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Thursday, 21 May 2009

5 Minute Association

This label has been on the radar since October/November 2007 and has had four releases in the works ever since and now, finally, we have two released!

Boduf Songs - On the brink of all we hate

Richard Youngs - Sleep Deprivation

Each 7" single has custom made packaging and is limited to 100 lathe cut copies. So be warned, they're not cheap (roughly £15 each) and they may be reasonably hard to find. Here are the stockists (don't believe there will be any available direct)...

UK: Norman Records, Volcanic Tongue, Boa Melody Bar, Alt Vinyl, Second Layer, Rough Trade

US: Other Music, Time-Lag, Eclipse, Fusetron, Ecstatic Yod, Beta-Lactam Ring Records

AUS: Missing Link

For more information check out 5MA's website


Housecraft Recordings have released two new cassettes by Tuluum Shimmering (Longhouse Spirits Gather for Fragrant Island River Dreams) and Kane Pour (Wand in the Beak of the Yellow Bird).

Digitalis still has copies left of the new Metal Rouge and Caboladies LPs.

And Under the Spire will be raising the price of the new Chihei Hatakeyama album (August) by £1 after Friday as the album is nearly ready to ship.


Hope everyone has been enjoying that Isengrind tape (below). Next planned are a Gorman CD, Poisson by Part Wild Horses Mane (Blackest Rainbow has some distro copies of that tape) and finally that Larkin Grimm tape on Sloow Tapes.

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