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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Tranko - Neko 77 / Mujam

Quick one again tonight. Decided to rip a couple of records today and will hopefully do a couple more tomorrow - took so long to set the damned thing up (old stereo) so I'm going to make the most of it. A few international records have been converted so far. One of the next two posts will be a Japanese psych/rock/pop/folk (+ a blues track) LP that took a while to track down a copy of and hasn't disappointed - for $2 as well! - and the other will be a recent bootleg re-issue of two 70s French tracks. Both in the next week.

Tranko - Neko 77 / Mujam

Released at the start of last year (2008) on The Great Pop Supplement this one didn't really do much for me when it first arrived so I'd recommend giving it time to grow on you.

Killer debut 45 from japanese psych band- whacked out moog / sitar collision like some holy Acid Mothers / Popol Vuh jam with Ananda Shankar at the controls

Don't think that totally describes it but definitely leaves a vague idea, you'll have to take a listen if you've not heard it already.


They have put out two releases on Reverb Worship, first one has all gone but second is still available. Boa Melody Bar looks to have copies left of the first.

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