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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Lightning Strike Lightning - Turn Myself Into the Ocean

Like all the best albums of recent years, this is one I came across the following year. Why does that always seem to be the case? You search around for 365 days finding good but rarely great albums and then in the first month or two of the next year you discover a gem.
Anyway, this is one of those.

Released in a meagre edition of 65 copies (40 copies on 5" CDrs, 25 copies on two 3" CDrs) in June/July of 2007 and easily gone by the end of the year, it has (so far) only been followed up by a 7" on L'Animaux Tryst's Tryst Haunt Series - apparently there are demos for a new album, so one to look out for this year? Either way, count me in for a copy, Matt.

"in which the ghosts in your attic, after leafing through your boxes of can and nnck albums, decide to pick up your broken instruments and make their own music. songs overflow with more sonic ingredients than the recorded medium can hold; guitar overdrive spilling all over banjo riffs, exponential layers of wordless vocals smothering the pristine marxophone, and rumbling percussion dousing the fattest basslines. all is permeated by a warm layer of cathedral reverb and cavern echo, pointing out the space in even the most dense and cluttered compositions. 11 tracks, 40 minutes, and over a year in the making."

Lightning Strike Lightning - Turn Myself Into the Ocean

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Dharma Bum said...

i loved the 7" that's also out, been lookin for this release, much thanks!

disconcerted said...

That 7" was great, hope you're enjoying this one just as much (if not more).

2000RUIDOS said...


Big pictures:





disconcerted said...

Nice. Missed out on the majority of the Bad Bus releases.

What's the 3" CD you got with the first Tryst Haunt set (the previous entry)?

2000RUIDOS said...

i was subscriber of those 7" and i supposed that they sent the 3"cdr to the subscribers only,

l'animaux tryst sent me this answer:

"The unmarked 3"cdr is supposed to be a mystery, but I can tell you that it was an improvised recording done by members of all the bands who released 7"s in the first mailing of the Tryst Haunt series. The recording was done in a car traveling through the mountains of Maine, USA, and is credited to the Donn Fendler Storytime Players. "

disconcerted said...

Haha, recorded in a car?!
Sounds like it could be great. Gutted I didn't subscribe now, had just been buying them whenever Tomentosa got them in - couldn't afford the lump sum.

2000RUIDOS said...


TUNNELS WITH SEQUIN TRAILS' Slumber Beneath the Leaves cassette
(free to first 100 Tryst Haunt subscribers)

transparent sapphire-blue c-45 with hand-painted corners and hand-stamped "A" and "B".
packaging: full-color print, pasted on art paper and folded into a cassette sleeve, with hand-written title, hand-numbered, bound up and held closed with a piece of hemp twine (Tryst Haunt subscribers' copies are made from paper used in 7" releases throughout the series).
edition: limited, 150 copies.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

SLUMBER BENEATH THE LEAVES cassette has been recalled.


i received that casette too with the last batch of 7",
i was between the first 100 subscribers.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the Donn Fendler 3" that they'd be willing to share? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

or slumber beneath the leaves?

disconcerted said...

Sorry, can't help with either of those.