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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Mountainhood - White Banquet: Live at the Story Chapter I

I was going to do another two part post this week as I'm currently halfway through ripping another 70s Japanese record, and then this request came. Hopefully that record will now go up in one post (double LP) by the end of the week.

Oh, if you use last.fm feel more than welcome to join the Disconcerted Sounds group. Don't know what will go on there but it could no doubt be a good way of finding out about new music from what others are listening to/recommending.

Mountainhood - White Banquet: Live at the Story Chapter I

I've long had an appreciation for 'different' vocals and most take their time to get fully accepted - Tom Waits took half a dozen years; Screamin' Jay took around 10 full rounds of an album (which has since been lost and needs to be re-ordered); MV & EE even took a few months - this Mountainhood album has been another initial struggler.
The problem comes when you realise he has a normal voice hidden away yet he, Michael Curtis Hilde, seems to want to be a bit stranger. Maybe it's how his voice naturally goes? I don't really know but it can make it hard at first to enjoy. By the time you reach 'Way I Feel' you won't really care. The songs start to come through and the vocals naturally come across as a lot more acceptable to your ears. And then the following 'Light Pouring Mynd' hits perfectly, probably my favourite song of the disc.
It's an interesting one. Personally I found the two earlier releases on Reverb Worship easier to get into, especially 'Brother the Cloud'. This live album was also on Reverb Worship, released mid-February 2009 in an edition of 50.

As it is a live recording you receive any issues that may have occurred during the show, in this case they came in the form of bizarre squeaks from the guitar.

"A number of glitches can be heard throughout the songs. These glitches are not technology-related but they were produced organically in real-time at the live performance when the songs got intense and [the songwriter] passed into a mild trance, to fade out for a minute, then falling forward heavily, caught [his] guitar strings upon the mic." (insert)

Copies still available at Tomentosa Records.


He has recently released two records on Time-Lag's Red Records (both sold out direct) and has a one-sided record coming this month on Blackest Rainbow


Peasant Magik's box set has already sold over 150 of the 200 copies so if you want one I wouldn't wait around too much longer.

Blackest Rainbow has announced the pre-order for the CD re-issue of Twinsistermoon's 'The Hollow Mountain' which should be available at the start of November - in time for the London NSB show. Obviously I haven't seen the new packaging or heard the remaster but from what I have heard about it, even if you do own the vinyl edition you may want to seriously consider picking a copy up.

There are half a dozen new releases on American Tapes.

Matt Groening has been announced this week as once again being an All Tomorrow's Parties curator - this time in the UK.

Henry Owings, of Chunklet zine/magazine, has been given the duty by Corey Rusk of flogging 1500 records including test presses of rare Rapeman, Big Black, Henry Rollins, Butthole Surfers. Check his ebay account if you think you're rich enough (or just fancy a good nose around).

Autumn Sun: Charlatan - Equinox
Josh Burke - Speaking With Each Dancer

Ecstatic Peace! have released 'Barn Nova', the new MV & EE album. Can only see a CD edition on their website. There will be a vinyl edition, right?

Norman Records had the limited edition of David Sylvian's 'Manafon'. Sounds and looks amazing (from the pictures) but £70 is way beyond what most of us will be willing to spend I'm sure - although the edition is 2000+...

Stunned Records: Sun Araw (feat. Matthew Lessner) — In Orbit
Donato Epiro — Sounding the Sun
Padna — Siberia / Hinterland

People In The Position To Know: (Wooden) Wand - Haunting the Stagecoach (8" lathe pre-order limited to 100 - youtube video of what it will look like)

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