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Friday, 13 March 2009

Caboladies - Earth Canal

Hadn't heard of these guys until Alex started showing a few videos of them on his Students of Decay blog. They had put out a few small releases on their own Smooth Tapes imprint (invite only blogspot page) in 2007 and then in June (2008) Alex released this album, 'Earth Canal', for them in an edition of 100. It didn't last long, and rightly so.
Future releases are due on labels including Pizza Night, Peasant Magik and Digitalis.

The Cabos utilize various synths, keyboards and pedals to generate dense, swirling maelstroms of sound rife with microcosmic detail. Not a million miles from recent Astral Social Club flights."

Caboladies - Earth Canal

Caboladies on Myspace

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Anonymous said...

been listening to this the last few days. thanks for that.