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Sunday, 21 June 2009

MV & EE - 12 Cassette Set (info)

Blackest Rainbow have announced details of the follow up to MV & EE's 2006 12 CDR bootleg set. Considering the amount it costs to get some of their LPs in Europe and the fact there are 12 albums in this package this one may go quicker than you'd expect, despite the price. The format may put a few people off though, so who can guess how long they'll really last?

TITLE: tbc
PRICE: £45.00 + shipping
AVAILABILITY: Limited to 250 copies, under 175 available for sale between myself and Alt Vinyl, some of which will be distributed to stores and mailorders.
PACKAGE: Custom made 12 way plastic case (like the Natural Snow Building set we did earlier in the year), pro dubbed cassettes, printed shells, artwork and insert of liners.

The MV & EE Medicine Show - Citybillies (Brooklyn, NY 5/23/02) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

my love for you has turned to life
york street blues
meditations on frankie
rank stranger
buck creek girls
ganga gurls

MV & EE With The Bummer Road - The Suncatcher Blossoms A Novatone (Tonic, NYC 7/18/2005) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

1. suncatcher >
other kinds rama >
mountains of yaffa >
death don't have no mercy
2. meditations on payday
3. tea devil
4. environments > solestrial
5. cold rain

MV & EE With The Bummer Road - Abstarct Blues and Egyptian Mud (Campfire Sounds, Acra, NY 7/15/06) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

1. parchman farm >
2. suspended in the sky
3. poor boy variations
4. death is my friend >
5. who do you abort?

MV & EE with The Bummer Road - Pastis King (Paris, November 11th, 2006) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

cold rain > tea devil
boo woe
death don't have no mercy

MV & EE with The Golden Road - Barn Joint (Red Barn, Amherst, MA, 10/16/07) (feat. J Mascis and Tom Carter) (PREVIOUSLY OUT AS AN UNOFFICIAL BOOTLEG)

THE BURDEN (15:59)
2. SUMMER MAGIC (6:07)
4. EASY LIVIN' (6:29)

MV & EE with The Golden Road - Lobstora Vs Tone Crabs (Floristree Auditorium Baltimore, MD, 6/14/08) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

1. EASY LIVIN' (07:48)
3. LAZY LIGHT (06:09)

MV & EE with The Wolfpack - Yurt Aspects/Rural Centrifuge (Wickermania Festival, The Yurt, Goshen, MA 8/2/08 / Tinderbox, Brattleboro, VT, 8/3/08) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

1. you matter (23:17)
Drone trailer
Tea devil
Cold rain

MV & EE with Jeremy Earl - He's On Tonight, Saddleback / Multiple Gravitrons (Cakeshop, NYC, 1/20/09) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

The hungry stones (06:27)
Huna cosm > anyway (16:58)
Valves rap (01:25)
Tea devil > weatherhead hollow (21:11)
Gravitron rap (03:34)
Drone trailer (11:49)

MV & EE with The Wolfpack - Mamma Zooed (The Triple, Richmond, VA, 1/23/09) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

hungry stones
huna cosm
tea devil > cold rain

MV & EE - Smoked Bossier (Art Space, Shreveport, LA, 1/29/09) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

Hungry stones
Huna cosm
Huna rap
Martyn rap
Freight train
Erie cotten rap
Cold rain
Weatherhead > drone trailer

MV & EE with The Golden Road - Sequential Circuits and Fiber (Vintage By The Pound, Toronto, ON, Canada, 2/7/09) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

1. the hungry stones
2. huna cosm
3. profile rap
4. anyway
5. the burden
6. easy livin'

MV & EE - Pete's Pix Vol. 2 (2004-2006) (tracks from Cambridge UK, Colour Out of Space, Thurston's ATP, Oxford, London, and more. Features Nemo, Chris Corsano, Samara, Willie, Jiggs, Sparrow, Simoes) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

01. cocola moves thru the bizarre
CB2 basement, cambridge UK 5/31/2005

02. really poor boy
shaw library, london school of economics
london, UK 11/14/06

03. codeine
the port mahon, oxford, UK 12/6/04

04. solestrial (w/samara & nemo)
albany bar, london, UK 12/20/04

05. special rider blues
maximum arousal farm, guilford, VT 4/01/05
(erika (space echo/live dub), mo' jiggs (harp))

06. color out of the canned (w/samara & chris corsano)
colour out of space festival
the ocean rooms, brighton, UK 11/12/06

07. canned approximations
ATP, minehead, somerset, UK 12/09/06
(w/the bummer road - willie, samara, nemo, sparrow, jiggs, simoes, corsano)
thx to j mascis and david keenan for loaning me their guitars

08. death don't have no mercy
the red rose, london, UK 11/13/06


captain groovy said...
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captain groovy said...

sorry last comment was scrambled.Basically i said ouch!!! But for whatever reason this is one band i pretty much try to get everything by as opposed to the Snow Buildings guys or Jooklo where i'm happy to download it.I guess i'm in.But if i don't get it somebody better upload it!! :)

matt b said...

attempted to attend that richmond va show, but we were sadly turned away at the door cause us kids under 21 weren't allowed in.. wanted to listen from the sidewalk but ended up headin home. nice coincidence i'll be able to get a recording of it though!

disconcerted said...

Yeah not going to be a cheap one. I'll try and help out with a couple at some point but I don't know if I could sit and do all 12.

Managed to find the track listing for the tapes so added that on if that helps at all with the purchasing decision. It's cheap on a 'per tape' cost.

Unlucky Matt. Is the US really strict with the age limits at venues?