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Friday, 13 March 2009

Natural Snow Buildings - Daughter of Darkness V

This took so much longer to get done than I thought. Probably shouldn't have ripped it in .wav format to start with (took up a gig for this one tape!). Sadly had to reduce it down to two 192kbps mp3 files, daren't think how long it would have taken to upload otherwise.

Anyway, finally, here is the tape split into A / B. I'm not convinced my walkman is in its finest state so apologies if the rip isn't perfect but from a brief skip through earlier it sounded ok.

Check the discogs page for more details - if you need them.

Side A
Side B

Be sure to check the other new uploads below, been a busy day (if you call not being able to do anything busy).


icastico said...

Love these guys.

disconcerted said...

No worries