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Monday, 19 January 2009

Golden Jooklo Age and Richard Youngs

These are two albums I managed to pick up last year that were ridiculously limited and really deserve having a few more people listening to them.

Golden Jooklo Age - Tropical Trips (Qbico & Troglosound - 2008)

This was limited to 125 vinyl copies on Qbico and 38 CDRs on Troglosound. This Italian collective have had a spate of limited releases over the past couple of years (most projects involving the word 'Jooklo') all of which are now rather expensive or impossibly hard to find. This is one of my favourites from 2008 and the CDR version linked to here comes with a 4th track the vinyl didn't include. A bit jazzy, a bit mental, 100% amazing.


Richard Youngs - Nerston Surface (No Fans - 2008)

I can't say my knowledge of Richard Youngs music is vast, and as a result when 'three headed star' (another 2008 release on No Fans limited to 50) arrived I was a little put off, but still decided to try this album. Fortunately it headed down a rather different route and is a lot more pleasing. Just two tracks of piano really showing off two different sides to his playing and both well executed.


(Don't expect this blog to always be this generous.)


2000RUIDOS said...

QBICO records the best label in the world!!!:


disconcerted said...

WOAH! That is an astonishing collection. Do you have any of the box sets?

2000RUIDOS said...

i have the regular editions only,
i have all Qbicos except "Con´72"

by the way, new Qbicos now:

if you want see Special editions,
for me they are very expensive:

disconcerted said...

How frustrating! Hope you manage to find a copy of it. I'm extremely jealous.

Thanks for the heads up. Can only afford one so decided to go for the Maurizio Abate. Should be great.

Have seen the box sets in the past and always wish to have £200 when they're released but I don't think I could pay that much no matter how fantastic they look.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot.

i luckily attended a neokarma jooklo experience concert last year and it has been a really overwhelming experience.

disconcerted said...

Not surprised at all. Would love to see them live at some point. It doesn't sound like they have any off nights.

Julien Vanderhaeghen said...

thanks for the Jooklo link. I was looking at it, and got no money to buy when they played here in Liege!

If you want i have pics of them here. Photos i shot in Liege:


Anonymous said...

infinite thanks!

disconcerted said...

No problem at all, it's a fantastic album that deserves to be heard by many more than 150 or so people.

Thanks for the link to the pictures, some great shots.