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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My Cat Is An Alien (pt. 2): 8" Triangular Lathe

Part two of two. I don't believe this one has a proper name, just named after the format it was released on.

As usual this is 320kbps mp3. There may be a couple of seconds missed from the start of each side (it was a complicated system I had going).

My Cat Is An Alien - 8" Triangular Lathe

This was released at the very end of October last year on Antony Milton's PseudoArcana label in an edition of 80. The sleeve is lovely - pronounced with the 'o' elongated sounding more like 'arr' - but the format often produces the marmite 'love it or hate it' feelings. Lathes can be awkward, anyone that has ever bought one will probably agree. The sound quality is always a bit sketchy - although with more experimental music it doesn't matter so much - and the grooves shallow, I'm almost certain they are no good for your record needle as well but people are more than welcome to prove me wrong on that.
So long as it plays the music it's fine by me (for the time being at least). This was a million times better value for money than that ridiculous 20 second recording of 'Au Clair De La Lune' Dust to Digital ripped off the BBC website and then sold for £7 a pop - if you bought that you are, in fact, an idiot (someone had to tell you).

Again, slight digression.

"2 short sides etched into a triangle of acetate that illustrate the potentially eternal depth of the subjectively experienced universe.
This record is far less electr(on)ic than some of their pieces. Driven largely by plaintive bell like guitar and a sparse haunting ethereal wordless vocal it sounds like a prayer sung in a chamber deep within some dark crystalline moon."

Two songs, roughly seven minutes each. Both drone a bit but have more clattering to them than the Sloow Tapes release posted earlier. They're like condensed versions really.


MCIAA recently released: a Mort Aux Vaches disc and an LP on Starlight Furniture Co (can't find a website) with Ramona Ponzini, Lee Ranaldo and Michael Morley. Probably a load more hidden away as well.


Want (probably) the best compilation of the year? Check Peasant Magik for a pre-order and info (if you missed the details a month or two back). BIG BLOOD, NATURAL SNOW BUILDINGS, NORTH SEA, GREGG KOWALSKY (and more).

Et Pourtant has made their catalogue available for free download (try before you buy).

Dull Knife: Rosemary Krust - Bernt Anker

Reverb Worship: Kawabata Makoto - Farewell Kiss After Rain

Dontrustheruin: Brother Oak (not sure how you can buy it but Tomentosa Records and North East Indie get most of their releases)

Catholic Tapes (email): The Cove
KGB Man / Oneohtrix Point Never - KGB Nights / Blue Drive
Fielded - The Lord reigns down, let the people tremble
Face Plant - Get high and listen

Apollolaan Recordings: The Zero Map

Not Not Fun Records: Inca Ore - Silver Sea Surfer School
Robedoor - Raiders
Wet Hair - Glass Fountain
Little Claw - Human Taste

Housecraft Recordings: Xiphiidae - Pass Hidingly Seek
Kane Pour - Cat on a Paisley Shawl
Thoughts on Air / Tricorn and Queue - Split

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