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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Number None / Medroxy Progesterone Acetate (pt.1)

This is part one of the two parter with the second part appearing on Sunday, hopefully. Bit delayed on this one having trouble with uploading and as a result the Number None is in 320kbps and the Medroxy Progesterone Acetate is in 192kbps due to length and upload limits.
I'm also quite tired right now - 1am, listening to the new droning Maarten Van Der Vleuten which is quite lethargic at this hour - so forgive me if this ends up quite short and looking incomplete.

Number None - Nervous Climates

Released on Mike Tamburo's New American Folk Hero label, mid-late 2005. There were only a dozen of these left (out of a print of 100) in February 2007 so I'm assuming this is now out of print - there may have been a second pressing?
Number None (myspace) is not the best known but have made some really great pieces. They're a duo from Chicago and consist of Christopher Miller and Jeremy Bushnell.

"Originating in Chicago, Number None are an experimental drone outfit who explore the very edge of noise on their 3" CD Nervous Climates. Clocking in at 18 minutes the album is the sound of glacial movements, the single beat of an insects wing, or maybe the sun imploding. Eerie, dark and foreboding this is a strange trip of the highest order." Terrascope

1. Chevy Hex Setup
2. Nephophobia
3. Polar Kraken
4. Psychic Exhaust Vehicle


(if you too are wondering, 'nephophobia' is the fear of clouds)

Medroxy Progesterone Acetate - We're a Monotonous Band

This was a MusicYourMindWillLoveYou (MYMWLY) release from September 2007.
Tricky name to read - as I'm sure is the same with every chemical castration drug - so from now on you'll just process MPA.
MPA (website) is Darren Bauler out of Iowa. Treated field recordings from churches and cemeteries, spoken stories and bells. A dark album but definitely worth listening to - especially enjoy track 7.

"The sound of crackling black electricity from darkest Iowa. Sometimes a dense churring like millions of robotic grasshoppers, sometimes the high whir of interplanetary radio waves. Digging the felt inner sleeve." (Boa Melody Bar)

1. The Yoke
2. Paleyellowpurple
3. Circle of Salt
4. Teenage Basement Spaceship
5. Slaughterhouse Champs
6. How does the Skin Man get His Skin?
7. The Story of the Solehn Sisters, Who were in Love with Each Other
8. The Necropsych Snowblind Blues Band Performs Overdriven Liturgical Dirges for Lotte Reiniger

Download (files 1 and 7 are corrupted for some reason, they are for download here and here respectively)


Anonymous said...

this album wont let you download. click on download and it comes back saying download starting, never downloads. thanks

disconcerted said...

Both seem to be working fine for me at the moment.
Click the link on this blog and then click the 'click here to start downloading...' message on mediafire and it should give you that open with/save file option - then choose save file.
Otherwise maybe you have a pop-up blocker? I believe the 'ctrl' button usually overrides blockers so try clicking the 'click here to start downloading...' button with 'ctrl' pressed on your keyboard.

I'm by no means a computer expert so sorry if that doesn't help. Both links should however be working at the moment.

Anonymous said...

tracks 1 and 7 seem to be corrupted. All the others are fine, but these two won't open. It's a shame as the music is great. Great blog too.

disconcerted said...

Thanks for pointing that out. Don't know why that is but I'll try and upload both of those tracks later as single files and see if that works.

Part 2 should be up this evening as well.

And thank you, the kind comments are much appreciated.

disconcerted said...

1. The Yoke

7. The Story of the Solehn Sisters, Who were in Love with Each Other

Fourth time lucky.