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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Quick Update / Pop-Up Porn / New Label

The skipping on track 8 of 'Big Blood & The Bleedin Hearts' is only on my CD, it's quite an obvious scratch that wasn't there when I bought it so any other downloads you find where the track skips, those mp3s have been downloaded from the link I provided.
However, thanks to itsyou on Rateyourmusic, via tableau, there is a download for another copy here. If you don't want to download the full album and just want a replacement for 'The birds & the herds' Cabin Floor boss has upped the single track here. So thanks to the pair of them.
Amazingly good album, well worth checking out if you haven't already (and check the last post for details of the few places that you can still buy a copy).

Like the excellent 2000ruidos posted in the comments, Nothing Out There has released a great looking release from Przewalski's Horses. Limited to just 26 copies, it should be good.
Check out the photos of it here.

Stunned Records
Warm Climate — Edible Homes
Super Minerals — Clusters
Chapels — Last Night of the Earth
Dead Black Arms — Lake Reflection Catalyst
A.M. Shiner — Good Cop
Xiphiidae — Transresonance Formation
Enfer Boreal — The Birth of Venus
Yuko x Chino — Sovereign Plumed Serpent

Blackest Rainbow
Robe. - Time Dilation
Helhesten - Graphical House
Ajilvsga - White Crow
Plankton Wat - Visions of Otherness
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Stamini Stamina
Jazzfinger - Grief To Grind The Fire
Mechanical Children - Blue Mouth

Reverb Worship
Gorman - Alum Creek
Directorsound - The Day Of The Dance
TIMAS 23 - Cloud Vortex
Pharoah Tickles The Sun - Sabdavasini

Conspiracy Records has a pre-order going on for the next Jooklo LP, Time's Vibes. Due in a couple of weeks and available on blue & white vinyl (each limited to 250 copies). Cheap for one of their LPs as well.

Plus Tapes
Mako Sica - Noise Attic Session 2

According to My Record Collection (not mine, but one I wouldn't mind being mine) there are a few more MV & EE releases out there, 'Unrock' and 'Black Ark/White Egg'. Only available on their North American tour would be my guess, hopefully somewhere like Volcanic Tongue will get some in.

For those that want something different, how about some Pop-up Porn?
Only 25 of the books available and costing $50, probably a bit of a waste of money really, just quite amusing.

Got the tape player back up and working, so check back tomorrow for a re-up of that 'Daughter of Darkness V' tape, finally.
I'll also try and get a couple of CDs up in the next post as it has been a while since the last update.

New labels are always cropping up, and here's another from Brad (North Sea / Ajilvsga) - Dial Square Tapes.
Only one release so far and limited to a scrawny 20 copies. Obviously Digi Ltd is no longer limited enough! Some of the Ltd stuff is getting released in editions of 200/300 (Fullerton Whitman & Broderick respectively) and that's not too far off some of the numbers for normal Digitalis releases. 20 is ultra limited though.


captain groovy said...

I will be putting the MV/EE releases you mentioned up on my blog soon.I got them a few weeks ago when they played here along with the Sasquatch Creamie cassette.Have you seen Big Blood's blog?


disconcerted said...

Most certainly have (link on the right). Glad they've got themselves a site, hope they decide to sell a few releases through it in the future.

Looking forward to hearing those MV & EE releases. I have the Sasquatch tape, very good. Are the others also live releases?

captain groovy said...

yes they are live releases