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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Cam Deas / Second Family Band

Never seem to pick the best times for adding in a new blog entry, rushing around, lacking the laptop (the computer that can help rip cassettes) and waiting for updates.

Whilst searching around for others going to that Fennesz/Grouper/NSB show I ran across Mapsadaisical's blog and his Cam Deas/Ben Nash/Nautilus post.
Here are the two earliest Cam Deas albums on Blackest Rainbow.

Cam Deas - Five Bells
The initial 2 seconds of the opener on this 6 track blazer from Cam are screeching electronics which vanish instantly into a seance of a doomed village, with the leader strumming out some bleak herbal drug folk ritual/haze. Track two, 'Where We've Been' blurs into an intense dronescape, smearing into a lighter, more psychedelic, drone piece 'Where We're Going'. 'The Days Are Over' has a floating drone back, layered on top with guitar ala Jack Rose, Blackshaw etc. Title track 'Five Bells' follows burning the guitar into a flaming rage, with a few remaining strum yelps struggling through the flames. The disc closes with a sweet guitar piece entitled 'Two More Days', again similar to Blackshaw and Rose. Cam just moved up for the smoke to the steel city and a bunch of us just discovered his musical vibes. He has a bunch of things dropping soon, and had a split release with Sindre Bjerga not so long ago. The dude has the skills.

Cam Deas - Five Bells

Cam Deas - For the Silver Waters, Sing!
Second CDR from Cam on BR... this time around Cam focuses on 12 string guitar compositions (kinda like a tribute to Robbie Basho) rather than the more far out folk drone of 'Five Bells' (also reissued this month!). The kid has got some sweet finger picking going on... and at times almost has this kinda weird post folk aggro grunge twang to it, which I guess makes no sense, but check it out and you'll get me (maybe?). Closing track 'Raag Of The Sillver Waters' builds from the previous two 12 stringers, but Cam brings his own far out qualities to it with vocal drones, reverse looping, and bizarre bubbling bleeps. A definite for any fans of James Blackshaw, Robbie Basho...

Cam Deas - For the Silver Waters, Sing!

Second Family Band - The Heathens Return (cassette)

Taken from the Jerkwave subscription series.
Big thanks to Mike for uploading this.

Blackest Rainbow (pre-orders)
Robert Horton and Sindre Bjerga - 'Can't Go Fast Enough to Get There Early
Starving Weirdos - B/P/M Series 1

Flipped Out Records
Burnt Hills - Microburst
Burnt Hills - Over the Rainbow

Peasant Magik
Expo 70 - Psychosis
Tunnels - In between Dreams

Under the Spire (pre-order)
Chihei Hatakeyama - August

Don't have the time at the moment but expect short descriptions of the Cam Deas discs a bit later. You can also buy some of his releases direct so check out his myspace page for more info.


Delta-Slider said...

Thanks a ton for the Cam Deas. I contacted him about CDr's of this early stuff and he's all out.
I have the latest one, "My Guitar is Alive..." on order.
I'll probably post it once he is sold out.

disconcerted said...

Tomentosa Records may have a few copies left of the second edition 'Five Bells'.
Hope you're enjoying them.

Haven't got either of the LPs yet, probably should get around to that at some point soon...