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Monday, 4 May 2009

New Releases (start of May)

Just discovered a new label that I'm certain others here will be interested in.

Under the Spire Recordings: Based in Wales, set up by Christopher Edwards and at the end of last month released a 3" CD from Boduf Songs and a double 3" CD set from Zelienople. Cannot wait for these. Check out the samples on the Myspace page (linked above) because you won't be disappointed.
Future releases to come from Chihei Hatekeyama, Richard Skelton and Forestflies.

Earjerk Records
Anvil Dome - Within Huron
E.C. Brown and I'Diamond - Gothick Reforme
Varlet Tarsod - s/t
Crystal Dragon - The Crystal Demos
SFB - East to West
SFB - Weird Sword / Seers Word
SFB - Whose Wave We Ride
SFB - The Eternal Lag Pt.2

Root Strata released those Ilyas Ahmed and Zach Wallace CDs a couple of days late and have also put on a good sale (strangely cutting the international postage costs on the old CDs as well). They have also revealed a future 7" a capella subscription series, and although they didn't provide the artists involved don't be too surprised if you see Zelienople, Christina Carter, Islaja, Xela, Richard Youngs, Grouper and Hisato Higuchi amongst the set.

Pizza Night
Fragments - Retching Sunshine
Bee Mask - No Mutant Enemy

Cabin Floor Esoterica
Zashiki Warashi - Salamander
Joseph McNulty - For Warm Fire & Earth
Second Family Band - Winged Stomp House

Great Pop Supplement
David A Jaycock - A New Love Song
The Smiles & Frowns - Mechanical Songs

James over at 5 Minute Association has also got up a website - HERE - and although the first two beautiful releases (Boduf Songs and Richard Youngs) are pictured, he may just be teasing us. He has also officially announced plans to release another Isengrind/NSB/TSM set, Six Organs of Admittance (UK tour 7"), Wooden Shjips, Voice of the Seven Woods, amongst many others.

Reverb Worship
Michael Vallera - Shallow Water Blackout
Alan Scheurman - Old Patterns

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