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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

MV & EE - Barn Joint

This is one of MV & EE's latest live releases, so apologies to the group - that in this case also involves Tom Carter and J. Mascis - for uploading it so soon. It was the hardest of the new ones to grab but Volcanic Tongue had a few and I had to nab it. You could probably email lunarmv[at]hotmail[dot]com to get a copy direct, so please do try and support these folks if you can.

MV & EE - Barn Joint

1. I Got Caves In There > The Burden (15:59)
2. Summer Magic (6:07)
3. Cold Rain > Environs (9:46)
4. Easy Livin' (6:29)

This one has polar opposites in sound, they're really relaxed, chilled and just tapping along with the song and then the next track they're roaring and chugging through with their instruments. It's a really great mix. Would highly recommend trying to track down a copy but you can obviously make up your own mind in about 40 minutes time.


Monday, 27 April 2009

Meursault - Sleeping Debris

Ok, it feels like it has been ages now and I'm again rushing this one a bit. I wanted to get that MV & EE tape ripped but with a crappy cassette player and a laptop battery that dies as soon as you take it off mains power things in that direction have been slow. When it does get set up again (hopefully the next couple of days) I'll get around to ripping a few good tapes. For now though, here is a CD released on Students Of Decay a couple of years back.

Meursault - Sleeping Debris
Meursault - Sleeping Debris

Meursault is the solo moniker of Shaun Falconer, a musician based out of Glasgow. The project first came to my attention by way of three simply gorgeous self-released cdrs birthed last year by Falconer's own Eagle + Serpent Recordings imprint. "Sleeping Debris" follows very much in the trajectory established by those prior releases, but feels perhaps even more focused. Employing bowed guitars and piano, Falconer coaxes frail webs of cascading drones and beautiful swelling timbres into evocative mantras which hang thick in the air like fog. Cathartic and transportive in the best possible way.


Olafur Arnalds recorded and released seven songs in seven days a couple of weeks ago, well worth a listen.

Some shops were stocking the new Root Strata releases last week. I've noticed both Boomkat and Volcanic Tongue have had the new Ilyas Ahmed album available. Got my copy through the other day and would definitely recommend it. Should be released on Root Strata's website on the 1st of May.

The new Twinsistermoon album arrived the other day as well - some info and images have been put onto Discogs but previews are likely to be limited, they are floating around though. I'd definitely keep an eye on UltraHardGel and its distributors.
The 3LP on Blackest Rainbow is still a while off but is apparently going to be limited to around 500. Don't know if that will mean a huge rush but no doubt distros will be stockpiling in case you miss out direct.

Big Blood have announced their next CD release on their Dontrustheruin blog. It will be a 2 CD set out on the 15th May - available from Time Lag, Tomentosa and North East Indie.

Hoards of MV & EE live albums were made more available this week via Volcanic Tongue and Eclipse Records. I may upload one or two of these in the future, even though they're only $7.99 (from Eclipse) keeping up with these guys is quite expensive so if you have a request for a specific album I'll see what I can do when they arrive.

A minority of one - Anahata
Monks of the Balhill & Architetus Rex
Book of Shadows - The Veil
Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Air - Imbolc
Sadastor - Herald of confusion
HöSTSåDD - Under Timmen av Somn

Important Records
Pick Up - Mouthless
Steven R Smith & Greg Davis - Westering
Merzbow - 13 Japanese Birds vol. 4: Karasu
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - Dark side of the black moon
Holy Sons - Drifters sympathy
Emily Jane White - Dark undercoat

Secret Eye

Stunned Records
throuRoof — Throught the Book of Lambspring
Kabyzdoh Obtruhamchi — Estcho
Sean McCann — Frame of Mind
M. Geddes Gengras — Smoke Blower

Dead Pilot Records
Timothy C. Holehouse - To The Howls At Midnight

Reverb Worship

Book of Shadows - Secretgarden
Partli Cloudi - Rotten Wood
V/A - Pins of Light

Concern - Truth & Distance (haven't heard the whole thing but judging by the sample this could be excellent)

Peter Wright - Snow Blind (2 CD)

Insound.com announced 7" re-issues of EPs by The Ramones and The Replacements last week.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Quick Update (more new labels, tsm)

Don't have anything to upload on this Easter Bank Holiday weekend, but I'll try and find a couple of things for tonight or tomorrow. Neither do I know what to write, as far as I know very little has been released in the past couple of weeks but there has been a Twinsistermoon update (for all you NSB fans).

Lotus Birth
Nautilus - White Diamond Flies Low
Whole Voyald Infinite Light - Cathexis
Infinite Light - Live in the now / Margahirsha Poornima

905 Tapes
Travels - Dripping Down the Walls
Crystal Plumage - Swift Wrist / Broken Hacksaw
D/A A/D / Nodolby - Split

Tired Trails Collective
Nirvana Pan Jali / Many Mansions - Split
Harps of Fuchsia Kalmia w/ Delphine Dora - Pantomima Terrrestre
Horse Gives Birth to Fly - Untitled

Housecraft Recordings
Super Minerals - The Gooh
Hairmaiden of the Totem Robe - Breaking the Head
Isaac Willow - Sanctimonious Rhythm and Rouge

I Had An Accident Records have released a bootleg edition of Tim Kinsella's (Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, etc.) 'Orchard Vale' movie. If it's anything like his music/singing expect it to at least be original.

Digitalis have made available 20 copies of most of the releases from the Skull Bundle if you were unlucky enough to miss out on the set.

Oh, and for any MV & EE fans I have found digipack copies of the 'Unrock' live album are available here.

Time Lag
Wovoka - I & II (2LP)
Mountainhood - Wings from a storm (LP)
Mountainhood - Thunderpaint the stone horse electric (LP)

Champagne Diamond/Brilliant Light

Cloud Valley
Thoughts on Air / Xiphiidae - split
Calligraffitti of Fire - Mind Parasite
Sky Limousine - Relaxed Optimization

Dream Safari – Buried Mics
Body Morph – Centipedes
Mossy Throats – Cold Lunch
Dogbox tape
Body Collector – Acidic Maze b/w Cold Bred Scum
The North Sea – Electioneering
Human Compost – Foam Predator b/w Try Me
Birmingham Drains – Mutator Beach

Couple more new labels have popped up over the past few weeks;

Early Mourning Recordings set up by Guyute and already has 3 cassettes and a CDr to it's name. Two Guyute splits (w/ Soma Sniffer and Evelyn War) and releases from Jungle Book and The Four Horsemen.

Peyote Tapes set up by Nathan Young (one half of Ajilvsga) and has three cassettes releases already to its catalogue - Ajilvsga, Sorc’henn and The North Sea, all limited to 100 copies.

Twinsistermoon news:
New album, entitled 'The Hollow Mountain', will be released some point next month on Ultra Hard Gel. I'm unsure whether there will be pre-orders for it but I also doubt it will be hugely limited (don't believe any of their other releases have been) so you should have plenty of time to grab a copy.
However, if you have bought something from Dull Knife before you probably received an email about an LP edition. Limited to 105 copies and sold out already - probably 10-12 hours - this offer was only open to people on their list (so apologies for not informing anyone). Brent (Dull Knife) did this press with the intention of the records going direct to the people that want it so these will probably not be found easily.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Keijo - In This Direction

May 2005, Sloow Tapes is born releasing 63 copies of a new Keijo tape.

Being a bit of a Sloow Tapes whore (still too many gaps in the collection though), this one took me much too long to track down and then, like all things, three or four appear in the space of a few weeks (I believe Volcanic Tongue still has their second hand copy available).

Bowed strings, organ drone and bells manipulated by computer into droning vibrations and suggested melodies

Keijo - In This Direction
1. Wake Up Awake Again (8:44)
2. At Unguarded Gates (1:26)
3. On The Waves (8:02)
4. Contact With All Ears (7:57)
5. Crossing Zones (18:10)
6. In This Direction (3:40)
7. No Support To Any War (13:30)
8. Under The Wonderful Walking Tree (3:40)

Don't have much time to write something up at this moment so this is a brief post but again, this is just zipped with sides A/B rather than split tracks.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Cool Kids cease & desist Teenage Cool Kids

This stuff always seems so pathetic, especially when it involves the 'big guns' (although The Cool Kids are completely unknown to me) trying to screw over a small band. Apparently The Cool Kids feel that Teenage Cool Kids are infringing on their name. They want all products sold under TCK's name to be returned and destroyed and if they carry on under the name it would be considered as "additional infringement, which may subject you to even greater personal liability including additional monetary damages and attorneys' fees".
Fair enough if they were operating under the same name but you have to be a fucking idiot if you consider this an issue. One quick search of amazon - of all places - would also alert you to the fact that 'cool kids' was hardly original back in 2005 (when the cool kids apparently formed). There was a glam band (Kix) in the 1980s that released an album called 'cool kids' and there were the Cool Kids of Death (formed 2001) that took their name from a Saint Etienne song. No doubt there are also families out there with the surname 'Cool' that have children, possibly nicknamed 'the cool kids' that maybe feel The Cool Kids are giving them a bad name. And there were always the cool kids in school...

There's even more of a shambles when it comes to the cease and desist order - the attorneys can't correctly spell their clients trademark, at one point calling them 'The Cook Kids'. Congratulations Stahl Cowen. I hope that's not common practice within the law fraternity.

Anyway, this is just another example of the bad side of the music industry and law enforcement. No one should be able to hold sole rights for two commonly used words.
It would be really interesting to see what evidence The Cool Kids and their lawyers have found to conclude that the Teenage Cool Kids name has caused an "erroneous impression that your products and services bearing the infringing name originate from, come from, or are otherwise associated with The Cool Kids".

That was a bit of a step away from normality on this blog but this news annoyed me, will be back to the same old again next post.

In the meantime, go and check out Old Weird America's huge 'Stackolee' collection.

Also, single tapes of the Ajilvsga Skull Bundle have just been made available in tiny quantities (20 each). Get 'em here.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Ben Nash - Angels at 5

I don't know how many people out there know of Ben Nash's music, but I suspect quite a few. He's put out a load of EPs, a few splits and collaborations and one album - mostly self-released (or on his own Recollections of Knulp label) and through Blackest Rainbow.

'Angels at 5' is one of his earliest releases (2007) and put out in an edition of 40 cassettes. Personally it's not my favourite of his so I'll try and follow it up soon with some more but it has proved an extremely hard tape to find. It deserves to be heard and put out there for more fans to hear.

Ben Nash - Angels at 5
A. The Demise of J.C.
B1. Ruin What You Cherish
B2. Damned Child (rough rehearsal version)

Recorded with Chris Grey & Brett Womersley (both on Side B) in April/May 2007.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Mako Sica - Noise Attic Session 2

Plustapes, after just 12 releases has already become an excellent label. There's a great mixture between bootleg re-issues from Asia and modern underground from the labels base in Chicago. Each tape is limited to 100 copies and as a result it is fast becoming one of those collectable labels where the tapes sell out before they go on sale. A couple of the Dara Puspita tapes recently sold for $30 each on ebay, so I know I'd rather risk the $5 to buy new than be in search of them a few months down the line.

Anyway, of the ones I have this one has impressed me the most. If you've downloaded something from this blog before you will probably enjoy this too. Copies are still available from Reckless Records (where, from what I understand, the guys the run the label work) and Aquarius Records. Aquarius describe this better than I ever could...

A dreamy haze of gently strummed melodies floats above free form percussion with chantlike vocals that aren't as much sung as they are summoned, occasional bursts of trumpet punctuating the atmosphere. At every moment, a beautiful and softly sustained drone permeates the recording like an additional member of the band. And then, right when you've happily fallen into Mako Sica's trancelike psychedelia, the band snaps into a rhythmic groove that is focused but never forced.

There are in fact 5 tracks to this but I've only split it into the A/B of the tape, if you want to cut it up yourself the track listing and (rough) times are below. Can't recommend it enough.

Mako Sica - Noise Attic Session 2
A1. 5th One Is Dark (7:11)
A2. L'itoi (10:48)
A3. Dethrone 1 (9:03)
B1. Dunes (17:12)
B2. Dethrone 2 (5:21)

Mako Sica Myspace

Apologies if the rip is lacking a bit of the high end, I used my tape players 'noise reduction' option to reduce the hiss. If anyone's interested I'll try and do one without at some point.

More to come in the next week from Ben Nash, MV & EE, Keijo and more.