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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Gareth Hardwick / David Tagg - Split (2 x 3")

First things first, sorry about the length of time between posts. If you arrived here during the period between now and that Clothilde / Delphine post expecting to find the recent Oneohtrix Point Never cassette (split with Caboladies), apologies for that. It will appear again in the future but as there is another edition in the works it was taken down. The first edition is still available from Volcanic Tongue if you're desperate for it asap but keep an eye on NNA Tapes for the second batch.

Secondly, I've had a little spruce up of the blog links, apologies to those removed but it didn't seem worth keeping links to completely removed blogs. There will be a few more added in the next few days having found a couple more linking here - which is really appreciated, thanks a lot.

Lastly, Motljud have listed 30 new copies of the Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting album for sale. Apparently that name means 'Sweden's municipalities and county councils'... My suggestion is that name alludes to a gathering of musicians from a bunch of Swedish groups but I'm not 100% sure who was involved. There were only 6 copies of the original LP made, somehow, so this extra edition comes as somewhat of a relief.

Gareth Hardwick / David Tagg - Split

This gorgeously packaged release only came out a month ago and you're already too late (sorry). David Tagg has come up with a bizarre contraption to house the 3" CDs, but like the Expanding Electronic Diversity (now Install) CD cases it is a complete success. He probably went mad making the 54 copies.
The Gareth Hardwick track is lovely with slow melodies that gently soak into the ambience and David Tagg has created a piece that just grows over the 12 minutes, almost rolling in a way that a giant egg would (that may make more sense when you listen to it). I don't know if either track will leave you in awe, they are both rather subtle tracks, but they are certainly calming, peaceful and well composed.


New releases:

Singing Knives: Alberorovesciato - Tigers on acid in the hell of the brushwood

Under the Spire: Tom White - A well-known phrase

Blackest Rainbow: Best Coast - Where The Boys Are
Master Slave - Death Prayer
(cassette & cdr sale)

Teosinte Records: Sparkling Wide Pressure - Reborn in action

Music Mundane (email): Early Hominids - Metatarsal
Foldhead - Drugs, paint, alcohol

Deception Island: Chris Benedetto Madak - Bees Removed
Fragments - Kinetic Sphere
Bee Mask - Shimmering Braid
Skin Graft - Brick in the Mouth of a Corpse

Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips has got a side project 12" single out under the name Moon Duo. Check out the myspace blog for stores - Europeans may be better off checking Norman Records.

Root Strata new releases are expected at some point over the next week. The Christina Carter LP (double) looks so good and there is also going to be an Oneohtrix Point Never DVD.

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