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Monday, 31 August 2009

Mitchell Akiyama - Mort Aux Vaches

Discovered this one a bit by chance a couple of years back. Was searching around for some info on the disappointing Colleen edition of the series (Mort Aux Vaches on Discogs) and saw this slightly crumpled copper cover close by. Tried ordering a copy from Staalplaat only to be told it was out of stock, same situation over at Rough Trade. Can't remember where I eventually found it but it turned out to be well worth the painful hunting - opening up the jiffy bag and getting spiked topped it all off.

The recent Yellow Swans edition put this one back into my mind. So I dug it out and after a couple of listens I came to the conclusion that it was well worth sharing.

Mitchell Akiyama - Mort Aux Vaches

"A 40min+ untitled composition focussed around a glitch to harmonius drone transition with guitar notes, ratting micro percussion, heavy bass passages, white noise all melted into a wonderous semi classical framework." (Boomkat)

It really does have a great selection of sounds, you could probably cut it up and make a ten track album out of it but as one piece it works perfectly. Lots of details to keep it interesting.

Download (320kbps mp3)


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I-Absentee have re-released Milieu's excellent 'New drugs for nuclear families of the seventies' with a bunch of bonus tracks.

Erased Tapes have put Olafur Arnalds 'Founds Songs' onto disc (CD & wax) but it's an expensive 10" (£13!) and you can still download it for free here.

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Stunned Records have reached Stunned 50 with releases from Dreamcolour, Sagas, Magnetic North Duo and Torture Corpse.

Reverb Worship have put Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Jones' 'Avon' onto 3" CD - check Olbas Noise for download. They have also released CDs from Tranko III, Jenisej and Book of Shadows.

There's also that Beatles box set out at the end of the week. If you can afford to spend £135-£200 on it (prices: amazon) then you probably have too much money. Actually, the cheaper box set it probably a bit of a steal for that price as it's hard to find their albums for much less than £10 and there are 17 discs in that set. £200 for 13 discs is a royal fuck-over though. Does that not count as price fixing? Come on EU, sue them.

After that Nick Cave reading ('The death of Bunny Munro' is out this week) video a few posts ago I decided I didn't really want to post any more Youtube videos on here. The new widescreen format covers too much space for my liking and I can't find a way to resize it to standard format even if the video inside the player is not widescreen - sort it out Youtube!. Anybody able to offer technical advice?
But anyway, this made me laugh a little.


Anonymous said...

This Akiyama's a classic! It's always been my favorite thing by him. I always go back to this one like Fennesz's Live in Japan. Cheers.

disconcerted said...

Good to know this is his best - save me some money for now.
Glad someone else out there also knew of it and enjoys it.