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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Richard Moult - Suite For Titouan

I've been wanting to post this since the day it arrived, it's definitely one of my favourites of 2009. So atmospheric and such beauty from a solo piano.

Dala Horse II: Richard Moult - Suite For Titouan. Dala Horse has already made a huge impression on me, following Kutomo's 'Lauluja Surun Kaaresta' by about 8 months and again limited to just 36 copies, DH#2 strikes you with its beauty for every sense - well, maybe not smell or taste but 3/5 is better than most.

Richard Moult is a member of United Bible Studies and was a founder member of Far Black Furlong (left the band last year). He has also made music with Agitated Radio Pilot and Current 93 and created pieces of art.

This EP is a solo piano suite consisting of five parts totalling just under 18 minutes. It was recorded in a church in East Sussex and that has really helped in adding great size and power to the recording.

I don't want to ruin it by over-hyping this so I'll end short, but I would highly recommend downloading it. Evening of Light have a second suite of Moult's also released this year.

Download (320kbps mp3 - as usual)

Definitely can't wait for the next Dala Horse release.

New Releases

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The Great Pop Supplement: Spacemen 3 / Wooden Shjips - Big City (demo) / I Believe It
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Norman Records had copies of a Xela / Manahattan lathe released on Static Caravan yesterday but it looks to be sold out - may have gone to other distros or have been an old release?
They also have copies of the new Rachel Grimes (of Rachel's) LP, 'Book of Leaves'.

Root Strata no longer seem to be selling releases directly. I don't think they've said anything in a mail out or on their website but if, like me, you were waiting for the Barn Owl record to be released and missed Boomkat updating with copies it looks as though we could have missed out? It sounds as though there will be a CD edition at some point but shout if you actually spot the LP anywhere (other than ebay).

Milieu Music: Milieu - Eufloria
Milieu - Translucent Forestation
Coppice Halifax - Beach Glass
Coppice Halifax & Radere - ABX2

Under The Spire: Archers by the Sea - The Surf
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Synth Series: Drifts - Future Light Cone
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Skulls of Heaven: Second Family Band - Vernal Mystery Hour
Second Family Band - Wisconsin Gospel Vol 5
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SRA Sounds: Celer - Close Proximity and the Unhindered Care-all

Deep Tapes: Crystal Visions


Anonymous said...

According to James at Deadslackstring, Richard Moult's Ethe album "will be out in the New Year when we relaunch the site and the label". A nice one to look forward to. KevH

Anonymous said...

I just ordered the Barn Owl lp from the nice people at Bis Aufs Messer in Berlin. Always great packaging and service. It seems they still have a few in stock.

Anonymous said...

also, i believe the conjurer is available here: www.mimaroglumusicsales.com

Joshua said...

I got the barn owl lp from mimaroglu a couple weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Aquarius is probably the cheapest option for the Barn Owl LP. But, you also have to take into consideration P&P. Also, they apparently have the maroon-coloured vinyl version like the copy I got from Boomkat.

disconcerted said...

Nice one Kev for finding that out, have been wondering about that one - regularly checking discogs for copies.

€18 + postage is a bit dear with the current exchange rate, don't think I can afford that for one LP.
Aquarius look to have sold out - should have taken note of them having copies.
Will look into Mimaroglu if Volcanic Tongue don't update with reasonably price copies this weekend.
Thanks for pointing out those distros with copies, really appreciated.

How is the record anyway? Good? The rateyourmusic ratings don't look too positive...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Aquarius did have them at the time of posting - I guess a lot of people are reading this blog and jumped on them quick.

As for the record itself, deep and haunting with plenty of drones. I love it.

Anonymous said...

forced exposure have it listed for $17.

Anonymous said...

... and dnt for $14.

disconcerted said...

Wow, DNT's price is excellent even with international postage ($26 total).
Apparently VT are due copies though so I may wait to see how much they're charging first - gives time to go and check the bank balance as well!

Thanks for those pointers, clearly I should have looked harder.

rickdog said...

Find more Richard Moult in my mp3blog and forum searches:

HERE and

Anonymous said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Richard Moult's new album 'Ethe' is out now, nine tracks available from Deadslackstring. Here's their site:

disconcerted said...

The tracks on his myspace for it sound as excellent as the other two releases. Will definitely try and pick up a copy at some point.

Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Also check out his songs at

Anonymous said...