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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Barrabarracuda - Draft Dodging Sexual Vietnam

Barrabarracuda - Draft Dodging Sexual Vietnam (For Gabe & Pete)

This was released a couple of years back on Green Tapes (#22). No idea how many copies there were or how long it took to sell them all but I'm sure it was a tiny number in answer to both unknowns. Does that make sense? I'm shattered and going to bed, but here are some rips for you to enjoy (wav and mp3) - I thought you may not want to download 24mb for 3 minutes.

Barrabarracuda were/are Manda (Knit Witch) and Britt Brown (Robedoor, Knit Witch, The Insaniacs, Quintana Roo) and Roy. Their only album, 'Abasement Tapes', was released on Not Not Fun and also well worth checking out if you can.

Anyway, the tape...

Side A - Draft dodging sexual vietnam(for gabe and pete)
Side B - Wise incisors

Proper good stuff, or in Green Tapes own words, "this shit is off the hook".

320kbps Mp3 (5.5mb)

(sorry for not responding to posts last few days, will try to tomorrow - and hopefully a re-up of the 'V' NSB cassette on the weekend)

Friday, 20 February 2009

Natural Snow Buildings - I Dream of Drone

Images of this release have appeared on discogs for a few months now and the fact it was made in an edition of just one copy means that very few have heard the complete set and the audio has been hard to track down. But now, thanks to paintsmarts (from discogs.com) all of them are in the realm of the internet.

Ripping and uploading these has left my computer virtually inoperable all day so forgive me if there turn out to be problems with the downloads as they've yet to be checked. All tracks have been freshly taken from CDs and are up in 192kbps mp3 format to keep the quality consistent and keep the hour long tracks under 100mb (100mb being mediafire's max upload).

Natural Snow Buildings - I Dream of Drone

Disc 1: Sung to the North (Students of Decay CDr)
1.01 At That Time It Was Always Winter (10:30)
1.02 The First Conjuror (59:42)
1.03 Sung To The North (9:28)

Part 1 Part 2

Disc 2: Gorgons (self-released, 2nd CD of the 'Night coercion...' set)
2.01 Gorgons (30:30)
2.02 Mirror Shield (21:06)

Disc 2

Disc 3: Battle Gods (unreleased)
3.01 Thunderbolt Stones (46:09)
3.02 Battle-Gods Worshippers (23:32)

Disc 3

Disc 4: Norns (unreleased)
4.01 Norns (30:26)
4.02 Radiant Maid Of The Underworld (21:31)

Disc 4 *Link seems to work now*

Disc 5: Between the Real and the Shadow (self released)
5.01 Ghost Path Toward Midgard (56:47)
5.02 Loki's Trick (22:07)

Part 1 Part 2

Thanks again to paintsmarts for the final pieces and to NSB for allowing the upload.

A few new releases:

Peasant Magik
Joe Breitenbach - Frigid Waters
Christian Science Minotaur - Map 3 (of 9)
Temples - Bestial
Expo '70 - White Ohms
Millions - The Unanimous Night
Saudade - The Hooded Ones
Enfer Boreal - Devotion
Expo '70 - Psychosis (LP pre-order)
One Master - Quiet Eye of Eternity (LP pre-order)

Cabin Floor Esoterica
Sacred Basil - Day of Six Billion
Abolicao - Flowring Judas
Edgar Wappenhalter - Damptuygh & Rapalie
Untitled Book

Fag Tapes (contact: fagtapes[at]hotmail[dot]com)
Sick Llama - Shadow's tower
Super Street 23 - Dark halos
Color Dream - Infinite gravity
Andreas Brandal (cassette)
Nohere Man (cassette)

Gnarled Forest
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & Demonologists - Split
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & Terrortank - Split
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & Slates - Split
Dried Up Corpse (cassette)
Dried Up Corpse & Slates - Split

Release The Bats
Tsukimono - Time Canvas (2LP)
Heavy Winged - Spreading Center

Stumparumper Records
Scribbler - My Old Lady (7")
The H.A.N.S. - After School (lathe-cut 7")

Hot Damn (self-released)
Hot Damn - Let's do something cheap and superficial (7")

Bigger Tapes
Body Talk - Bodytalkers
Body Talk - Bodytalking
Ex-Twin - Night Spells
Goof Troop - Goop Troop

Housecraft Recordings
Josh Burke - Imagination
Gorman / Do Tell - split
Second Family Band - Our Way is the Right Way
Tricorn and Queue - Ragged Bright Degrees

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

New Starving Weirdos

Following on from releases on Root Strata, Blackest Rainbow, Abandon Ship, Olde English Spelling Bee, Digitalis and a load of others I'm forgetting, the Weirdos are back with a tape on new Belgian label Taping Policies. 'Gate gate paragate parasamgate', a single sided c60 recorded live in Brussels in September last year. Judging by previous live releases this should be good.

There's also new Sky Limousine, Current Amnesia, Hunted Creatures, Xiphiidae, Future Twin and Pink Desert releases on new label Different Lands (contact bdsteinmann[at]gmail[dot]com).

I'll try and get the Barrabarracuda tape up soon because I've just dragged it out again and it's really fucking good (just a shame it lasts about a minute).

Friday, 13 February 2009

New Releases

This year the releases are coming out in their droves and lots of them are selling out just as fast so here are some more that will probably be gone just as quick.

Goaty Tapes
Thurston Moore / Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer - Split (c44)
Ignatz - A Canine and a Kitten in the Car (c45)

Sacred Bones
The Pink Noise - Gold Light (7")
Max Elliott - The Nature o' Nature (7")
Spirit Photography - Time is Racing (7")
Gary War - Zontag (7")
Zola Jesus - New Amsterdam (CDR)

The Great Pop Supplement
Beach Fuzz (7")
The See See (7")

Color Dream - Darkslide on the Moon
Invasion Status / Pink Chunk Jass Band - The Listener
Chris Riggs (cassette)
Trauma - The Calming Effects of the Ocean vol. 2
Concrete Arteries / Polish Hex - Facial Spore
Sky Limousine - Midnight Heat
I'm Melting #1 (artbook and tape)

Entheogenic Records
Alex Murphy's Third Eye - Robotrippin' (CDR)
Dhoop Dreams Wildlife / Michael C - Split (c24)
Temicxoch / Crack House - Blue Lips (c16)
Kanye West's Cardigan - Dedicated to Myself (1 sided c20)

Now this one, I don't know how new it is but when you see if you'll know it was worth including.

Siwa Records has released a new 12" called 'Light' by Reiko and Tori Kudo. Limited to 200 and quite expensive ($30 US, $45 Europe/Asia) but probably cheap considering what it consists of.



LP being removed...


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Digitalis Ltd madness!

Seriously mental amount of new releases on the ever amazing Digitalis Ltd. 22 new cassettes in total!

10 cassettes are contained in the Ajilvsga split series called 'Skull Bundle'. It obviously features Ajilvsga, a lot of Ajilvsga, but also the likes of Uton, Pete Swanson, Sean McCann, Taiga Remains and six others. It will set you back $50-60 depending on where you are, but that's insanely cheap considering the amount of music and that postage is included. Plus they come in fantastic looking handmade pouches. Well worth the money in my eyes. Limited to 35 but possibly 45 (dependant on being able to get more pouches made). Some will be getting re-released on their own later in the year in editions of around 20. *Sold Out*

If you're not broke after that (like myself) you could go for the next cassette series from Peeesseye. Another 6 cassettes featuring live performances throughout Europe over a two year period. No doubt if you're a Sunn O))) fan you'll notice the inclusion of Stephen O'Malley. These tapes will ship in parts up to the completion in December and will set you back $32-40. Limited to 75 copies.

Then, if you're still fortunate to have notes left in your pocket, there are six more single cassettes from Keijo, Christopher Riggs, a split between Blue Sabbath Black Fiji and Ajilvsga, Fletcher Pratt, Joe Montana and Some Of My Best Friends Are... Black Guys that are limited between 40 and 85 copies.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Ian Watson & Mark Jolliffe - Leaf Skeleton

This 3" CD was self released in August 2007 by Mark Jolliffe and Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain member Ian Watson in an edition of just 24 copies.

"A 3"CD of improvised glitches and guitar based hums against distant finger picked melodies" details it perfectly.

It only last for 12 minutes - seems strange to post this not long after the Natural Snow Buildings 6 cassettes that last about 7 hours - and what a beautiful 12 minutes they are.

Ian Watson, Mark Jolliffe - Leaf Skeleton (mp3 192kbps, 16.3mb)

New Plustapes:

Even just a couple of months into the creation of Plustapes you'll have to be sharp to get a copy of their releases. Some of the first releases - Dara Puspita and Los Holys - appeared for sale at Aquarius Records in San Francisco and a few releases are still (at least on last look) are available at DNT Records.
The latest, a demo from Chicago Thrash Ensemble, probably won't appeal to everyone that bought the first few tapes but sounds like it could make a worthy addition to anyone's tape collection. And looks at this artwork!

The tapes are limited to 100 and cost about $5/6 and if you miss out direct be sure to check the distros - Aquarius Records sold out extremely quick last time so be quick if you want one from them.

New Root Strata:

Couple of new albums from The Alps out on Root Strata today. Both limited to 100 copies and around 30-35 minutes long. Some beautiful samples are up on the website. $8-10 depending on your location.

Being awkward:

Last week someone else posted those Mississippi Records cassette compilations on ebay and thinking no one else had spotted them I was planning on nabbing #3 and #4 (the soul tapes). Typically someone did and at the last minute began bidding on them. So, feeling peeved at missing out on the ones I wanted I made sure to push the price up. No way was I wanting to spend $15 on each (they're just bootlegged tapes after all) but that other person was going to whether they wanted to or not.
The total came to about $136 in total (although someone else won one) and then add postage. As good as some of them were, that seems a complete waste of money to me. Whatever floats their boat. People on ebay are too rich these days (see the Wolf Eyes tapes go for $500 each?!).

Sunday, 8 February 2009

The BAFFLE Awards

This post is a bit off the beaten track, the neanderthal music might be to some tastes though.

BAFTA awards:

Best British Film: Man on Wire
Also nominated: Hunger, Slumdog Millionaire, Mama Mia, In Bruges

Best Film: Slumdog Millionaire

Where's the logic?

Neanderthal Music by Simon Thorne.
This really takes me back a good number of years.

I distinctly remember sitting at that miniature desk on one of those undersized plastic chairs and the teacher giving us the task of writing our own version of the rap (the, "when I was 1..." part). It's odd discovering how much is still ingrained in your mind.

Friday, 6 February 2009

New Releases

New releases...

Rural Faune
Xochipilli - Xochipilli (3" cdr ltd62)
Elektronavn - Blind Turtle Analogy (cdr ltd78)
Burnt Hills - Holy Fires (cdr ltd80)
Xiphiidae - Milk from a Feather (3" cdr ltd77)
Oneohetrix Point Never - Young Beidnahga (cdr ltd90)
Medroxy Progesterone Acetate - Mar'ah (cdr ltd79)
Sabbath Pink - Sabbath Pink (cdr ltd61)
El-G & Duncan - El-g & Duncan (cdr ltd64)

Smooth Tapes (smoothtapes[at]gmail[dot]com)
Flower Man - Viewers Like You (C30)
Caboladies - Constellation Deformity (C20)
Sbarro - Floating (C20)

Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - Poisson (C20)
Axis Mundi /Time Life - split (C30)
Helhesten /The Darkness in Concrete - split (C30)
Mariners / Head Effort - split (C30)

Blackest Rainbow
Mechanical Children - Blue Mouth (CDR)
Sasqrotch - Slipping The Reaper Tongue (CDR)
Black Eagle Child - Kite Excursions (CDR)
Cam Deas - My Guitar Is Alive and It's Singing (LP)
Nackt Insecten - Quantum Odyssey (LP)

Not Not Fun
Vibes - You God It (cassette)

Slime City Tapes
V/A - The Blend (C122 w/ a fantastic line-up)

Monday, 2 February 2009

Matthew Dell (aka Matt Valentine / MV) - Glorious Group Therapy

Matthew Dell - Glorious Group Therapy

This was an early release from MV, somewhere around '97/98 when he was playing with the Tower Recordings. His first solo release put out in two small editions on James Toth's (Wooden Wand) Polyamory label and later put to wax thanks to Ecstatic Yod (an Ecstatic Peace incarnation).
I managed to get this off ebay with no info about it other than it was early alias and release from MV, and after much searching I narrowed it down to being the first edition of the tape. This was a single sided tape unlike the second edition (according to discogs.com) and thankfully arrived sounding as good as new so this is a nice, clean rip.

Matthew Dell - Glorious Group Therapy (cassette)

Track Listing:
1. Feel... the Music
2. A Reasonable Guide to Embryonic Serenity
3. Ceremony Without
4. Riverboat aw-go-go
5. Lungong
6. Go Down Young Hanna Wired to the Flowers Psychic 78 Sound


Sunday, 1 February 2009

New stuff

'Daughter of Darkness' hit the mailing lists today, well, Volcanic Tongue's at least. £26 from there, no doubt they are almost gone already (if not sold out). Tomentosa is expected to do an update in the next couple of days with new Blackest Rainbow which no doubt will include this set.
People are insane already bidding £60+ on ebay for a set - quite depressing to know that one has already appeared on ebay - as there are still a lot of sets to become available. However to get copies you will have to be quick to get back to the shops.

Plus if you don't have the speed (let's face it, they've all gone already) or money to buy these tapes people are kindly uploading them for more to hear.

Tape 1
Tape 2
Tape 3
Tape 4
Tape Ø
Tape V Part 1, Part 2

Big thanks to the Cabin Floor boss (1-Ø) and Mike (V) for uploading these.
New Troglosound LP!

Jooklo Finnish Quartet - Birthday Session

Single sided and €15 - at current exchange rates unfortunately rather expensive - limited to 228 copies.
New MV & EE bootleg tape out on Yod tapes called 'Sasquatch Creamie'. Last one was limited to 100 copies so I'd predict the same with this. Saw it available again at Volcanic Tongue.
A few new alternative releases on Aryan Asshole. By alternative I mean some more of their homemade musical equipment, scrapbooks and t-shirts.
Next releases to look out for have got to be the Ajilvsga and Peeesseye series that will set you back $60 and $40 respectively.