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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Big Blood & The Bleedin' Hearts

The post below (Charles Aznavour) relates to the week I'm having, my cassette player is on the brink (so I apologise for not being able to rip and re-upload 'V' on the weekend), having to fill in a giant spreadsheet for the past few weeks that has left insanity looming overhead, and now, when ripping this CD I find it has a scratch on it! Time to tear out the hair!

Anyway, that doesn't bother me. Big Blood (Caleb Mulkerin, Colleen Kinsella, Asian Mae, Rose Philistine) are truly amazing and the scratch seems to affect just one track ('the birds & the herds') for about 30 seconds. It is a shame but it doesn't spoil it too much. If you like "freak folk" (horrible term, no?) and you like Big Blood, expect to put on a happy face because this is a fantastic album. Probably my favourite from them so far.
Don't really know what happened with the release of it, N.E. Indie haven't had copies (or at least haven't shown that they have), Tomentosa had a few and it looks as though There Is Not Trouble In Denmark and Time-Lag still have some. Let's hope someone takes it on and releases it in larger numbers.

Download / Buy

If I hear the band is planning another release of it I'll take it down.
I've falled behind a bit on new releases this past week as well, but Bum Tapes has released a small edition Rahdunes cassette that should be good.

Dull Knife have put up a pre-order for Twinsistermoon, Richard Youngs and Dan Melchior 7"s.

Night People have released a huge amount.

Also spotted Faust have a new album ('C'est Com Com Complique') this week out on Bureau B.

Go check out the Sacred Basil tape on Cabin Floor Esoterica if you have a bit of change and haven't already.


2000RUIDOS said...

"the scratch seems to affect just one track"

try with diferent cd players (or with a dvd player)

2000RUIDOS said...

NOTHING OUT THERE new release:



"This month we ship out a new cassette from Przewalski's Horses, just following their first tape release on Housecraft a couple of months ago.

"Where Kahn Once Ruled, The Takhi Roam Again" has been a single-hour affair. During the Summer of 2008, the belgian duo found himself in Pommerol, a lost and tiny village in the french mountains of Drome. Equipped only with an accordion, a mandolin, and the dusty local harmonium, they fell asleep, and recorded these three mellow and hypnotic tracks.

Listen to the first track : Untitled 1

Artwork is a wooden box with fire-engraved drawings, all 26 are different.

As usual, this release is sold 8€ / 13$, postage paid worldwide. Paypal to dubois.constantin@gmail.com to order, mentioning your address. Thanks !


Coming next, is the fourth release in the Odomez Serie - first chapbook from the label :
Aurélie Brouet & Constantin Dubois - A.O.I. (The Odomez Diary).
Expect extensive drawings and writings about the haunted place...


Still available (8€ / 13$ postage paid) :
n.o.t.#6 : Hands of Sand - Clay Dreams (Odomez Serie #2) - 5"CDr (3 copies)
n.o.t.#7 : Przewalski's Horses - Bulbs - 5"CDr (3 copies)
n.o.t.#8 : L'Enfant Méduse - s/t (Odomez Serie #3) - 3"CDr (3 copies)
n.o.t.#9 : Robert Horton - If I can't play my Boot... I don't have a leg to stand on - 5"CDr
n.o.t.#10 : Tsarskoïe Selo Hemophilarmonic - s/t - 5"CDr"

captain groovy said...

thanks for the Big Blood.I had no idea this was out.I downloaded it off Soulseek after seeing this thinking i could get a scratch free copy but the scratched part of the song was exactly the same.I'm thinking it might be a defect in the pressing.Either way it sounds great & I appreciate the upload.Have you seen Pothole Skinny's new page? You can download their entire catalog for free at 128K or there is a pay what you want download at a higher bitrate or Flac.Pretty cool.Check it out


Cabin Floor said...

hey man, which track has a scratch? I got a copy from Caleb a while back and I don't recall mine having one so I could rip/up it for you. Also, Caleb and Colleen are working on their first full-length wax for Time-Lag this summer, more CDRs for shows, and further down the line a tape on Cabin Floor. Gonna be a good year for those two.

captain groovy said...

it's track 8

Cabin Floor said...

I gave it a listen through and I'm not hearing any skips in my rip of it, so here's that song: http://www.mediafire.com/?yzjazkmwmzm let me know if there's anything wrong I'm missing.

big blood said...

Hi DS,

we checked our copies of the Bleedin' Hearts...no skips. We'll put it up on our site over the weekend. You can't miss Birds and the Herds.

+big blood

disconcerted said...

It is a great track. Someone gave me a link to a clean upload of the album the other day so have done a new post for it, will edit it into this one as well.

disconcerted said...

Just in case someone lands here, North East Indie now have copies of the CD for $8/9/10 depending on where you are. I've ordered myself a replacement, well worth it.