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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - Poisson

Ok, now I don't know if you lot have seen that sun out there this weekend but that is the reason behind a less fruitful post than intended. Expect that cancelled Francis Bebey release ('New Track') on Plus Tapes to appear in the next day or two though as that along with a couple of others have been ripped, just not yet uploaded.

Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - Poisson

This was only released three or four months ago by Rayon in an edition of 50, but this flute and drums duo have really been picking up momentum after last years release on Singing Knives. This, in my opinion, is a step up from that EP. The A-side is a bit messy, more in tune with what you might expect from their other releases, but the B-side is my preference. There are definite hints of Popol Vuh and that is rarely a bad thing.
Blackest Rainbow look to still have at least one copy of this in their distro, other releases are still just about available through Boa Melody Bar and Volcanic Tongue - unless they haven't updated - and maybe a few other of the usual suspects. Most seem to be on the verge of being out of print so if you're looking for copies it might be worth not leaving it too long.


Haven't noticed many new releases lately. The new James Blackshaw and Sir Richard Bishop releases have shown face and a huge haul of Digi Ltd tapes are out but I think my blinkers have been on lately trying to save cash. Twinsistermoon CD on UltraHardGel is thought to be out tomorrow (haven't heard any definites yet) with extended versions of a couple of the LP tracks and a new song. The NSB 3LP package on Blackest Rainbow is also going to come loaded with CDs and a zine for around £35 + postage and there will be a separate 2CD edition packaged in the zine also available for people without record players/wanting a cheaper option - 500 copies expected of each, price could change as it is still a couple of months off.

Golden Jooklo Age tape just this moment made available on Utmarken (limited to 100 copies), and they also have new Aaron Dilloway/Nate Young and Zaimph releases.

Not Not Fun have a couple of new records and cassettes (Heavy Winged / Inca Ore, Vibes, Matrix Metals, Dreamcolour).

The Great Pop Supplement have put out a Spacemen 3 LP.

Stunned released a new batch of beauties.

Three Lobed has a new LP by Eternal Tapestry.


Anonymous said...

im planning on reissuing poisson soon. Could you remove the mediafire upload?
Pascal (PWHMOBS)

disconcerted said...

No problem. Certainly worth a re-issue.