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Monday, 7 September 2009

Kutomo - Lauluja Surun Kaaresta

Ooooh, gif.

Dala Horse 1: Kutomo - Lauluja Surun Kaaresta. It's a strange Finnish folk album by Veli-Matti Ikavalko, aka Kutomo, a name you may have come across alongside Kulkija (Uton, Keijo & The Free Players, Vapaa…) under the guise of Tulasi.
There's a religious feeling to this release between the guitar and the wind instrument (does anyone know what that instrument is?). The mystical language which, if I wasn't told could have been anything from Japanese to Latin, all adds to that perception.

The care and attention taken over the packaging of this one - by Lidia, who used to help create some of those Centre of Wood releases - gives the impression that you should take some time with this release. And if you do it becomes a much more rewarding and pleasurable listen.

"In his music lives all the poetry about the cold, the lakes and the immense Finnish forests. Melancholy and intimate as a day passed looking at the snow falling outside a window but also, in a certain way, "epic" as the natural landscapes of his land."

1. Univelkaisen Varityskirja (3:12)
2. Kauas Vie (3:22)
3. Hautuulehdon Puut (1:56)
4. Runnelma Ja Ruumiin Esto (3:43)
5. Orastava Syksy (2:35)
6. Meidan Varjoinemme (3:45)
7. Kauneudessa Kasvat (3:41)
8. Usvan Runoja (1:45)

Download (320kbps mp3)


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Anonymous said...

Cabin Floor Esoterica

CFE#20 Gorman/Cursillistas - 'Ash Masks' C40



disconcerted said...

Yeah, new Cabin Floor batch sounds great. Big Blood tape is apparently due in a few weeks.