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Thursday, 11 June 2009

MV & EE - Space

Pretty sure you can still get copies of these bootlegs from Matt - he sold a bunch on ebay the other night - so this is the only other one I'm going to do for the time being. Black Ark/White Egg is also floating around the blogosphere.

With Space, the duo find themselves alone for an intimate set recorded in Portland, Maine. Half of the performance is live versions of tracks from Drone Trailer. If you enjoy the duo's more spaced-out moments, you're in for quite a treat with Huna Cosm. EE does an amazing job singing on Tea Devil, my personal favorite track here. Out of the innumerable live CD-Rs available out there, Space might not sound exceptional and stick out among the rest, but there are plenty fine moments in here to please even the most hardened fans. (myrecordcollection)

1. The Hungry Stones (7:32)
2. Huna Cosm (10:27)
3. Tea Devil (11:18)
4. Weatherhead Hollow (10:33)
5. Drone Trailer (12:45)


A.M. Shiner / Xiphiidae / Heat Conference / Anvil Dome - split
Vanilla Host - Folded At The Face
Jeffry Astin / Josh Burke - split

Under the Spire:
Jasper TX - Lungs (pre-order)

Klorofyll Kassetter:
Hanna Hirsch - Tala svart/Versioner
Million Brazilians - New ideas in psychic music
Altar of Flies - Eremiten

Reverb Worship:
Light Of Shipwreck - As I Hold the Ashes
Sproatly Smith - The Yew & the Hare

Woodland Recordings:
Diamond Family Archive - The Wanderer (+ 'Aeroplane' for limited time)

Black Eagle Child:
Seasons (pre-din) / Black Eagle Child - Split

Sonic Meditations
Expo 70 - Center of the Earth

Also worth keeping your eye out for: Norman Records are getting in a Peter Broderick 3" CD tomorrow (probably that film score disc), a couple of new Dial Square Tapes releases are expected soon. It sounds as though Matt is preparing the new L'Animaux Tryst LPs from Cursillistas & Tempera (see C-Box).

Oh, and Ronaldo is for sale, but you've probably missed the boat on that one.


Cabin Floor said...

any idea on date for this thing? Wondering if it's the Time of Rivers set.

disconcerted said...

16th Jan '09, Space Gallery (Portland). Not seen one for a venue named Time of Rivers yet. Think new ones are still appearing though - latest being 'ready for another house' - and there is also that Blackest Rainbow set coming out soon.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, and Ronaldo is for sale..."


Cabin Floor said...

ah yeah Time of Rivers was a festival they played at the Space Gallery in Portland, but that was back in October. We kept telling them they had to release it, one of the most jaw-dropping sets and certainly the best I've seen from them. I'm still waiting for it!

disconcerted said...

Hopefully that will appear at some point then. Fingers crossed they put it in the box set because after that few people will have any money left.

As for Ronaldo, I'm glad he's going. Well, he did score a lot of goals for us and that will be missed, but it will be great to see his attitude after he hasn't won anything for a couple of seasons.