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Friday, 10 April 2009

Keijo - In This Direction

May 2005, Sloow Tapes is born releasing 63 copies of a new Keijo tape.

Being a bit of a Sloow Tapes whore (still too many gaps in the collection though), this one took me much too long to track down and then, like all things, three or four appear in the space of a few weeks (I believe Volcanic Tongue still has their second hand copy available).

Bowed strings, organ drone and bells manipulated by computer into droning vibrations and suggested melodies

Keijo - In This Direction
1. Wake Up Awake Again (8:44)
2. At Unguarded Gates (1:26)
3. On The Waves (8:02)
4. Contact With All Ears (7:57)
5. Crossing Zones (18:10)
6. In This Direction (3:40)
7. No Support To Any War (13:30)
8. Under The Wonderful Walking Tree (3:40)

Don't have much time to write something up at this moment so this is a brief post but again, this is just zipped with sides A/B rather than split tracks.

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