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Friday, 9 October 2009

MV & EE - Smoked Bossier (#10/12)

Something for your weekend:

Part of the cassette box, 'Road Trips', Blackest Rainbow released a few months ago. If you haven't got a copy I would highly recommend it (still available at Tomentosa, Norman Records, Alt.Vinyl, etc. - all the usual places). It's an intimidating box when you unfold it and discover the mass of green and white, but there really is so much good music on it that once you begin you quickly work through the lot. And there are some great, new line-ups with the likes of Jeremy Earl, Samara Lubelski, J. Mascis, Willie Lane, Chris Corsano, and so the list goes on. This tape (#10 of the 12) is just MV & EE - I may do one of the bigger ensemble tapes in a few months but definitely not the whole set.

MV & EE - Smoked Bossier

Performed at Art Space, Shreveport, LA (29/01/09)
This is one of the best live sets I've heard from MV & EE - don't want to hype it up too much but it is excellent. Side A has the kind of track list I would like to see them perform - Hungry Stones, Anyway, Freight Train and Cold Rain. Then Side B brings along a 25 minute monolith to the complete an hour long set. Long tracks rarely finish an album on a good note, but live, yeah... That is the way you want to send your audience away.

A1. Hungry Stones
A2. Huna Cosm
A3. Huna Rap
A4. Anyway
A5. Martyn Rap
A6. Freight Train
A7. Erie Cotton Rap
A8. Cold Rain

B1. Weatherhead Hollow
B2. Drone Trailer

As usual, 320kbps mp3s without splices.

Download: Side A / Side B

'Barn Nova' is due out on Ecstatic Peace! sometime in the next two months so keep your eyes peeled for that ('Summer Magic' mp3 from 'Barn Nova')


Matt said...

i think you preserved the summer magic link! much thanks

disconcerted said...

It was hidden behind the pic of MV & EE on the front page (under 'Store'). What a song! It has an edge of Floyd to it.
Definitely asking for the LP for Christmas. Blasting that from wax through headphones will be spectacular.