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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Mako Sica - Noise Attic Session 2

Plustapes, after just 12 releases has already become an excellent label. There's a great mixture between bootleg re-issues from Asia and modern underground from the labels base in Chicago. Each tape is limited to 100 copies and as a result it is fast becoming one of those collectable labels where the tapes sell out before they go on sale. A couple of the Dara Puspita tapes recently sold for $30 each on ebay, so I know I'd rather risk the $5 to buy new than be in search of them a few months down the line.

Anyway, of the ones I have this one has impressed me the most. If you've downloaded something from this blog before you will probably enjoy this too. Copies are still available from Reckless Records (where, from what I understand, the guys the run the label work) and Aquarius Records. Aquarius describe this better than I ever could...

A dreamy haze of gently strummed melodies floats above free form percussion with chantlike vocals that aren't as much sung as they are summoned, occasional bursts of trumpet punctuating the atmosphere. At every moment, a beautiful and softly sustained drone permeates the recording like an additional member of the band. And then, right when you've happily fallen into Mako Sica's trancelike psychedelia, the band snaps into a rhythmic groove that is focused but never forced.

There are in fact 5 tracks to this but I've only split it into the A/B of the tape, if you want to cut it up yourself the track listing and (rough) times are below. Can't recommend it enough.

Mako Sica - Noise Attic Session 2
A1. 5th One Is Dark (7:11)
A2. L'itoi (10:48)
A3. Dethrone 1 (9:03)
B1. Dunes (17:12)
B2. Dethrone 2 (5:21)

Mako Sica Myspace

Apologies if the rip is lacking a bit of the high end, I used my tape players 'noise reduction' option to reduce the hiss. If anyone's interested I'll try and do one without at some point.

More to come in the next week from Ben Nash, MV & EE, Keijo and more.

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