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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rambling Boys - Ain't Got No Home

That was not meant to be another two month break. It's been a vicious couple of months, hasn't it? All my best wishes go out to anyone caught up in any of the chaos.

This is one I've been meaning to post since the end of last year. I've also uploaded the original Woody Guthrie tracks for anyone unfamiliar with the songs.

Rambling Boys - Ain't Got No Home

Keijo Virtanen, Jukka Nousiainen, Lauri Puttonen and Sami Virtanen join together to put a spin on the dust bowl ballads of Woody Guthrie. After two incredible lathe cuts, they finally throw down a full album of what were once simple road songs, now pulled apart at their roots and tossed into the basement to be jammed into something completely new and unstoppable. Heady rolling guitar licks, fuzzy harmonica wails and snapping drums drift in and out of each other, locking in perfectly only to split back into the mumbling open.

Released on Cabin Floor Esoterica (tumblr) in September last year in an edition of 75 cassettes. The very first track is an original composition but the jams of the other songs are all re-workings of Guthrie songs - 'Ain't got no Home' is actually titled 'I Ain't got no Home in this World Anymore' and is (in my interpretation) about the unfairness of the world.

A1. Something In My Blood
A2. Pastures Of Plenty
A3. Jesus Christ
B1. Aint Got No Home
B2. Rambling Around

Rambling Boys ripped from cassette at 320kbps. Woody Guthrie songs ripped from CD (the fantastic 'This Machine Kills Fascists' compilation) at 320kbps.

Rambling Boys - Ain't Got No Home
Woody Guthrie (four songs)