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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Cursillistas - Peace Pipers and Cursillistas / White Light - Travel Light

Was really hoping to get this post up and finished last night but got completely distracted by the football and pizza - a pizza that was ordered at 8:30 and arrived at 10:15! So here it is...

It was pointed out to me the other day that both of these were uploaded to Microphones in the Trees over the past couple of weeks (here and here respectively) so maybe everyone will have already downloaded these, but having spent the time ripping and uploading these, they're going up. It should be noted though that they're both really good releases and deserve to reach as far as they possibly can - definitely check the split if not both. And also, it's probably worth mentioning that the Joint Chiefs LP is out next month (limited to 200) and Les Biches has just been released. Both small editions so don't say I didn't warn you...

Both freshly ripped and recorded as sides A & B (rather than split tracks) and then converted to 320kbps mp3s.

Cursillistas - Peace Pipers
Cursillistas - Peace Pipers

Exclusive jams that add up to a prequel or addendum to the Joint Chiefs LP out on Digitalis later this year (see below for more info on that). 45 minutes of headspace dustbowl jams that are a perfect complement to your zoned-out summer heatwave evenings.

A1. 4:20 Sundial
A2. Totem / Tokem
A3. Realm of Hungry Ghosts
A4. American Afghan
B1. Arrowhead Necklace
B2. Light up at the End of the Tunnel
B3. Stoned Eagle
B4. Feathered Chimes
B5. Medallion
B6. Love is all we eed


Cursillistas / White Light - Travel Light
Cursillistas / White Light - Travel Light

This LP was made for the Cursillistas / White Light tour and limited to 150 copies. There were a couple left over and subsequently sold via the L'animaux Tryst mailing list.
Some really great psych-folk stuff here.
Matt and Cursillistas manage to bring out a couple of excellent songs, a nice 10 minute jam and two shorter pieces. 'That Great Stone' being my personal highlight of the A-Side.
The only thing I had heard of White Light before was the split with Barry Burst but after this I really hope to hear more. 'Five Horses' comes as a bit of a revelation. Can't ride them all.

1. Crutches (3:28)
2. Incantations of Bona Dea (4:17)
3. That Great Stone (7:57)
4. Rewa Dokpa (18:09)
5. Tivoli

White Light
1. The Root of All Evil (3:13)
2. Five Horses (8:52)
3. Without the Other One (13:51)
4. We Do True

(times are rough finishing points of tracks)


Looks like Cursillistas is travelling around the US during the next couple of months so check the Myspace page if you're interested.

Loads of new releases and news:

Root Strata is closed for the month of September, but good news is the 'Tsuki No Seika' single series (that one that was costing up to $50 for four 7"s) is going to be heading to distros. Hopefully the price will come down slightly as a result.

Apparently there will be a CD edition of the Bobby Beausoleil 'Lucifer Rising Suite', expected for release in November.

Low Point: P Jørgensen - To
Celer - Mane Blooms
Gareth has also worked Sound Cloud into the website so you can preview what you're buying.

Blackest Rainbow has shipped the NSB 2CD sets and the vinyl edition (distros: (US) Eclipse, Time-Lag, Forced Exposure, Tomentosa. (UK) Norman, Volcanic Tongue, Alt Vinyl, Second Layer, Boa Melody Bar. (Europe) Repo Man, Bis Auf Messer, Unrock) is heading out at the end of this week. Can't wait!
Vakhchav - Birth To A Point It Comes
Basillica - Kingdom Of Status
Master Slave - Death Prayer

Install: Aidan Baker - Dry
Jason / Shinobu - Dispel Space-Time Lust

Utmarken: Relic
Oneohtrix Point Never - Scenes with curved objects
Skonhet - The girl who stole the Eiffel Tower
Dead letters spell out dead words - Live at Lava / PK365

Winebox Press have released a triple cassette box featuring guitar wanderings from Ross Parfitt, Tom Carter, Matt Valentine, Tom Settle, Jon Collin and Infinite Light. This costs £30 though. Ouch.

Country Roads (Milieu Music): David Tagg - Established Trees

Cabin Floor Esoterica: Archers by the Sea / Kawrelia Soul Collective - Split
Gorman - Red Oak Trail (most likely sold out)
Gorman/Cursillistas - Ash Masks

Cass/Flick: Jonathan Lesbian Seagull - Jitterbug

Digitalis: Bugskull - Communication
Seht - HRRY
Elm - Nemcatacoa
Evan Caminiti - Psychic Mud Shrine

Digitalis Ltd: Goatfooted / Hunting Rituals - Split
Plankton Wat - Our solar beings
Rambutan - Incidences
Sundog Peacehouse - Bros
Lakes - Monument of nests
Brother Raven - Nellie
Alphabets - Pow sound

Myiasis Tapes: Pummeler - The Sewage Riot
al Qaeda - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Plasmic Formations - The High Preist's Will Save Us All

Reverb Worship: Timas 23 - Levitation

Gronland Records are apparently working on a box set comprising of four Neu! albums.

According to the latest issue of The Wire we are all due a bunch of Peel Sessions from the likes of PiL, Gang of Four and The Specials.
They also claim that at some point this month we're due another edition of the BBC's Britannia series, this time about synths. If they're anything like previous instalments then I'd highly recommend looking out for it if you have a passing interest.

Boomkat have copies of the new Rameses III record on Type in. Heard lots of good things about it - haven't taken the time to listen yet though, check the Type site for a stream.

Kimberley Dawn: Eagle Altar - The Life of Bridgette Driscoll
Pink Priest - Goddess
Scott Cloud - Infi Cycles

Peasant Magik: Thou - Kingdoms (3 cassettes)
Light of Shipwreck - The Night Sky Burns a Hole in Us All
Sparkling Wide Pressure - The No Self Journey
My3yeah / 6majik9 - Split


Anonymous said...

how bout the new BOTOS

disconcerted said...

Who has released it?

Anonymous said...

Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood – ‘Grass Openings’ CD $18AU(Australia)/$16US(World)
"Full-length CD edition of 500 in hand stamped, gatefold sleeves. After numerous CDs, CDRs, cassettes and LPs, Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood have established themselves as one of the many lights in modern improvised outsider music. Their latest offering, ‘Grass Openings’ sees them continue down this winding path of intoxicated trance derangement. Drawing heavily from psychedelic, jazz and weirdo traditions to create a unique form of mutant sound."



Anonymous said...

gorman & cursillistas:



Anonymous said...

New Mudboy - Mort Aux Vaches cd in wooden cover out now!





disconcerted said...

I thought MYMWLY closed up?

Got a copy of that Gorman / Cursillistas tape on hold so not going to spoil that, but cheers for the link. I think Time-Lag are due to get a couple of copies of it as well.

Mudboy looks nice. €18 (inc. postage) is beyond my 'trying to save' means.

Got the NSB triple in the post this morning. Wow! Great records - on first listen - and really nicely put together. Bet every distro employee will have one of these in their personal collections by the end of the month.

disconcerted said...

Oh, apparently there's more new Qbico this month. Been completely thrown off that mailing list, which is a shame because these sound good. But anyway, these are the records:

Mats Gustafsson - Mats G plays Albert A (one-sided)

Makoto Kawabata - Under Your Moonshine

Sabu Toyozumi / Mototeru Takagi - If Ocean Is Broken (2LP)

8mm also have a joint record between Virginia Genta and Chris Corsano coming up. And there's a new Jooklo w/ Peaking Lights next month on Holidays Records.

Anonymous said...

"apparently there's more new Qbico this month"

where did you see that information?


Anonymous said...

Mike Tamburo - The Tenth Gate and Other Revelations Box Set Available Now

Friends, I am proud to announce the release of my new box set. The Tenth Gate And Other Revelations. It contains 6 discs of music, art and writings..This is the bulk of my work since my last box set collection. if you have seen any of my shows between January 2007 up until yesterday, i assure you that the music you heard is in this collection. Contains musical journeys on hammered dulcimer, guitar, crowned eternal, piano, vocals and electronics.

Discs contained
The Tenth Gate
The Ballad Of One Hung Glove
The Chemical Marriage
Teachings Of The Crowned Eternal
Screwing Six Bolts Into Last Tuesday
plus WIthout Beginning Middle Or End Volume 2 Booklet

limited quantities are available
$40 in person
$45 including shipping and handling in the US
$50 including shipping and handling for all other countries
paypal lastamericanhero@gmail.com

I am also proud to announce the release of Mike Tamburo - In The District of Noise - Live In Washington DC 8.24.2008. One of my favorite show ever. Recorded in the back yard of the Lighthouse. Contains a Crowned Eternal piece called Opus 23 and a hammered dulcimer piece called Variation On Vitvivatora.

$5 in person
$7 in US
$9 all other countries.

Upcoming Shows

Tour With Sagas

9.17.09 cleveland, ohio @ front room gallery
9.18.09 state college, pa @ schlow library
9.19.09 pelham, ma @ house show 8 North Vally Rd.
9.20.09 providence, ri @ alec k. redfearn's house (with manbeard + the eyesores)
9.21.09 philly, pa @ the black lodge (with 500 mg + tba)
9.22.09 bethlehem, pa @ the hard bean cafe

without sagas

9.26.09 montreal @ casa del popolo (with Ensemble Kesjdan + Khôra)

Tour in November with Ben Reynolds


disconcerted said...

Someone posted info about the Makoto Kawabata LP on rateyourmusic and a little hunting around found news of the other two.

The Mats Gustafsson plays Albert Ayler record looks really promising but I don't think it will be cheap - if it appears at any distros?

Anonymous said...

Eclipse Records update 9.17.09



*Mats Gustafsson - Mats G plays Albert A one-sided LP $48.99 (QBICO)
"After his redention of Duke Ellington pieces, the series continue with Mats unique versions/visions of classic Ayler's tunes like Our prayer and Angels/Spirits. here he plays music box and baritone sax; the sound is full and warm. rec. in June 2009. ltd ed. of 99 copies only + 26 n° with signed and stamped postcard." One sided lp pressed on black vinyl - includes insert. Recorded, mixed and mastered June 16, 2009 by Ola Glans, Svinaberga, Sweden.

*Makoto Kawabata - Under Your Moonshine LP $22.99 (QBICO)
Makoto Kawabata- electric guitar (with no overdubbing) recorded around 2003/4. Pressed on black vinyl - artwork by Troglosound. "The last Makoto Kawabata release for qbico ! and strange enough Makoto told me that this was his last solo guitar rec. with no overdubs. he gave to me this special solo a while ago, maybe 2003/4... i waited for the right moment to release it, just before the closure of qbico, it all started with him..."

*Sabu Toyozumi / Mototeru Takagi - If Ocean Is Broken double LP $48.99 (QBICO)
Sabu Toyozumi- drums, percussion. Mototeru Takagi- soprano, tenor sax, bass clarinet. Recorded live April 1971 @ Yasuda Seimei Hall, Tokyo.
""unreleased free jazz from Japan in it's prime, rec. live in Tokyo in 1971. Mototeru Takagi already released two beautiful duo LP back then with master Japanese drummers like Masahiko Togashi (Isolation) and Toshi Tsuchitori (Origination), so this last DLP complete in a sense the set of duo rec. with the best, 1st generation, free music drummers from Japan. On the other side it complete also the duo rec. by Sabu with the greatest reeds player from Japan (still of the 1st generation); being, his various duos with legendary Kaoru Abe, already documented on qbico (Senzei) and elsewhere. About the music: raw and passionate = primitive beauty; both musicians are in top form and surely in their most creative period. Mr. Takagi plays tenor, soprano sax and bass clarinet, while Sabu is on drums and percussion. original rec. were very well preserved (fortunatly) and the pressing came out wonderful! cover by qbico." Pressed on black vinyl.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Did you see the last Tip of the Tongue?
"Okay, the new self-released solo album from Bill Orcutt of Harry Pussy on Palilalia Records is quite simply the album of the year."

Bill Orcutt
"A New Way To Pay Old Debts"
(Palilalia Records)


Palilalia records:


disconcerted said...

$49 for a one-sided LP?! That has put me right off. Maybe Norman Records or somewhere will get some a little cheaper...

Yeah did see that Bill Orcutt the other day. Been desperately trying to save money so have managed not to buy it (so far). Probably very good.

Anonymous said...

thanks much for those...

disconcerted said...

No problem