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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Isengrind - Journey of the Seven Stars (cassette)

Really quick one (1am, tired...).

Look right and into the Cbox and you will see that turiluri has kindly uploaded the new Isengrind cassette.

Anyway, in case the links disappear off that chat box, here are the links.

Isengrind - Journey of the Seven Stars (audio)
Isengrind - Journey of the Seven Stars (artwork)

I'd highly recommend taking the time to download the artwork folder because it is absolutely beautiful and some excellent pictures from all angles.

Excellent blog, The Real Nitty Gritty has the album on mediafire if anyone has problems with sendspace links (although a refresh may do the trick).

Huge thanks again to turiluri.

Digitalis have also released new Caboladies and Metal Rouge LPs tonight limited to 100 copies each.


captain groovy said...

thanks thanks & thanks again.I know it wasn't your upload but you're the hub of alot of this activity.That art is amazing.It's so completely over the top i don't know whether to be impressed or appalled at their sheer audacity.I'm going to put the 2 sides & art up in mediafire files which is a little easier download for my friends.With your permission i'll post it on my blog.The more people this gets out to the merrier i say.

Anonymous said...

the mexican gods bless turiluri :)

Anonymous said...

please, less pretty packages and very limited editions,
and more regular editions for everybody.

Thanks for upload this music.

will be a good spectacle to see the next Ebay auctions of another release of these guys.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Tomato Tomato singles club

Hastily, and somewhat misguidedly perhaps, titled, Tomato Tomato, for those of you who haven't worked it out, is a dialectal joke about Yanks and Limeys. That's because, between June and November of 2009, we'll be releasing six 7" singles, each in a limited run of 300 copies, by a British or American band/artist. You subscribe to the series for £30 (UK) and, every month for six months, we send you a limited 7" that won't be available anywhere else. The first one's almost ready (MV&EE), so we're verrr excited. Vibes provided by MV&EE, BEACH FUZZ, PART WILD HORSES MANE ON BOTH SIDES, C. SPENCER YEH, HEATHER LEIGH MURRAY and EX-COCAINE.


Anonymous said...

Kluster and Friends - 1969-1973 6xLP Box (QBICO)
black vinyls/black labels/black inner sleeves. box, spray painted (stencil/lettering by Troglosound) in gold or silver or bronze (3 versions) and with clear plastic insert (rare photos). UNRELEASED MUSIC ! here's a little story for you:
when i mailed the news about the closure of qbico in 2010, some friends and musicians wrote me back... one was Conrad Schnitzler wondering if i wanna close with THE BOMB ! i said "yes, why not !?". so Con sent me 6 CD-R of UNRELEASED Kluster music, rec. in 1969-73 (along with Klaus Freudigmann and Wolfgang Seidel) ! he said to choose yr favourite 40 (+/-) from the 1 hour lenght of each CD-R, so to adjust to vinyl format... well, that's was one of the most joyful experience of my life ! this 6LP box collect that music which it's simply some of the most outstanding and revolutionary music that i ever heard !!! One of the most legendary release on Qbico ?! YES (screaming)!" - QBICO

disconcerted said...

Groovy: I have no problem with you uploading it but it's not mine in the first place. As turiluri was kind enough to share it in the first place hopefully they wouldn't mind. Only thing is the file size for mediafire (although could be split into A/B quite easily).
Only a similar note, has anyone worked out the title of B2 (from image 'DSCN6842')?
Fantastic artwork, really appreciate all those different photographs.

disconcerted said...

That Qbico set is $200 or something insane. Got thrown off the mailing list as well...

Ordered that Tomato Tomato record series in Dec/Jan and it has unfortunately been delayed a lot. Some good stuff though - suspect they'll sell out if they ship internationally as a bulk lot when they're all pressed.

TripletBrotherSun said...

Side B:

My wild guess...

The Psychoduct / Capuchon Tranquille Dance in Hell / Cloud Riders

...Capuchon seems to be the only reasonable word to fit... see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capuchon

disconcerted said...

That looks good. Makes sense as well. Glad you worked that out, I would never have got it.