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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Twinsistermoon news

Literally just received this news from Joe and it appears that he (as Blackest Rainbow honchō) will be re-releasing the CD edition of Twinsistermoon's 'The Hollow Mountain'.

The original plan for the album was to have a limited vinyl release on Dull Knife, which happened, and then have it released on CD by UltraHardGel, but that didn't seem to happen. I can't tell you the ins and outs of what happened there, because quite frankly, I have no clue, but the CD edition will hopefully be appearing towards the end of this year.

Not much information about the re-release is known yet as it is still in the talking/planning stages, but expect the originally planned bonus tracks to be included. And we are talking about the people that this year have released two CDs, seven cassettes, an LP and still have at least two or three more pieces planned, so maybe more has been written?
Who knows?
My recommendation would just be to sign up to the Blackest Rainbow mailing list - if for some reason you're not on it already - and be patient for a couple of months.

There is NO pre-order for this currently so please consider the health of Joe's fingers if hundreds of people start asking him about it.

A two part blog post hopefully tomorrow and Sunday (not related to this post).


Anonymous said...

""The Hollow Mountain" will be released on CD with an
extra track"


Anonymous said...

I have discivered a good release here:


and the LP:
"Around the end of the year or autumn, Tiliqua will also release this album as a subscription only LP edition, housed in heavy jacket, complete with obi and pressed on heavy vinyl. The LP will be a 250 copies only limited edition and solely available directly from Tiliqua Records. For this one we are taking pre-orders now."




Blackest Blog said...

that Skogsberg record is really really good!

disconcerted said...

No doubt expensive though...
Any idea what the 'subscription only' means? Mailing list I'm assuming.

Just noticed another batch of (sadly, already sold out) Dial Square Tapes - Charlatan, Silvercone Calicos, Black Eagle Child.

Blackest Blog said...

yeah I would assume it'd be real expensive, no idea on how to get a hold of one... I have the cd anyway, but a vinyl copy would be nice!