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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New Releases

Bit slow with the updates the last couple of weeks but there should be a few next week. For now here are a few new releases that may have been missed.
Hope the Jooklo has been going down well.

Scott Tuma & Mike Weis - Ttaradiddle (vinyl)
Taiga Remains - Wax Canopy (CD + 3" CD) [just got this one through the other day, the 3" is well worth the $3 extra if you like Alex's stuff]

Digitalis Ltd
Pummeler - s/t
The Old Rig - Trembling static sky
Peter Broderick - Ten duets
Pete Fosco - Autumn fire blues
Andrew Coltrane - DMT shadow
The North Sea / Current Amnesia - split
Vega Stereo - Festival 3000

Dust Wind Tales
Dark Inside The Sun - Trance state spitfire in 3 directions at once...

Funeral Folk
Ice Bird Spiral - Psychiatmc Bloems
As Zeik - s/t
Blood Sabbath

Email: unembodiedpersona (at) gmail (dot) com
Kenji Siratori - Tragedy Syndrome
Skin Graft - 24 Grudges
Exhumed Corpse - Oblivion
Thom Elliott + Andrew Coltrane - Ghost Infant
Terrortank - Razor Piss

Reverb Worship
Far Black Furlong - Caerbre
Moor Loups - Death By Someone's Choice
Annapurna Illusion - Matins Of The Twelve Passion
Harps Of Fuschia Kalmia

Archive CD
Hasegawa / Igler (CD/vinyl)
Zaika (CD + 7" lathe)

Anathema Sound
Chapels - In Aspic
Fossil - Die Job
Headboggled - Rchive

'Open Strings' from Honest John's looks like it could be a great release. Certainly one I want to pick up, with Six Organs of Admittance, MV & EE, Sir Richard Bishop, Rick Tomlinson (Voice of the Seven Woods), and a load of others.

Three Lobed pre-orders on Bardo Pond and Jack Rose LPs end in a few days.

Conspiracy have started shipping the new Neokarma Jooklo Trio LP, 'Times Vibes'.

Jake Blanchard (aka Managerie) has released a great compilation and a nice little artbook thing.

Root Strata will be releasing new CDs from Zach Wallace and Ilyas Ahmed on the 1st May.

Plustapes have already sold out of their new release from Korean Black Eyes but distros have got it in (kindly Aquarius Records added in a freebie of the Francis Babey tape that was cancelled when I ordered 3 other plustapes releases).

Granny Frost - s/t
Master Redactors - Rock & Roll Revenge

Important Records
Eleh - Meditations & Improvisations Volume One (vinyl)
Eleh - Meditations & Improvisations Volume Two (vinyl)
The Skull Defekts - The Temple (CD/vinyl)
Jozef Van Wissem - It's All That Is Made
Andrea Parkins - Faulty (Broken Object)
Merzbow - 13 Japanese Birds Volume 3: Yurikamome


captain groovy said...

i used the download store at Conspiracy to purchase the new Neokarma.$9.50 versus $30.00.Yes i miss out on the cool packaging & colored vinyl but i get the music immediately.Thanx as always for the heads up on this stuff & i really appreciated all the Jooklo that got posted.

disconcerted said...

How is it?
Probably would have been more sensible to do the same as you but I do like receiving something if I pay - doesn't help having a computer on its last legs.

Added some Digi Ltd and Important releases to the list.

captain groovy said...

I'm on my laptop so i'll get it when i get home.I have a superfast computer so no issues there.Actually i have 1 more MV/EE thing the Sasquatch Creamie cassette & then yes that's everything there is.Whew!!

captain groovy said...

it is very psychedelic & less jazzy.They've added a healthy dollop of blazing fuzz guitar on this one