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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Clothilde / Delphine - Split 7" & Max Ochs - Imaginational Anthem 7"

Two 7"s, four songs, two French, two instrumental.
First things first though, spotted this morning that there's a new Bobby Beausoleil 4LP coming out next month on The Anja Offensive. $50 but one well worth looking out for. Will try and upload 'Mantra' in a few weeks time.

Clothilde / Delphine - Fallait pas écraser la queue du chat / La fermeture éclair

These songs come from a couple of rare 7"s from 1970s French chanteuses - both on separate records. Rare, out of print, expensive, great songs, each a valid reason for why the songs received the bootleg re-issue treatment a couple of months ago. Even these bootleg copies (edition of 300 on Feral Child - no website) were going for up to £15 on ebay so that should give some impression of how sought after these songs are.
The Delphine track is especially good. Just realised how bassy these rips are coming out, I'll try and sort that out for future rips. Still, don't let that put you off (maybe lower the bass in your media player's equaliser).


Max Ochs - Imaginational Anthem

Cousin of Phil Ochs, 60s/70s concert promoter and friend of John Fahey. That might give some basic background to what this 7" sounds like. It certainly has leanings towards both names but also with what you'd suspect he was surrounding himself with when finding bands/musicians to play shows.
Two good songs on this 7" but nothing spectacular or ground breaking.

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