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Monday, 26 October 2009

Virginia Genta & Andrew Barker - Pressure

This is one I've been wanting to post for a while. I have so much time for Virginia Genta and the rest of Jooklo (check the Jooklo tag for a couple of other OOP releases).

Brief introductions: Virginia Genta is one of the core Jooklo members and plays sax. Andrew Barker plays in Gold Sparkle Band and Acid Birds and has played alongside musicians such as John Zorn, Thurston Moore and Tara Jane O'Neil.

115 copies of this record were released over the summer as part of Troglosound's one-sided LP series.
I don't really think a huge amount needs to be said about this other than it's a three-part free jazz session of tenor sax and drums. Free jazz is always one to divide opinion so make your own mind up.

Download (one mp3 @ 320kbps)

Future release news from Camp Jooklo has been flying in lately: four records are due on Qbico next month; another is due on Troglosound; Luca Massolin has just released a new cassette on Digitalis Ltd (under the name Golden Cup); the record with Peaking Lights is due on Holiday Records soon; Release the Bats are meant to be releasing something by them in 2010.

New Releases:

Digitalis Ltd has another big batch: Bigger Insides
Pink Priest
Golden Cup

Kimberly Dawn: Medroxy Progesterone Acetate
Geoffrey Sexton
The Old Rig

Calypso Hum: Avant Reindeer
The Sublevel Arkestra

Blackest Rainbow has some new t-shirts and the Not Not Fun Robedoor LP.

Bum Tapes: Second Family Band
Carefree Eturnum

The excellent Root Strata updated with news of distros of the Barn Owl LP (Aquarius, Mimaroglu, Eclipse, Time-Lag, Fusetron, Forced Exposure, Ctd Ltd, Mid Heaven, Boomkat and Volcanic Tongue) - thank you RS - and news that the Grouper / Xela split 7" is shipping and they have printed another 100 copies of the Oneohtrix Point Never DVD. Oh, and there are some nice looking t-shirts and posters.

Thanks to the people that have sent emails in the past week or so with music from their band or info, it's really appreciated, I'm just going a little slow with replying to mail at the moment but I will respond in the next couple of days. Some great music to appear on this blog thanks to some of these bands emails!
And thanks to the 25 people that have joined the Last.fm group. I was surprised when 5 people had so 25 is fantastic. Already discovered half a dozen new groups. Feel free to add end of year lists, recommendations or whatever else you might want to the group.


Anonymous said...


Current Artists



disconcerted said...

Yeah, there was going to be four released at the same time: Boduf, Youngs, Connors and Cursillistas. The Cursillistas release is going to be a 12" lathe of 'Wasp stings the last bitter flavour'. Don't know what the status of it is but it hasn't been released yet (although Digitalis put out the CD edition).

Bob said...


disconcerted said...

No problem at all. Will no doubt post more Jooklo-related releases in the future.

Interesting blog you have there. I read 'Never let me go' and the 'Crooner' section of 'Nocturnes' this year, the latter was especially good. 'Never let me go' kept losing my interest but had an excellent concept (that sounds as though it isn't a million years away from a real life debate).

Guy said...

About the Barn Owl LP on Root Strata for UK buyers: Volcanic Tongue told me they will not be stocking it, contrary to what Jefre wrote in the latest Root Strata mailout; but Norman Records seem to have some right now.

It was cheaper for me to import a copy from Mimaroglu than it would have been to buy it from Boomkat; but Norman is cheaper still.

Guy said...

Joe at Blackest Rainbow now has some copies of the Barn Owl LP for sale too. Apparently it will be out on CD in January as well.

disconcerted said...

I think I may wait for that CD edition then, thank you. Although BR and NR aren't too badly priced - both about £16.50 ppd in the UK - I would still like to pick up things like 'The Hollow Mountain' re-release for all the bonus material or the Leyland Kirby 3CD and a big Jooklo bill is on its way.

Thanks for the updates on stock of the LP though, really appreciate it, if it was any other time of the year...