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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New Releases

Bit slow with the updates the last couple of weeks but there should be a few next week. For now here are a few new releases that may have been missed.
Hope the Jooklo has been going down well.

Scott Tuma & Mike Weis - Ttaradiddle (vinyl)
Taiga Remains - Wax Canopy (CD + 3" CD) [just got this one through the other day, the 3" is well worth the $3 extra if you like Alex's stuff]

Digitalis Ltd
Pummeler - s/t
The Old Rig - Trembling static sky
Peter Broderick - Ten duets
Pete Fosco - Autumn fire blues
Andrew Coltrane - DMT shadow
The North Sea / Current Amnesia - split
Vega Stereo - Festival 3000

Dust Wind Tales
Dark Inside The Sun - Trance state spitfire in 3 directions at once...

Funeral Folk
Ice Bird Spiral - Psychiatmc Bloems
As Zeik - s/t
Blood Sabbath

Email: unembodiedpersona (at) gmail (dot) com
Kenji Siratori - Tragedy Syndrome
Skin Graft - 24 Grudges
Exhumed Corpse - Oblivion
Thom Elliott + Andrew Coltrane - Ghost Infant
Terrortank - Razor Piss

Reverb Worship
Far Black Furlong - Caerbre
Moor Loups - Death By Someone's Choice
Annapurna Illusion - Matins Of The Twelve Passion
Harps Of Fuschia Kalmia

Archive CD
Hasegawa / Igler (CD/vinyl)
Zaika (CD + 7" lathe)

Anathema Sound
Chapels - In Aspic
Fossil - Die Job
Headboggled - Rchive

'Open Strings' from Honest John's looks like it could be a great release. Certainly one I want to pick up, with Six Organs of Admittance, MV & EE, Sir Richard Bishop, Rick Tomlinson (Voice of the Seven Woods), and a load of others.

Three Lobed pre-orders on Bardo Pond and Jack Rose LPs end in a few days.

Conspiracy have started shipping the new Neokarma Jooklo Trio LP, 'Times Vibes'.

Jake Blanchard (aka Managerie) has released a great compilation and a nice little artbook thing.

Root Strata will be releasing new CDs from Zach Wallace and Ilyas Ahmed on the 1st May.

Plustapes have already sold out of their new release from Korean Black Eyes but distros have got it in (kindly Aquarius Records added in a freebie of the Francis Babey tape that was cancelled when I ordered 3 other plustapes releases).

Granny Frost - s/t
Master Redactors - Rock & Roll Revenge

Important Records
Eleh - Meditations & Improvisations Volume One (vinyl)
Eleh - Meditations & Improvisations Volume Two (vinyl)
The Skull Defekts - The Temple (CD/vinyl)
Jozef Van Wissem - It's All That Is Made
Andrea Parkins - Faulty (Broken Object)
Merzbow - 13 Japanese Birds Volume 3: Yurikamome

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Neokarma Jooklo Trio - Meditative

The Jooklos are fast becoming one of my favourites. The past few weeks the headphones have been playing Natural Snow Buildings, Ben Nash, Jooklo, Jooklo, Jooklo, NSB, Jooklo, Ben Nash, something new, Jooklo. By now they've probably learnt this disc off by heart and the CD no longer needs to be put in to the stereo for it to be played back - like hearing the sea in the hollow of a shell, the headphones have captured the sound of the Jook.

This rip is taken from another CD edition of their releases. Can't find any information to say this was even released in a CD edition so I have no idea how many of these there were, however, it was released on another tiny Qbico vinyl edition of 99 (plus 26 for the box) and sold out fast.

If you enjoyed the 'Tropical Trip' rip don't pass up on this one. It's along the same lines - not the free jazz you will find on a lot of their other releases - and just as good, if not better.

Roughly 23 minutes long and ripped at 192kbps mp3.

Neokarma Jooklo Trio - Meditative

Monday, 16 March 2009

New Releases (mid March)

Some of these are due in the next couple of days but there's no point in delaying.
Also, next upload should be another Jooklo release - hopefully by Thursday.

Peapod Recordings
Chris Sutherland - Worried Love

Sloow Tapes
Expo 70 - Awakening
Benjamin Franklin - Splitsing
Andy Robbins - Red Sun Lines
Gin En Tsubame - Yukino

Acid Mothers Temple - Lord of the Underground: Vishnu and the Magic Elixir (CD/vinyl pre-order)

Coppice Halifax - Bedroom Carpet
Coppice Halifax - Moss & Green
Coppice Halifax - Red Valerian

As with every Milieu release list there are 100 other things...
Brian Grainger & David Tagg - Pillbox 12 CDs (here - unaffordable to the common man - in giant versions of those cool Expanding Electronic Diversity CD cases)
Also soon to be a Seas CD/vinyl pre-order.

There should be some Digi Ltd releases soon.

Drone Disco
C. Spencer Yeh - Memories of Murder / Always Been A Storm (2 cassette)
Burning Star Core - Live from New York 07-08 (2 cassette)
John Wiese & C. Spencer Yeh - The Void (2 cassette)

Cloud Valley Recordings have got themselves a little sale going.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Natural Snow Buildings - Daughter of Darkness V

This took so much longer to get done than I thought. Probably shouldn't have ripped it in .wav format to start with (took up a gig for this one tape!). Sadly had to reduce it down to two 192kbps mp3 files, daren't think how long it would have taken to upload otherwise.

Anyway, finally, here is the tape split into A / B. I'm not convinced my walkman is in its finest state so apologies if the rip isn't perfect but from a brief skip through earlier it sounded ok.

Check the discogs page for more details - if you need them.

Side A
Side B

Be sure to check the other new uploads below, been a busy day (if you call not being able to do anything busy).

Caboladies - Earth Canal

Hadn't heard of these guys until Alex started showing a few videos of them on his Students of Decay blog. They had put out a few small releases on their own Smooth Tapes imprint (invite only blogspot page) in 2007 and then in June (2008) Alex released this album, 'Earth Canal', for them in an edition of 100. It didn't last long, and rightly so.
Future releases are due on labels including Pizza Night, Peasant Magik and Digitalis.

The Cabos utilize various synths, keyboards and pedals to generate dense, swirling maelstroms of sound rife with microcosmic detail. Not a million miles from recent Astral Social Club flights."

Caboladies - Earth Canal

Caboladies on Myspace

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Lightning Strike Lightning - Turn Myself Into the Ocean

Like all the best albums of recent years, this is one I came across the following year. Why does that always seem to be the case? You search around for 365 days finding good but rarely great albums and then in the first month or two of the next year you discover a gem.
Anyway, this is one of those.

Released in a meagre edition of 65 copies (40 copies on 5" CDrs, 25 copies on two 3" CDrs) in June/July of 2007 and easily gone by the end of the year, it has (so far) only been followed up by a 7" on L'Animaux Tryst's Tryst Haunt Series - apparently there are demos for a new album, so one to look out for this year? Either way, count me in for a copy, Matt.

"in which the ghosts in your attic, after leafing through your boxes of can and nnck albums, decide to pick up your broken instruments and make their own music. songs overflow with more sonic ingredients than the recorded medium can hold; guitar overdrive spilling all over banjo riffs, exponential layers of wordless vocals smothering the pristine marxophone, and rumbling percussion dousing the fattest basslines. all is permeated by a warm layer of cathedral reverb and cavern echo, pointing out the space in even the most dense and cluttered compositions. 11 tracks, 40 minutes, and over a year in the making."

Lightning Strike Lightning - Turn Myself Into the Ocean

LSL on Myspace

Quick Update / Pop-Up Porn / New Label

The skipping on track 8 of 'Big Blood & The Bleedin Hearts' is only on my CD, it's quite an obvious scratch that wasn't there when I bought it so any other downloads you find where the track skips, those mp3s have been downloaded from the link I provided.
However, thanks to itsyou on Rateyourmusic, via tableau, there is a download for another copy here. If you don't want to download the full album and just want a replacement for 'The birds & the herds' Cabin Floor boss has upped the single track here. So thanks to the pair of them.
Amazingly good album, well worth checking out if you haven't already (and check the last post for details of the few places that you can still buy a copy).

Like the excellent 2000ruidos posted in the comments, Nothing Out There has released a great looking release from Przewalski's Horses. Limited to just 26 copies, it should be good.
Check out the photos of it here.

Stunned Records
Warm Climate — Edible Homes
Super Minerals — Clusters
Chapels — Last Night of the Earth
Dead Black Arms — Lake Reflection Catalyst
A.M. Shiner — Good Cop
Xiphiidae — Transresonance Formation
Enfer Boreal — The Birth of Venus
Yuko x Chino — Sovereign Plumed Serpent

Blackest Rainbow
Robe. - Time Dilation
Helhesten - Graphical House
Ajilvsga - White Crow
Plankton Wat - Visions of Otherness
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Stamini Stamina
Jazzfinger - Grief To Grind The Fire
Mechanical Children - Blue Mouth

Reverb Worship
Gorman - Alum Creek
Directorsound - The Day Of The Dance
TIMAS 23 - Cloud Vortex
Pharoah Tickles The Sun - Sabdavasini

Conspiracy Records has a pre-order going on for the next Jooklo LP, Time's Vibes. Due in a couple of weeks and available on blue & white vinyl (each limited to 250 copies). Cheap for one of their LPs as well.

Plus Tapes
Mako Sica - Noise Attic Session 2

According to My Record Collection (not mine, but one I wouldn't mind being mine) there are a few more MV & EE releases out there, 'Unrock' and 'Black Ark/White Egg'. Only available on their North American tour would be my guess, hopefully somewhere like Volcanic Tongue will get some in.

For those that want something different, how about some Pop-up Porn?
Only 25 of the books available and costing $50, probably a bit of a waste of money really, just quite amusing.

Got the tape player back up and working, so check back tomorrow for a re-up of that 'Daughter of Darkness V' tape, finally.
I'll also try and get a couple of CDs up in the next post as it has been a while since the last update.

New labels are always cropping up, and here's another from Brad (North Sea / Ajilvsga) - Dial Square Tapes.
Only one release so far and limited to a scrawny 20 copies. Obviously Digi Ltd is no longer limited enough! Some of the Ltd stuff is getting released in editions of 200/300 (Fullerton Whitman & Broderick respectively) and that's not too far off some of the numbers for normal Digitalis releases. 20 is ultra limited though.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Big Blood & The Bleedin' Hearts

The post below (Charles Aznavour) relates to the week I'm having, my cassette player is on the brink (so I apologise for not being able to rip and re-upload 'V' on the weekend), having to fill in a giant spreadsheet for the past few weeks that has left insanity looming overhead, and now, when ripping this CD I find it has a scratch on it! Time to tear out the hair!

Anyway, that doesn't bother me. Big Blood (Caleb Mulkerin, Colleen Kinsella, Asian Mae, Rose Philistine) are truly amazing and the scratch seems to affect just one track ('the birds & the herds') for about 30 seconds. It is a shame but it doesn't spoil it too much. If you like "freak folk" (horrible term, no?) and you like Big Blood, expect to put on a happy face because this is a fantastic album. Probably my favourite from them so far.
Don't really know what happened with the release of it, N.E. Indie haven't had copies (or at least haven't shown that they have), Tomentosa had a few and it looks as though There Is Not Trouble In Denmark and Time-Lag still have some. Let's hope someone takes it on and releases it in larger numbers.

Download / Buy

If I hear the band is planning another release of it I'll take it down.
I've falled behind a bit on new releases this past week as well, but Bum Tapes has released a small edition Rahdunes cassette that should be good.

Dull Knife have put up a pre-order for Twinsistermoon, Richard Youngs and Dan Melchior 7"s.

Night People have released a huge amount.

Also spotted Faust have a new album ('C'est Com Com Complique') this week out on Bureau B.

Go check out the Sacred Basil tape on Cabin Floor Esoterica if you have a bit of change and haven't already.

Charles Aznavour - I Drink

Charles Aznavour is one of France's greatest musical voices and it pains me to say that I only discovered him in the last six months of last year. In typical fashion it was a case where you don't hear of someone for 22 years and then you're hearing about him all over the place. The Drones with their cover of this song on their 'Custom Made' double 7", Bob Dylan and his adoration of the man (the introduction to this mp3 rip is indeed, Dylan), numerous soundtracks and film roles. He just kept cropping up. This song, 'I Drink', is an English re-working of his French song, 'Je Bois' and is a truly magnificent song.
I've included the lyrics because it's worth reading if nothing else.

Charles Aznavour - I Drink

I drink to drive away all the years I have hated
the ambitions frustrated that no longer survive.
I drink day after day to the chaos behind me
as I drink to remind me that I still am alive.

So I give you a toast to the endless confusions
to the lies and delusions that have swallowed my life.
Yes I give you a toast to the wine and the roses,
to the deadly cirrhosis that can cut like a knife.

I drink to catch a glimpse of the love we degraded
of a life that has faded like the vanishing moon.
I drink, I see the dream to my waiting desire,
to the passionate fire that has burned out so soon.

I drink and I drown in a promise you made me
all the times you betrayed me in your anger and spite.
When you took on the town, when you looked for the action,
when you took satisfaction like a whore in the night.

I drink to make believe that my life is worth living
that the Gods are forgiving at the end of the day.
I drink because I grieve for dreams when we started,
for the innocent hearted who got lost on the way.

For the children unborn, for their dead phantom faces,
for our sterile embraces in the tomb of your bed.
I drink and I mourn for the harvest that failed,
for the ship that has sailed, for the hope that is dead.

I drink to find the place where the darkness can hide me
till the terror inside me can at last disappear.
I drink to my disgrace till oblivion claims me,
till there's nothing that shames me, till I'm blind to my fear.

Yes I drink till I burst, till my own degradation,
till the edge of damnation that is waiting below.
Yes I drink with a thirst that destroys and depraves me,
engulfs and enslaves me and will never let go.

I drink until I'm lost and the street is my hideout
Where I will beat my pride out till I'm gasping for breath.
I drink to count the cost of a life I despair for,
until God hears my prayer for a compassionate death.

So I spit up my bile at the Gods who demean us,
at the silence between us, at the love none can save,
for a life that is vile, for a soul that is ailing,
for a body that's failing as it heads for the grave.

I drink without a care.
Drink because I must.
Drink for my despair.
I drink to your disgust.
I drink, drink, drink, by God I drink.
Yes I drink.