen printed cover, nice insert.

1. Musicanti Nel Labirinto Segreto
2. Rideva Il Villano Sotto Il Ponte Elevatoio
3. La Conchiglia Profetica Del Pellegrino In Pelliccia

As usual the tracks haven't been split and the record ripped at 320kbps.



The above is good reason not to write a blog after four hours sleep and a day wandering around Ikea (two of them!).

I'm finding out about the Peasant Magik box set for anyone interested. That will be included in the next update. Haven't heard about anyone receiving a copy yet so I would guess they haven't been posted yet.
Also asking after the Golden Lab single series that only delivered part 1 (MV & EE) last year so will try and update on that too.

Not Not Fun: Gnod - Science & Industry
Sun Araw - Sun Ark
Topping Bottoms - Tower of spines
Deep Magic - Solar Meditations
Blank Realm - Heartless Ark

Dull Knife: Lamps - Niels Bohr
Balaclavas - Roman Holiday

Root Strata: Danny Paul Grody - Fountain
(sorry, these other two now appear to be sold out. Aquarius may still have some)
Golden Retriever - Golden Retriever
Scott Wells - Day Songs

Sloow Tapes: These Wonderful Evils - Vermilion Sands
The Doozer - Error Engerumong

Reverb Worship: Magdalena Solis - Lady Of The Wild Things

Nothing Out There: Phil Legard (Xenis Emputae Travelling Band) - Psychogeographia Ruralis

Low Point: Kyle Bobby Dunn - A Young Person's Guide To

Kid Shirt: Werneck-Wretchmond - Oneiric Hardware

Jay Reatard died a few days ago.

Roll Over Rover has made some of their out of print tapes free to download. On the store page (linked), the right hand side has some of the titles in red, they're the ones you should be able to grab.

Type Records: Indignant Senility - Plays Wagner - Part One (available from Boomkat)

Weird Forest: Love Want Cry - Love Want Cry

905 Tapes: Boyz - Boyz
Head Boggle & Hollow Bonez - split
Big China & Little Trouble - White Tiger
V/A - Brains on Backwash II: Exile on Brain Street
Form a Log & Totem Mold Growth

Monorail Trespassing: Vestigial Limb - Now, Voyager
Copper Glove - Dead Space / No Power
Wether - Human Parka
Larval Hairs - Aedes Flashback
Emuul - ...On the Origins of Motion

Monday, 11 January 2010

Rahdunes - Drink & Drive or Smoke & Fly

Well. A belated welcome to 2010 to all of you, or, let's be honest, just you, the web wanderer.
I'm not entirely sure what 2010 will hold for this blog. The aim is for more of the same. Going to try and keep it chugging along at a nice easy pace.

Anyway, here's to 2010. Hope it treats you well.

Rahdunes - Drink & Drive or Smoke & Fly

Released sometime in February 2009 in an edition of 40 cassettes on Bum Tapes, following previous releases on Blackest Rainbow, Qbico and the split with Expo '70 on Kill Shaman.

Totally blown away with this new release by the mighty Rahdunes,
Two full sides of thick smoke driven grooves and swirling, zoned out synths that grow, collapse and fold in on each other, only to be washed clean by waves of some of the most earth shattering drums I’ve heard on tape for a long time!

Stick with this tape for the b-side - in my opinion the more enjoyable side.

A. Sounds
B. Acid Meter Eruption Factor



Three Lobed Recordings: D Charles Speer & The Helix - Distillation
Steve Gunn - Boerum Palace

Bum Tapes: Huh - Huh
Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides / Saboteuse - Split
BambiKill / Joey Chainsaw - Split collaboration
Julian Lynch / Zodiac Toys - Split

Tchantinler Records: Voice of the Seven Thunders - The Burning Mountain

Goaty Tapes: Truth Syrum – Why We Look at our Neighbors
Trudgers – Bedrooms on Fire
HNY – Dead in a Year

Earjerk: Gitchi-Anahmi-Bezheu - Wonder
Enfer Boreal / Drunjus - Climate.Change / Ranking.Charioteer
E.C. Brown and I'Diamond - Gothick Reforme
Varlet Tarsod - Varlet Tarsod
Annapurna Illusion - Heat of the Fire, Heat of the Sun
Lens - Chant Up Babylon
Second Family Band - The Eternal Lag Pt.3
Second Family Band - Street Weaver
Neon Shit - Neon Shit
Circulation of Light - Circulation of Light
Dreamcolour - Solar Gaze
Pan to Scratch - Pagan Blood

Improvised Music From Japan: V/A - Improvised Music From Japan (3CD + book)

Blackest Rainbow (pre-orders): MV & EE - Live Road
The Cairo Gang - Twyxt Wyrd
Guanaco - Sky Burials

Ikuisuus: Taco Bell - Vadelma / Hawaii
Keijo - Songs Of Luck

Dontrustheruin: Bro Oak - Psychic Sun Shine

Milieu Music: Coppice Halifax - Ocean Lion
Coppice Halifax - Ocean Lion (EP)
Brian Grainger - Asleep in the Desert
Brian Grainger & David Tagg - Pillbox N-S (from Second Sun)

Pizza Night: Metacomet - Depression Ceremony
Field of Hats - Shem to the Stars
Radio People - II
Dead Peasant Insurance - Cleveland Scum Skulls

I Had An Accident Records: Blood Blood – Autumn / Harvest

Night People: Dead Luke - Cosmic Meltdown
Faceplant - Faceplant
Baronic Wall - The Golden Sword / In Granite Parlor
Tracey Trance - Fountain
Pink Priest - Gulls Diving Into the Ocean
The Pheromoans - The Pheromoans
DuneBuggy - Suck Me Through a Flavor Straw
Wild Safari - Cave Sequins

Digitalis has samples from upcoming Higuma and Roll the Dices LPs.

Freebie downloads from Warm Laundry Room Air

Apollolaan Recordings: White Pee - Wing off a plane

Debacle Records: Megabats - In/Out

Reverb Worship: In The Merry Month Of May... - At Home
Wooden Spoon - Tape Loops

Stumparumper: Fuck Montreal - Winter Mange
Banned Books - Mission Creep