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Monday, 21 September 2009

Ben Nash - Minions by Foot / Alcatraz Dialect

Two out of print, late 2008 EPs from Ben Nash (myspace) here. As usual they are both uploaded as 320 mp3s.

Ben Nash - Minions by Foot
Ben Nash - Minions by Foot

This was a 3" disc released on Open Range Records (later transformed into Cabin Floor Esoterica) and was issued in a puny edition of 50.
It starts off with a short minute and a half track that isn't the most exciting but the second track, which is runs below the three minute mark, is fantastic. Great acoustic backing with a nice crunchy guitar, some pretty bell sounds with a screechy electronic sound - almost sounds like the noise you get when you suck in air between your teeth (if you know what I'm talking about). The third and final track is free. Similar to some subdued PWHMOBS with extra droning guitars and synths played out in the open in Australia.
This EP has gradually become one of my favourite Ben Nash pieces. Highest recommendation (as Volcanic Tongue would say).

As all three of the tracks are untitled I've put the order in parenthesis so you can play it in the correct order with out having to check extra info.

1. Untitled (1:26)
2. Untitled (2:52)
3. Untitled (8:17)

Ben Nash - Alcatraz Dialect

Ben Nash - Alcatraz Dialect

This was released just a week or two before 'Minions by Foot' on Ben's own Recollections of Knulp label in an edition of 96. Why 96 and not 100? I have no idea but it does look a nice number written down...
There are two longer, more ambient tracks on this disc equalling about 25 minutes in total. The title track is a calm affair. A really relaxing 12 minutes. 'Samaya' is a piece of textured synths. Sustained notes punctured by staccato, reverb/delayed guitar that later comes to light on its own - although that becomes the point where I always question whether it has actually been a guitar.

1. Alcatraz Dialect (12:09)
2. Samaya (13:13)

Ben has recently released another EP with Sophie Cooper on Blackest Rainbow but has recorded and mastered more for other people in the past year. Looks like a split with Magic Lantern is still planned on BR but I don't know of any more, hopefully there will be lots in 2010.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this-
love the Nash

disconcerted said...

Totally with you on that. Can't remember anything bad on any of his releases.