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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Neokarma Jooklo Trio - Meditative

The Jooklos are fast becoming one of my favourites. The past few weeks the headphones have been playing Natural Snow Buildings, Ben Nash, Jooklo, Jooklo, Jooklo, NSB, Jooklo, Ben Nash, something new, Jooklo. By now they've probably learnt this disc off by heart and the CD no longer needs to be put in to the stereo for it to be played back - like hearing the sea in the hollow of a shell, the headphones have captured the sound of the Jook.

This rip is taken from another CD edition of their releases. Can't find any information to say this was even released in a CD edition so I have no idea how many of these there were, however, it was released on another tiny Qbico vinyl edition of 99 (plus 26 for the box) and sold out fast.

If you enjoyed the 'Tropical Trip' rip don't pass up on this one. It's along the same lines - not the free jazz you will find on a lot of their other releases - and just as good, if not better.

Roughly 23 minutes long and ripped at 192kbps mp3.

Neokarma Jooklo Trio - Meditative


c said...

saw them live in NY last year jamming with Andrew Barker...unbelievably good
I recorded some of it, let me know if you want a copy

disconcerted said...

I want to say yes, really I do, but that looks to be one they have lined up for release (unless they did a few shows with him?). It would be a shame to spoil it - although, what are the chances of getting a copy?! - but it would be amazing to hear.

How much of it did you record?

atanase said...

this is a great record, i got the last one off virginia at their gig in london where they opened for sonny simmons with tight meat guys. i have not heard their early stuff (like zurich, etc) but all permutations of jooklo concept are great. my first exposure was free serpents lp on qbico. i just couldn't believe this sound... crowd was totally shocked at the gig. i guess to many they were still unknown back then... i think their lp with finnish musicians is still available. can't recommend it enough. sami pekkola who blows hard on this record is one of the best young players these days.

on a separate note. i really like this blog and follow it. many thanks for your efforts.

disconcerted said...

Thanks for the kind words. Really appreciate it.

Haven't heard their earliest stuff either, only really cottoned onto them when Qbico started releasing bits and then I was too stupid (and lacking in money) to buy them. Gutted. Fortunately people have been kind in uploading some of the older releases - might find the links at some point and post them if anyone wants them? - and I've bought where possible. Sounds as though your collection is probably much better though!

The Neokarma releases have consistently been my favourites so far but that Finnish LP is a good'un.

Did they just explode at the show you saw or do something more along the lines of this release?

atanase said...

the show was mainly sax and drums duo. pretty much the "free serpents" material. free jazz in the best traditions. she really tore the horn apart. my buddy asked her how she came up with this sound, to which she replied something along the lines that the sound just came from within. overall it was a devastating effect... then sonny and david keenan finished the job.

here's a very good writeup on those gigs:


i am quite curious to hear what they sounded next to arrington. cos he's pretty out there on his bass clarinet. would have been an interestin sound. not sure if these performances were slated for releases.

as to my collection, i've got free serpents, neokarma trio, and both one-sided lps. don't have the octet double. that is the only one i liked less than others. i also have that troglo cdr with tero kemppainen, which is another blowout.

c said...

Complete show with Burnt Hills, Blues Prostitutes, Peaking Lights and Golden Age Jooklo:

atanase said...

hey C, many thanks for these shares. great stuff!!! i was just wondering if you happen to have this material in lossless format, would you be willing to trade? i've got lots of stuff in avantgarde and freejazz areas which may be of interest. please get in touch at:

looking forward to hearing from you. thanks again

disconcerted said...

Thanks C, will take a listen to those later on. Will still try and get hold of the CD when it comes out.

Atanase, you have 'I' (Golden Jooklo Age 1-sided)? If you ever rip that and decide to upload it please say, would absolutely love to hear that one.
Completely agree on the Octet double LP with Kawabata, wasn't as blown away by that but still enjoyed listening to it. Didn't immediately shove on the second record though.

atanase said...

hi, yes i've got that "i" one-sided record. next time i set up my ripping gear i'll remember your request and send it your way. it is leaning more to the psychedelic side rather than freejazz. if you like os loosers you would enjoy this one as well. i like that record, but i gotta tell you this live set at the flipped out guys house that C offered is closer to my heart. it's just i prefer their records when virginia plays more sax... can't recommend it enough. again many thanks to C.

i haven't seen any information with regards to this material being earmarked for a cd release. flippedout website mention an lp in the works. not sure which session though.

disconcerted said...

They have it down as 'Troglo 021' on their site ('MOULTRIE STREET SESSION'). Doesn't have a release date or anything so it may never appear, but you might be in luck.

'I' sounds fantastic. Thanks a lot - in advance.

Anonymous said...

Had these on my hard drive:
1 sided Troglosound LP:



both are mp3 but if you really want FLAC let me know and I will re-rip

disconcerted said...

Fantastic, thanks a lot. I take it the one-sided is 'I' rather than something else. Either way, those are really appreciated. Cheers.

Jackson said...

amazing musicians! lovely people! it was such an honor to have them play in my basement, i thought their set was fantastic and offered to release it on flipped out but they've recorded new material for their golden jooklo age lp on flipped out, as soon as i receive the master the record will go right into production!

upon waking the morning after the show here, virginia and david offered to release a one sided lp by our band burnt hills on troglosound, so that record will be our live set from that evening, what an honor!

disconcerted said...

Fantastic, thanks for the news. Couple more LPs to keep an eye out for now!
Was that from the set posted (by C) above?

Anonymous said...

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ELOHIM said...

please, anyone can reup that live recording which C posted earlier? its not available on megaupload anymore ... THANKS

disconcerted said...

I'll try to remember next year, but, it looks as though it could be getting released on Troglosound so I'll try and find that out.

Jackson said...

Jooklo Duo laid waste to everything in their path on their recent tour! Troglosound is going to release a 3" CDR by Burnt Hills called "Moon of the Sky", which is our set from 5/5/08 here at our Helderberg House. Flipped Out Records will be releasing a vinyl LP by Jooklo Duo sometime in the future.

disconcerted said...

Got your 3". Excellent stuff. Look forward to the future Duo release on Flipped Out. Thanks for the info.