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Friday, 23 July 2010

Join the Fangs and Arrows Fantasy Football

The F&A league needs some growth.

Fantasy Premier League

League code: 340790-96526

Please, feel free to join.

The blog will reignite again soon.

New: Digitalis Ltd (and vinyl)
Sloow Tapes
NNA Tapes
Not Not Fun
Great Pop Supplement
House of Sun
Cloud Valley

Sorry for lack of the usual detail, this is a rushed and incomplete update.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

This blog is not dead

If it appears that way at the moment - let's face it, it does - I apologise. I keep meaning to take a couple of hours out and put together all the stuff filling up my inbox but I'm enjoying the sun and football too much.

I just want to point out a couple of quick releases (I think) you may be interested in.

The lovely Big Blood folk have got a new CD/vinyl out on Time-Lag Records and a cassette on Cabin Floor Esoterica. Later in the year, around September, they will also have a double LP out on Digitalis, more news on that when it comes.
If, like me, you're in the UK, Boa Melody Bar will be getting some copies (not sure how many) of the Big Blood Time-Lag LP if you want to save a bit on the import postage.

Under the Spire are re-releasing Zelienople's 'Hollywood' album. There's also a bonus track (which I would love but I'm not buying another copy) to go with the release.

Blackest Rainbow, as I'm sure you all already know, have a new Twinsistermoon LP and a Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan compendium type release, both for pre-order.

Troglosound has a new Burnt Hills 3" CD for sale. €12ppd, so a bit expensive, but go take a listen to the sample. Sounds extremely good. I've just been told it's close to sold out, so think fast.

Type Records have out the last of the Thomas Köner LPs and a new one from The North Sea. Boomkat usually sells out fast of Type releases so be sure to check out places like Norman Records (UK) or Forced Exposure (US) if you want something that looks to be gone.

Proper update to come.