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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Francis Bebey - New Track

Another Plus Tapes release here. If you enjoyed the Mako Sica tape posted a few weeks back, this is different. You don't get much genre consistency with Plus Tapes but you do get a batch of great music.
Just as a warning though, they weren't happy with this cassette re-release and ended up pulling it from sale - Aquarius Records kindly chucked in a free copy with a bulk PT order - but you won't find much wrong with it, hopefully.

Francis Bebey - New Track

Francis moved around a lot, born in Cameroon, educated in both France and the USA, temporarily lived in Ghana before heading back and settling in France. This album shows the styles of music he came across through his travels, it's not a simple guitar album or jazz record, the songs happily go on for up to 11 minutes and there is a well worked mix of vocal and instrumental work across the whole release.

A1. Haiti (6:20)
A2. The Song I Keep Humming (11:10)
B1. New Track (8:25)
B2. Super Jungle (9:25)

Francis Bebey biography

Removed by request

Centre of Wood have kicked off their Cave series with three very dark sounding releases.

Root Strata opened up orders to their a capella single series, entitled 'Tsuki No Seika'. It will consist of four separate 7"s split between two groups - so 8 bands (Grouper, Christina Carter, Richard Youngs, Islaja, Xela, Zelienople, Hisato Higuchi, Valet) - and cost you $40-50 depending on where you are.
They've also put out a CD edition of Grouper's 'Cover the windows and walls' album.

Dull Knife release a new 7" by Circuit des Yeux.

I'm trying to find out about that Twinsistermoon CD on Ultra Hard Gel, if I hear anything I'll leave a note somewhere.
UPDATE: Heard this second hand but it doesn't sound as though this CD is close. Would be interesting to find out more but in the meantime if you want to hear it you may probably be better off trying to download it (if you don't own the LP).
If anyone hears about it please say. I'll try and keep tabs on the UHG website in case something appears.

Will try and get a new post sorted for the weekend.

If anyone has an opinion on the rip quality of either this or the Part Wild Horses Mane tape in comparison to some of the earlier cassette rips (Keijo, Ben Nash, Mako Sica, Barrabarracuda) I'd love to hear. Recently discovered an old cassette player I had in the early 90s that I think has a better sound quality than my walkman but my computer speakers aren't good enough to get much of an opinion from with regards to rip quality.


mj said...

as long as i've ever known, the UHG site has been totally confounding to me. now it's even worse! very cool to see they are releasing a Machinefabriek disc...weird that the index page has no mention of the TSM disc though.

disconcerted said...

They relied on distros/shops to sell their releases in the past so maybe they were planning to re-design to sell direct or just make more information available?

Doesn't look too positive for the TSM album at the moment. Hopefully they can resolve any issues and get it out at some point.

turiluri said...

NSB had problems with the reissue of the Dance of the Moon and the Sun on vinyl on Tiliqua (didn't happen).
They had problems with Digitalis with the reissue of the Isengrind - Golestan CD (didn't happen either).
I hope the same won't happen with this one. Cause it's a nice one.

mj said...

yeah...don't know what the deal is with those two! love their music, but they seem a tough outfit to work with. fuckin' Marlon Brando of psychedelic drone!

disconcerted said...

Completely forgot about that Tiliqua re-issue. In a way I'm glad that didn't happen as it would have cost an absolute fortune on vinyl.
It may just be a case that they don't like re-issuing material and want to look ahead rather than back? Which is fair enough.

Anonymous said...

thanks thanks thanks : )


Anonymous said...

Eclipse Records update 6.6.09

BLACKEST RAINBOW coming in July:

coming later still (not much info yet on these like pricing but if you want these let me know as these will be very limited):

MV+EE 12 x cassette box set - price may be close to $75 but not definite.
all unreleased live material.

Natural Snow Buildings - 3xlp
"The NSB 3LP is currently being mastered by Ben Nash. It sounds really great, great blend of the drones and quieter folkier sounds. Its gonna be 180gram vinyl, pro printed sleeve that will house all three LPs." - Joe / Blackest Rainbow. No pricing info yet but I'll be allocated up to 15 copies.

icastico said...

That Bebey release is a gem.

disconcerted said...

No problem, Andrea.

Not too surprised at the $75 price tag for the MV/EE release. I'm still preparing myself to see a £50/60 cost. Been trying to save up and hold back cash for it, really hoping at the moment that it's cheaper than expected.
I got a few of the details for the 3 NSB LPs just below the download link in this post. Sounds like they're going all out, bit of a shame that the triple gatefold would have cost multiple thousands to get made.

First time I listened to it I didn't think too much of this album, but after a few more my opinion has swayed much closer to yours, icastico.
Not sure, but is there a stylophone going on in parts of it?

Plustapes said...

Hi, it's great that you're a fan of the Bebey release as we were too. We were asked by the family to delete the item from our catalog, which is why we stopped selling it. If you could kindly take down the download link, it would be much appreciated. Hopefully this album will make a proper appearance again some day.

plustapes @ gmail.com

disconcerted said...

Keep up the great releases.