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Monday, 9 November 2009

Sadhu Sadhu - Live at the Hideout

Apologies for the lack of updates over the past 10 days or so. I've been like a watch failing to adjust to British Summer Time, still ticking but just a little behind. Will try and make up for it in the lead up to Christmas/New Year.

Sadhu Sadhu - Live at the Hideout

Sadhu Sadhu (myspace) are a 3-piece (guitar, bass, drums) based in Chicago. The name, according to wikipedia, means 'well done, well done' or 'good man, good man' - or otherwise refers to yogi, the former seems more likely in my opinion.

This is a live recording ripped from a cassette that was emailed to me by the band (there are a few other email-sent recordings coming in the next couple of weeks) and is just split into A and B. Not sure if they have any copies of this release left but no doubt there will be more recordings released over the next couple of years.

Their sound is somewhere between Wooden Ships and Acid Mothers Temple with a 70s psych/blues/rock predominance, not a million miles off (if I'm remembering it correctly) the Kawaguchi Masami Sloow Tape style. Really good. Would definitely like to hear their sound from a studio/home recording session in the fture.

Download (direct download, should just open up a save box)


Well, completely missed the NSB performance this week due to poor forward-thinking. I've reliably been informed that there were no new/special releases for sale at the show, but their set was meant to be fantastic if a little short. Being the first band on you expect that but it seems a shame for them to travel from France for one show and then be done in 25 minutes. Short reviews at Mapsadaisical, Thesvelteone and The Milk Factory.

Rameses III have a free gig on Sat 28th Nov at the Union Chapel in London. Starts at noon.

Last bit of news for Londoners: Chiswick Auctions are selling off Mike Read's (Radio 1 DJ) record collection (estimated to contain 120,000 records!) on Monday 30th Nov.


Utmarken are having a bit of a sale at the moment 3 tapes = €12, 5 tapes = €18, 10 tapes = €30.

ExBx Tapes are also having a bit of a sale on.

Under the Spire have reduced the price of their t-shirts and will reduce them by another £1 if you buy a CD at the same time.

Blackest Rainbow: Twinsistermoon - The Hollow Mountain (CD)
Mountainhood - Death Pod (one-sided LP)
Starving Weirdos with Tom Carter & Shawn McMillan - Live At The Accident (LP)

Low Point: Tim Catlin and Machinefabriek - Glisten

Rural Faune: Sky Dripping Venom - In Krasnozem
Dream Safari / Ophibre - Split
Stellar Om Source - Heartlands Suite
Drifts - Future Light Cone
Yuko X Chino - Sensory Deprivation Techniques
Cyrus Gengras / M. Geddes Gengras - Family split
Rural Faune Collective - I
Expo '70 - Psychic Funeral
Eyes Like Saucers - Parmalee, tribute to a dog

History Always Favours The Winners has released the 3CD opus of Leyland Kirby's 'Sadly the future is no longer what it was'. Spotted it on Norman Records and Boomkat so far. Obviously if you've already bought the vinyl editions (you've way overspent) you probably don't need these discs.

Numero Group have release an amazing looking compilation & book. $60 + postage direct, boomkat have it for £63 in the UK but my recommendation would be to head to Honest Jon's where it is £50ppd (UK) if you're interested. No chance of me ordering this one at the moment but might have the nerve to ask for it for Christmas (with the knowledge it would never be received). If anyone has a full mp3 of Arlean Brown's 'I'm a streaker baby' I would love to hear it.

MV & EE news: They have let out three more bootleg releases - 'Mutron Lovers', 'Greenspace' and 'Forever Upwards' - which I would assume are available direct or soon from Volcanic Tongue and Eclipse (usually where they appear). And I shot an email to Ecstatic Peace! asking about a vinyl edition of 'Barn Nova' and they say it will be available in the new year.

New label Sturmun Drugs have released a split between Black Eagle Child and Kabyzdoh Obtruhamchi (yeah, I definitely had to copy and paste that name!).

2:00AM Tapes: Low Speed Orchestra - Music of Falling Bridges
Vales - Sun Sick
Wether - Horses

Dekorder: Wooden Veil - Wooden Veil
Machinefabriek / Nils Frahm - Dauw
Uton - Unexplained Objects
Black to Comm - Wave UFO
Groupshow - The Science (Behind Shoes)

Keep forgetting to post this one - Fang Bomb have released a collaboration between Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek LP entitled 'Blank Grey Canvas Sky'.

Tell me if what I've missed, there's no doubt a load of great stuff.

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