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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Accident Child - Into the Gorge

Why do I always decide to do these well after midnight?!
One day this month there will be a mid-day post... hopefully.

Tomentosa still have this available ($8) so if you enjoy it please consider supporting a great label through a fantastic distro.

Accident Child - Into the Gorge

Had to buy those two new Big Blood CDs, just had to, and at the same time they (dontrustheruin) also released this disc and a new Inspector 22 album. Didn't spot the I22 at the time - it was a rush email to make sure the Big Blood CDs were snapped up - but did notice this one. No description, just some interesting artwork and a curious name.

"Matt Norris is Accident Child. If you had to describe it, loner folk would be as good a term as any. Reminds us a bit of Tuli from The Fugs or King Darves."

To my ears some of the melodies between guitar and voice on this album resemble those on Chriss Sutherland's 'Me in a field' and there's a similar feel on some songs to those early John Frusciante drug-infused solo albums.

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Dala Horse have just announced their second release. A new one from Richard Moult. Looks and sounds like a definite winner - again, like the Kutomo release, limited to 36.

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TripletBrotherSun said...

That "Accident Child" record sure looks interesting. Thanks for sharing it!

disconcerted said...

It gets better with each listen so I'd recommend giving it a few spins.