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Monday, 16 March 2009

New Releases (mid March)

Some of these are due in the next couple of days but there's no point in delaying.
Also, next upload should be another Jooklo release - hopefully by Thursday.

Peapod Recordings
Chris Sutherland - Worried Love

Sloow Tapes
Expo 70 - Awakening
Benjamin Franklin - Splitsing
Andy Robbins - Red Sun Lines
Gin En Tsubame - Yukino

Acid Mothers Temple - Lord of the Underground: Vishnu and the Magic Elixir (CD/vinyl pre-order)

Coppice Halifax - Bedroom Carpet
Coppice Halifax - Moss & Green
Coppice Halifax - Red Valerian

As with every Milieu release list there are 100 other things...
Brian Grainger & David Tagg - Pillbox 12 CDs (here - unaffordable to the common man - in giant versions of those cool Expanding Electronic Diversity CD cases)
Also soon to be a Seas CD/vinyl pre-order.

There should be some Digi Ltd releases soon.

Drone Disco
C. Spencer Yeh - Memories of Murder / Always Been A Storm (2 cassette)
Burning Star Core - Live from New York 07-08 (2 cassette)
John Wiese & C. Spencer Yeh - The Void (2 cassette)

Cloud Valley Recordings have got themselves a little sale going.

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