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Thursday, 29 October 2009

John Darnielle (The Mountain Goats) - Chavo Guerrero Is Champion Of The World

This post is a bit different. I was intending to do a big post with a load of stuff that has been sent to me but I still have a couple of things to listen to.
The last week or so I've been going through my collection trying to uncover items that I had forgotten about buying and then just re-organising everything. Anyway, during that search I came across a copy of 'Come, come to the sunset tree' - the demo vinyl of The Mountain Goats 'Sunset Tree' album - and found this tucked within the plastic sleeve. I've never seen another edition of this art series so this is also an attempt to dig a couple more out of the ether.
Hopefully this will be of interest to someone on the net. (A few of the normal label updates below)

John Darnielle - Is This Bunny Rabbit the Champion of the World

Here's a bit of background to the series:

OK, so here's the deal. A coupla years ago I'm writing these songs that would eventually become We Shall All Be Healed, and I'm trying to fit myself inside of my younger skin, and toward this end I start messing around with magazines and scissors and construction paper, making little handmade Tijuana bibles only with less porn and more dread. Each little booklet I made was titled after the working title of the album, which was Chavo Guerrero Is Champion Of The World. When the album was finished, I stuffed all the little booklets into a box and hid it in a closet.

A couple of years and one move eastward later, Brooklyn Fire Proof writes to me and says they're doing a show of musicians' art, and do I have anything that might fit in with the idea? I fetched my little booklets from the closet and looked them over, and now they're slated to be part of this exhibition, which will run from November 18th to December 18th. They're a little pricey, both because they took a fair amount of time and because they're kind of special to me...but they make great Christmas presents for the Mountain Goats fan who's already got all the early cassettes, and are rather more personal than a lot of my stuff tends to be. If you're in New York around the time of the exhibition, anyhow, have a look!
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Peyote Tapes: Indigenous Capsules - box
Godseye - Book of Lies Vol. 1
Dead Black Arms - Hands of Elijah

Ketchup Cavern: Fossils - Young Guns
Robedoor - Pagan Drugs
Sissy Spacek - Gutter Splint

Important Records: Mountainhood - The River
Holy Suns - Criminals Return
Merzbow - Bird Series (Volume 10)
Grubbs / Lytton / Wooley - Seven Store Mountain
Guano Padano - Guano Padano

Boomkat had a few copies of that Xela lathe today - again, sorry, it looks like I'm a little too late posting about it - so it could have a few copies landing in US distros next week. The samples (here) sound excellent, and for once a lathe is nicely priced.

Students of Decay have a pre-order for the Jefre Cantu-Ledesma & Paul Clipson DVD re-release(s). From the three that I own (from Root Strata issues) I would say that they're excellent, but check the preview because they are not cheap.

Black Dog Publishing, the people that put out the excellent 'Rough Trade: Labels Unlimited', have a Krautrock book out next month that could be worth putting on the Christmas list.

The next update will probably be on the weekend.


e.r said...

oh you have that! I'm very jealous and would love to have it in my collection. let me know, if you sell it or what you want as an exchange :) all the best ralph

disconcerted said...

Maybe one day...

e.r said...

let me know when. I'm waiting...