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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Number None with Medroxy Progesterone Acetate (pt. 2): Damp & Damned

Well this is part two. Another day late - my Sunday plan was flawed by a BBQ - but hopefully you don't mind and if for some reason you do, oh well, bad luck. You possibly realised what this post was going to be, or expected it in part one?

Big fan of all things Sloow, well, almost all things (nothing is perfect), so I can guarantee you a couple more of their OOP releases will appear in coming months.

Number None with Medroxy Progesterone Acetate - Damp and Damned

This was the last release of 2005 for Sloow Tapes capping off a rather successful first year - Keijo, Uton, MCIAA... Limited to 65 copies each with a hand cut octopus (or 'squidopus' - as described on Sloow's site) stuck to the J-card.
Now I'm not 100% sure how this was created so please excuse me if I'm slightly wrong, but the two pieces on here (one per side) are apparently made from Number None's 'Nervous Climates' disc (see previous post). The two guys in NN rejigged the sounds and then sent them off to MPA to remix.

"Chicago’s Number None end up reworking two tracks from their own 2004 3" CDR release Nervous Climates into two new pieces via the devolutions of Iowa’s Medroxy Progesterone Acetate’s side long remixes. The similarities to the original tracks are fleeting and buried as the barren landscapes of the originals are abused and bruised into extended storms on this cassette release" (Brainwashed)

Just listening to the tape I wouldn't have guessed. The two pieces are poles apart with the A-side sounding like an ambulance riding haunted winds and the B-side sounding like Charlie playing cars inside Willy Wonka's bubble machine.

"Damp and Damned is a silly, sobering, ghoulish treat. Break out a skeleton costume, paint your face, and prance." (Stylus)


Tracks 1 and 7 of the MPA release in the last post will be re-posted tomorrow (ran out of time tonight).


L'Animaux Tryst has closed until 2010, their releases will only be available via distros. "L'animaux Tryst is going with the natural order of things and preparing for a brief hibernation period. We're shutting down shop till at least January, at which point we'll take a moment to re-assess."

Blackest Rainbow: Sindre Bjerga - Polluted Oceans Of Hiss And Muck
Mountainhood - Death Pod (one-sided LP)
Tom Carter, Shawn McMillan & Starving Weirdos - Live At The Accident
Heavy Winged (cassette)
Emuul - The Ghostwood Estates
Stefan Kushima - Magnetic Levitation
Basillica - Desert Queen

Apollolaan Recordings: Still Light - Lything

NNA Tapes have just this moment let loose the second edition of the Caboladies / Oneohtrix Point Never cassette.

Gel Life: Dunebuggy - First Ride
Evan Miller - Contacting The Eye
51717 - Sch
V/A - Radio Malaysia

Reverb Worship: Ammonites - The Tenth Transmitter

Gift Tapes: Pulse Emitter - Grass
Matt Carlson - Stereo Face
The North Sea - Daytona

Sentient Recognition Archive: Celer - Close Proximity and the Unhindered Care
Entia Non - Disinter
Hiroki Sasajima - Monogenic

Hanson Records: Aaron Dilloway - Hiss Nausea

The next couple of Under the Spire releases could be real sleepers - by that I mean unspotted gems. Apparently they will be from Ous Mal (myspace) and Martin Herterich (myspace).

Root Strata should be re-opening soon and will most likely have the new Barn Owl LP for sale - not saying definitely but it was on sale at their recent festival thing.


Anonymous said...
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disconcerted said...

Ah well found. Look nice. Any idea about prices?

Anonymous said...

MAKOTO KAWABATA- Under your moonshine (QBICO 96)
euro 12.5/$17.5/£11.5

euro 25/$35/£22.5

euro 20/$29/£18

(calculate yr total easily, obviously count two records for the double LP)

with priority post to ALL Europe (except England):

from 1 to 3 LP ---> add euro 7.5
from 4 to 7 LP ---> add euro 12.5

with priority post to England:

from 1 to 3 LP ---> add £6.5
from 4 to 7 LP ---> add £11.5

with priority post to America/Asia:

from 1 to 3 LP ---> add $15
from 4 to 7 LP ---> add $27


Anonymous said...
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mj said...

anyone who didnt get the original issue of that Emuul 2x3" should definitely snag a copy of the tape! i think the tunes on that one are probably even better than his Stunned tape. very rich organ and guitar sounds. warmth!

disconcerted said...

They do sound beautiful. It's a shame 1-sided records always seem to be really expensive otherwise that Gustafsson record would be bought instantly and as a result, that MK LP too.

Just listening to some Emuul on myspace and read the Foxy review; very calming.

So many temptations...

The Starving Weirdos / Tom Carter / Shawn McMillen LP, too.

db said...

Hey, this is Darren Bauler (I'm MPA): thanks for posting these! Damp And Damned was pretty weird -- Jeremy sent me a copy of Nervous Climates before it had a name, and I made a couple long remixes using loops from Nephophobia and Polar Kraken and worked out a story of some kinda Lovecraftian expedition-gone-wrong; they added some bells and theremin to those tracks and sent it to Bart. I don't think we really thought about releasing it before the Sloow Tapes offer. Somewhere I think I still have a recording of the live show the three of us played in Chicago (on a bill with Locrian) in 2006 which was never released.

disconcerted said...

Thanks for finding this and leaving a message Darren. So both tracks are your remixes? Would not have guessed either originated from 'Nervous Climates'.
Really great stuff.

Hope you don't mind these last two posts.

Thanks again for the info.

Chris said...

Ammonites 'Tenth Transmitter' is an amazing release that repays repeated listenings. Beautifully packaged too.

Something new every time.

disconcerted said...

Haven't heard any Ammonites yet, may back track in the new year and get a copy then.